7 Fun Ways to Manage your Vibe!

Manage your VibeThose of you who practice the law of attraction know by now that it’s not just your thoughts that are important to watch,  it’s your vibe (energy you bring to what you are creating) where it all starts.

This came up again today on an amazing forum I’m a part of, where we are sharing our best practices, i.e., what we do to bring up our vibe / energy to high levels and how we can maintain them. 

I KNOW some of you have similar questions so I’m sharing what I shared on the forum and hope you’ll be inspired to find some ways that work for YOU too.

In which you Know What You Are Good At & Acknowledge It: 

For e.g.: What I do really really well is follow my fun, take inspired action and do what feels good! If that means not leaving the house for 2 days, so be it. If it means baking cakes at 10pm and eating half of it, I do it. If it means waiting till the last minute to make a decision, I do and it works out perfectly!

Sometimes it can feel like your inside child / teenager is running the show and all you do is make sure she/he has the space and freedom to follow her heart. Let them rule for a bit and see what happens.   

Action: Take a piece of paper or open a word document and write down ALL the things you are good at. 


In which you Learn Quick Fun Ways to Manage Your Vibe:

It MORE than helps to keep in mind that feeling good is what counts and will lead you to what you want.

o    Gratitude and appreciation are big – Wherever you are, look around and find something to appreciate. Usually something you take for granted that you’d really miss if it wasn’t around. E.g.: When I’m in the kitchen I’ll look at my microwave and smile cos I’m so happy to have it! And the green doors, the flowers my friend got me, the cute orange rug – I REALLY love and appreciate all my stuff everyday!  

o    This can lift your vibe sky high: put on a collection of happy songs (I created one especially for upping my vibe http://blip.fm/tia_singh)  and do a happy skippy dance or sing out REALLY loud to them. As you do, thank the Universe for your perfect life, awesome new home, fabulous clients, gorgeous bf/gf, promotion at work and everything else you have or are manifesting.  

o    Take out stuff you kinda like or are tolerating – you know, those things that don’t make you happy looking at them (like old clothes you no longer like, papers all around, the cushion covers that need to R.I.P) – and let ‘em GO. Give/throw/sell. It’s a GREAT way to feel lighter and happier and you’ll be creating space for what REALLY gets your groove on!

o    Rev up the MONEY vibe – When you take $ out of the ATM, whip out a pen and add numbers to it. E.g. if it shows $5,000  make it $50,000 or $15,000. Pick a number that feels GOOD to you and makes you smile. When bills show up, how about being appreciative of  the $ in your bank that lets you pay them? I usually say a little thanks and pretend its money coming in 😉 hehe.   

o    Cultivate Trust and an Inner Knowing – that things always work out in your highest interest even if you can’t see that at the moment. Don’t be attached to having it the way you want. Ok we all get attached sometimes but if you can let that go (by focusing on what’s really behind that desire – happiness, love, joy etc.) you’ll find that you can be happy here and now. Practice makes perfect so keep practicing this belief till it starts feeling real to you.   

o    Use your environment! I have little pretty sticky notes with short goals like “work 15 hours a week ” and “100 articles on EzineArticles.com by July 2009” stuck on my wall so I can see them all the time and keep focused. Think of how you’ll feel when that goal manifests and be that way now.  

o    Pictures!! LOTS of photos of friends, good times at beaches, patios, concerts etc – pix of times you were really happy – create a picture wall and look at it when you need a vibe upper. Also a reminder of all that’s already good in your life and an indication of just how much you have ALREADY manifested.

I would love to hear the ways you manage your vibe! What works well for you? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts & tips with the rest of us, thanks! 

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  1. says

    These are GREAT ideas. My personal favorite way to raise my vibe is to read a Chicken Soup for the Soul Book (or something like it) – I consumed volumes of these books after my divorce like medicine. Another is to put on a movie where challenges and obstacles are over come for the greater good – especially if a true story. “If they can do it, so can I”.

    I feel better already just talking about it!

  2. says

    Oh yeah, those handy feel-good books – I must confess to reading tons of them a few years ago :). Ohhh and movies! It’s funny (or is it?) how most of my ezines are inspired by a movie I’m watching at the time! There’s a lot of inspiration out there. Some of my favorite movies in the ‘overcoming all obstacles’ genre are Rudy and Shawshank Redemption.

    Hmmm this reminds me of another point Melody!

    8 ) When it gets hard, think back to all the times you got what you wanted and were successful. Remember when you didn’t think something was possible and how thrilled you were when it happened? There’s your clue that you already know how to manifest what you want!

    Thanks for sharing your tips!

  3. says

    Charlotte, absolutely, please feel free to use my article ideas in your workshop, thanks for asking. I’m delighted that you loved it!

    Easy is good, simple and concise work best. The more complex we make something, the harder it gets to stick to it and the lesser the chance for success. So we know which one to pick ay 😉

    Let me know how your workshop goes, would love to hear about it esp your favorite / most effective ways to manage your vibe.

    Oh, just noticed you live in New Zealand!! How lovely to connect with someone from home (ex Queenstowner 2004 – 2008 here). Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. says

    Tia, those are excellent reminders of how to quickly up the vibe. I’ve learned in our rockin’ forum that what works best for me is to work on my vibe even before I “worry” about my thoughts, because when I am managing my vibe, the thoughts follow! How cool is that? Of course, right? I struggled for a long time to manage thoughts. Now, it’s as simple as do something that makes me happy, like buy expensive olive oil and dip my bread in it. Yum!

  5. says

    I LOVE this – the ATM idea made me laugh out loud, it was SO perfect for me!

    Some of my personal feel goods have been a bit secret ’cause I thought they weren’t “important” or “spiritual” enough – but now I’m gonna get ’em out there, loud and proud:

    * the taste of the martini-soaked olive when the glass is empty
    * the feel of my woolly socks when I have my feet tucked up on the sofa
    * the delicious comfort of my recliner when I go A-A-ALL the way back
    * waking up without the alarm, in my own time
    * the satisfaction of getting a scene or a character or an article JUST RIGHT
    * putting on the dishwasher and knowing the dishwasher pixies are doing all the scrubbing for me (yeah, I still get a kick out of that…)
    * watching the lovely rain soaking into the earth… from INSIDE where it’s warm

    I reckon I’ll manage most of those today, whoo hoo!!

  6. says

    Dana I’m so excited to hear you say that! Yes of course, if we can manage our energy level consciously throughout the day, it follows that our thoughts will be in alignment with the energy we create.

    And as we know, what we believe —-> what we think ——-> what we say and do—–> what we attract. Manage the vibe and the rest will follow. As opposed to trying to control and change our thoughts .. love this way of thinking!

    Right, I’m back to reading Gregg Braden’s “Spontaneous Healing of Belief”, a book I highly recommend to anyone keen to learn more about how our beliefs shape who we are and our perception of reality.

    Always a pleasure to see you here girlfriend 😀

  7. says

    Ok Janette, I have to say this is my favorite comment ever! You just took my vibe to a whole new level by sharing your vibe-uppin’ secrets 😀

    And I had to laugh at how we think we have to be so spiritual and serious sometimes .. been there, done that and you know what? I’d rather be frivolously fun than try to follow some deathly boring and grown up practice – so THANKS for being with me here, loud n proud, and showing me I’m not alone!!

    I’m going to steal some of your ideas .. the dishwasher pixies, really!? You are a hoot!! Thanks SO much for making me laugh – you have a gift!

  8. Nancy Nereson says

    Loved this article, Tia. Favorite vibe lifters for me are pets, plants and walks. It all sounds so simple when I write it down! Up north I can go for a walk in the yard with my dogs (cat follows too) and check on trees and plants and I am in heaven on earth.

  9. says

    Nothing like nature to bring us in alignment with what’s really important, ay Nancy? I love that the cat goes along, that’s awesome! I find that even 5 minutes of walking or being out in the sunshine can clear my head and bring me back to peace and joy like nothing else (maybe Nutella … a close 2nd!)

    We really make it so much more complex sometimes! Thanks for reminding us that feeling good is really so simple, free and available to us all. It’s good to hear from you 🙂

  10. Giselle says

    What a fantastic article. I love that you recognize that our vibes are all around us. We just need to take a moment to really see and pay attention to our environment and ourselves. My vibe begins when I hear Emma (my daughter) laugh. Then Buffy (our dog) starts to bark, then Emma laughs harder, then I start to laugh. Laughter fuels my creativity. It takes a very insightful person to recognize that our energy begins with the simplest concept. That’s why I love you!

  11. says

    Thanks Giselle! You make me smile 🙂

    KISS life today (keep it simple, sweetheart!), that’s what it’s all about! And here’s the thing, we don’t even need something outside of us to kick our vibe up – we can consciously CHOOSE to be happy, fun, loving, energetic etc … see the power there?

    We choose our vibe which affects our thoughts and thus our action and ‘reality’. Powerful manifestors us be (to borrow some Yoda-ese)!

    Lots of love back at you, you creative, talented, loving woman you!

  12. says

    Ms Nutella! What a fantastic post…your vibe just jumps off the page! My favorite way to manage my vibe is to go out for a walk early in the morning before everyone else gets up. I listen to audiobooks while I walk…usually Abraham-Hicks or Wayne Dyer. I see many regulars on my route and always share a smile and “good morning” with them. For me, this just sets the tone for an awesome day.

    I also crank up great tunes and sing along while I’m driving. My daughter (age 4) is often in the back seat singing along too and that is the BEST to watch!

    I spend many moments through the day visualizing what my life is turning into. It’s incredible doing that and watching it all manifest.

    Thanks for an awesome post and a great exercise too…it was fun writing that out and feeling grateful 🙂

  13. says

    “”I see many regulars on my route and always share a smile and “good morning” with them. For me, this just sets the tone for an awesome day.””

    Sue, I knew there was a reason I liked you so much!! I’m almost inspired to go for a 7am walk one of these days thanks to your post…!

    Singing with your daughter, listening to inspiring audio tapes, visualising your perfect life, appreciating and being grateful – with this millionaire mindset, is there any wonder you’re headed towards that life so easily and quickly!?

    Thanks for sharing your favorite vibe management techniques!

  14. says

    Great article Tia! I think it’s a huge component of LOA that a lot of people are missing. Gratitude, vision boards and many of the other tools just aren’t going to be effective if we’re vibrating at a low level most of the time. You gave great suggestions. Music is an instant mood lifter for me.

  15. says

    Quite right Barb! I can’t even add to that cos you said it so perfectly 🙂 I’m working on an article about money and energy next which will explain how energy and our beliefs affect every single thing in our lives. Thanks for contributing your wisdom to this post, much much appreciated!

  16. says

    Tia- I love all of these- they are all fast ways to shift your vibe.

    You are totally right about the happy songs- I think people forget how profoundly and quickly music can shift your mood! One of my favorites- because I can’t help but start bouncing all over the room is: The Cure’s Friday I ‘m in Love- if anyone else wants to bounce along with me, here’s the video:

    I also especially appreciate your willingness to “What I do really really well is follow my fun, take inspired action and do what feels good!” There is not enough inspired, child-like playfulness in the world- so I’m all for letting the inner child rule for awhile!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. says

    Jen, I just added this song to my blip list, yay thanks for reminding me of it! I’m listening to the link right now and writing from half-way up my wall 😉 lol

    “There is not enough inspired, child-like playfulness in the world- so I’m all for letting the inner child rule for awhile!” ——> Yes! You know what I would love to see? Coaching in schools! So kids can learn from an early age that growing up and being responsible does not = hard, boring lives.

    Or squash their dreams in pursuit of security and the ‘right thing to do’ and wake up one day to realise they lost their souls in the process. And then spend years trying to recover that lost passion and ‘aliveness’.

    So an entire generation of young people would grow up believing in themselves and their powers of creation and consciously create the life they want, as opposed to doing what they feel they should under pressure.. oh, I can feel my heart racing faster as I say this, this is a subject close to my heart and part of a bigger game.

    How wonderful to bring a childlike wonder and appreciation to everyday life, as opposed to saving enjoyment for special occasions 🙂 Thank you for allowing me to dig deeper with that wonderful comment!

  18. says

    TIA, I have enjoyed looking at your blog, you have lots of great insights to share! Love this post about managing your vibe and completely relate the the music piece – it’s true that music can be such a vibe lifter!

    Here are some things that I do to manage my vibe:-)
    1. Exercise!
    2. Hikes in the mountains
    3. Cleaning/organizing my living environment
    4. Live flowers
    5. Eating healthy food that makes my body/mind happy

  19. says

    Thanks for reading and sharing Jessie! Love cleaning and organizing as well – it always feels like a rebirth of sorts when I`ve done some physical clearing work (almost like an emotional clearing!). Just something about having clean, flowing energy and simplicity hey 🙂 Another one of my vibe lifters is reading comments on my blog and connecting with new people. Thanks for that!

  20. Raunak Saraf says

    Hey,thank you tia for sharing this wonderful tips….i’ll definately do follow this for the betterment of my life…..and i’ll let u know of the good things that happen in my life….Thanks


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