7 Fun Ways to Manage your Vibe!

Those of you who practice the law of attraction know by now that it’s not just your thoughts that are important to watch,  it’s your vibe (energy you bring to what you are creating) where it all starts. This came up again today on an amazing forum I’m a part of, where we are sharing our […]

3 Ways to Manage Confusion & Overwhelm

There are days when everything seems perfect. When life seems to be flowing smoothly.. you get a new client, make a big sale, your boss loves you, people rave about you, your partner is happy and loving, the kids are being angels, and progress is effortless. And then there are the days mired in confusion, […]

Are You Making It Easy?

So I was hanging out in twitterverse when I came across this quick post by Jeannette Maw and I went YEAH! That is SO not me either. Granted it’s a story we’ve heard all too often – fight for what you want, never give up, good things come to those who persist, you’ve got to […]