What’s Your New Story In The New Year?

Just heard about an inventive (and brilliant!) idea from a friend for how to “do” New Year Intentions so of course I’m running right over to share it with you. This year, instead of (or along with, if that feels better) the usual goals you tend to set by default every year – and break […]

When The Destination is Better Than the Journey!

You’ve always heard me talk about how the journey is more important than the destination. Well, I lied. In this impromptu video I made while out on a walk at my holiday destination the other day, I had to eat my words. So I’m amending that to 70% journey, 30% destination. Cos if it isn’t […]

Attracting a mate – Give It Up or Wait It Out?

This is a topic that has been talked about in earlier posts (not necessarily related to relationships though) and was brought to my attention again recently. You see, it’s that time of the year that I’ve been getting quite a few readers asking me about the best way to manifest a relationship (just something about the […]

Pursuing Happiness Is A Trap & YOU’RE in it.

Ever feel like you did something really stupid? Irrational. Something that made no sense at all. Ever then kicked yourself when you did it again? And again. And again? You’re so aware, you really should’ve known better.. Ever made an assumption that turned out to be totally wrong? What about the “good” assumptions – like […]

From Victim to Victor – A Personal Note

Or, Don’t Rain on my Parade. I’ve been back in Queenstown, this town I called home for 4 years, for an entire day and still can’t believe I’m here. It feels like a surreal dream, one that I haven’t quite woken into. Walking down the town centre and running into people I know, going to the […]

My 2010 Goals List, Inspired by Chris Brogan

DECEMBER!!!!!!!! It’s here and shooting by fast. I leave on a 5 week trip to Queenstown, New Zealand, my home away from home in less than 42 hours and am beyond excited! At the same time, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Year of the Tiger and all that I want to accomplish. This […]

What An Onion Has To Do With Listening To Your Body..

I was afraid she’d know what I had done. As my mom entered my room, I wondered if she noticed the overpowering smell. She touched my head and felt the heat burn into her hand. The onion safely tucked away in my armpit had done its work. I now had a fever and it was […]

Unmanifesting The Manifested – How To KEEP What You Attract?

This was my status message on FB yesterday: So. What does it mean when one attracts situations/things/people easily & then unmanifests them within weeks, just as easily? Was the 1st manifestation an illusion or is it fickle mindedness? It has happened with me enough times to get really curious about the process of asking, receiving and unmanifesting […]

Guest Post: How Pennies Changed My Life

I met DC based blogger, facilitator & coach Leslie Stein on twitter a few months ago, and then in person when she visited Vancouver in the fall. Was blown away by her amazing Penny Project and cajoled her into writing about it for you. She’d love to hear from you so be sure to leave her […]