How To Manifest $60,000 Savings in 2 years using the Law of Attraction – If I Can Do It, So Can You!

The Law of Attraction says that what we focus on, we bring about.Money Money Money

A few years ago I hadn’t heard much about this but I did know that there were people who believed you could manifest your desires by focusing on them.

A lady I knew had cured herself of cancer by visualising herself as healthy and cancer free and going on a raw food diet. So I knew the mind had miraculous properties.

Well around that time I had a random thought “I’d love to have $100,000 in cash or liquid assets within 3 years”. . I had a total of $4,000 to my name, was living in a new country and starting over from scratch. And I had recently changed professions too!

Figured that would be a fun goal to achieve so let’s go for it.

I wrote this intention down on paper and came up with a few ideas on how I could make and save $.

Which included sharing a house with flatmates, not drinking, eating fewer lunches outside of the home etc. I still went to the movies, went to dinners, went out dancing, pretty much did whatever I wanted.

2 years and a few months later, I was at $60,000. On a highly inconsistent income working 8-9 months a year. Most people I knew (in and around my income bracket) were still living pay check to pay check even though some of them made more money.

This was mind-blowing – I’d never saved more than $2000-$4000 in my life, even when I earned twice as much in the past!

So how did this happen and what can you learn from it? Here’s what I learned.

1st lesson: It’s not what you make, it’s what you save.
2nd lesson: Setting an intention &  believing it will happen =  most likely will.
3rd lesson: Don’t focus on HOW it will happen, IF it will happen – your job is to ask, stay in alignment with your desire, and receive.

Looking back, this is what was KEY to my manifestation! I didn’t worry about the How’s, What’s, Where’s and When’s of it.

Also, I thought of it as fun, not something I needed so there was no attachment to it.

Yes of course I could do with more money! But I was already happy as I was and wasn’t desperate, needy or clingy. (As we all know by now, this is probably the most important component of manifesting what we want – having a clear, relaxed, fun vibe w/o the above)

If I were to outline the steps to take, this is somewhat like how it would go:

1) Decide on what you want and ask for it: “I want $100,000 in cash in the next couple of years”

2) Clearly state your time bound intention in the present tense: “I have $100,000 in cash in my bank as on Dec 31, 2009” – I also wrote down my immediate (next few months), short term (1-2 years) and long term (5 years) goals, but this is just me, you don’t have to unless inspired.

3) Know your reasons why: Why do you want this $? To travel? To feel secure? To have more time? To buy a home? To be happy? It’s important to be clear about this too because when you know why you want something, your desire is clear, strong and focused.

And the Universe likes clear instructions.

4) Take Inspired Action: It can look different for each of you. Just watch for a little voice, an unspeakable desire to do something, a sign from the Universe, follow your fun and ‘feel good’, trust your intuition –

In my case this was creating a budget and cutting down some expenses, brainstorming ways to earn $ in my career and taking out 20 books on money and abundance from the library – all of which made me feel good and kept me in the money vibe.

5) Stay focused on your intention: You can read it out every day, create a vision board, or just put it away after you’ve infused enough energy into it – I read out my intention everyday with full knowing and joy – I chose to believe this was happening right now. I did this for a month and then put it away.

6) Acknowledge all the abundance coming to you in different ways: green-applesgifts, pennies on the floor, free lunches and dinners, prizes you win, tips, raises, even perfect parking spots! – I noticed that I was getting more tips at work, was starting to win things, finding all my favorite clothes on sale – signs I took to mean money magic!

7) Do NOT be attached to how it will happen: eg, about $10 K was a gift from my parents and at first I thought “Oh THAT doesn’t count!” This reaction told me I had a hidden belief that I had to earn it all, that it had to be the result of WORK.

When in fact, attracting money is not work. The Universe takes the path of least resistance and quickest way to give you what you want. This brings me to the next point.

8 ) Examine your money beliefs: Now ideally you will have done this already but if not, this is a great time to look at what you think about money and change any negative beliefs that may be stopping you from experiencing real abundance.

Point to remember: These money beliefs are not yours, they were instilled in you as a child by your primary caretakers and thus, are THEIR beliefs that you took on. If you have good solid beliefs, you’re one of the lucky ones, congrats!

Most of us had to find our way into the world of new positive money beliefs and/or are still on that path. Hmmm I’m going to talk about this (and how to create new beliefs) in another blog post ‘cos there’s just so much to this topic!

9) Allow your goals to change: Yes, this can happen. You may realise you don’t want the initial thing after all, that what you really want instead is to be happy, have more time etc. –

After I got to $60,000 in about 2 years, I didn’t have the same passion about my original goal as before so I stopped giving energy to it. The experiment made me realise more of my values and that I could get what I wanted anytime as long as I was in alignment with my desire and believed I’d get it.

10) Celebrate your successes!! You are a powerful manifestor, take time to acknowledge and love that about yourself. Know that the world really is your oyster and you can choose to create what you want and live the life you dream about.

Instead of doubting your attraction powers, actively manage your thoughts, energy/vibration and desires. Success my friend, is yours!

Ps: these steps are just the order that came naturally to me – they are by no means a hard and fast rule, just a general guide!

Now it’s your turn! I know you have manifesting successes and would love to hear your story.

What about your money goals – do you think they are realistic? Unrealistic? What stops you from achieving them and what would help you get there? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas and responses!

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    TIA, Glad to have discovered your blog.

    It was inspiring to read this post and I liked the way you put the gist of the matter into steps for better understanding. Keep writing. 🙂

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    Great post, Sparkly One! Money vibe can hold people up in so many other areas of life, so getting our money vibe unkinked and ramped up to heights unknown is important as a building block to just about anything. Thanks for putting that out there.

    I’ve recently begun appreciating my entire flow of money, not just the money in. As I see money flow out, I let myself feel the abundance of being able to afford what it is that I’m flowing my money energy to. When you begin to realize it’s all about choices, and it’s all about how you flow your energy it becomes a fun game. Feeling good about what you flow your money to also helps the flow of money into your life.

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    So true Dana! And finding out our existing money belief and vibe is a great place to start.

    I love how you said “As I see money flow out, I let myself feel the abundance of being able to afford what it is that I’m flowing my money energy to.”” and “feeling good about what you flow your money to also helps the flow of money into your life.”

    Because that’s exactly what money is, energy! And the ease of energy flow (whether in or out) brings more of it in our lives. It’s a good thing to remind ourselves of this daily. Thanks for your comments, I love how you add to the discussion, you rock!

  4. says

    Great blog, thank you!!!!

    … and whoo hoo – bring on the next one about limiting beliefs – think of all us lurkers out in cyberspace, eyes wide, tongues hanging out, paws up just waiting for the next bit – YAY!!


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    Hi Tia! I loved to read about your experience 🙂 i am going to put in practice, and i’ll let you know the results. i love you sweet heart, you are fun, joyful and i just love your energy! 🙂



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    Sarah, I am looking forward to hearing your experiences so be sure to come back and let me know how that went for you! I have no doubt you’re a powerful manifestor and will get what you want. Thanks for the love, all back atcha girlfriend!

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    Great post, Tia!

    I love keeping an “Abundance Journal” to keep track of all the amazing stuff that comes my way. It really makes me pay attention to a lot of things I might not otherwise notice (and how many great things I get for F*R*E*E* without even trying!) Had a funny one happen this week – I kept pestering my dh to get the propane tank for our BBQ filled and he hadn’t gotten around to it. Then one day he came home from work and said he’d been offered a tank of propane from a colleague who was getting rid of his old BBQ. We joke around that if we keep forgetting to go buy something, eventually the Universe just delivers it to our doorstep (in the case of the propane, the guy did literally deliver it to our doorstep for us, LOL!)

    I think that’s an important point you made about how getting $$$ from your parents felt like it “didn’t count”. We sure have been conditioned to believe some ridiculous things about money, haven’t we? It’s ALLOWED TO BE EASY. REALLY! The most ridiculous part is that it’s actually SUPPOSED to be easy, abundance is our natural state 🙂

    Looking forward to reading the rest of your money series.

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    Karen, thank you so much for sharing your story! The more we start to notice abundance around us the richer and more blessed we feel ay. To think of how much we would miss out on if we only focused on the *BIG* goals and riches that most of equate with success and manifestation.. wow.

    The small everyday manifestations count (maybe even more than the big ones) cos that’s where we live our lives, right, … in the Now!

    I think it’s great that we’re becoming more aware of our old conditioning and realising that these limiting beliefs aren’t ours, they belong to others and we inherited them willy nilly. No wonder it’s a challenge trying to get rid of them as adults.

    Love that you use EFT to tap away these beliefs. Your show with Iyabo rocked today! I’ll be calling on you for some tips to share on my blog … Thanks so much for dropping by here!

    So .. when are you inviting us over for a yummy BBQ with yr newly refilled tank ;)?

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    Hi, Tia, I received your post “How To Manifest $60,000 Savings in 2 years using the Law of Attraction – If I Can Do It, So Can You!” from Barb Melloh, owner of the site: , and I became so excited that I translated it to portuguese language and put it into , obviously mentioning the author.
    Thanks a lot for giving us your inspired experiences with LOA.
    Best wishes
    Wagner Woelke

  10. says

    Oh wow, a Portuguese translation!? How very cool 😀 Thanks so much for reposting this article on your blog – it’s the highest compliment you could gave given me. And Barb rocks, I appreciate her sharing my article with her awesome readers. Hope to see you back here soon Wagner! Thanks again, Tia

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    I really desire to have financial abundance in my life. Surely, this Law of Attraction can help myself to achieve financial freedom. I am reading Mr. Robert Scheinfeld’s “Busting Loose From The Business Game” book.
    It takes the topic of discussion into a very different place, especially as it relates to money, business and career.

  12. says

    Vicente, you can create what you want in your life. The law of attraction is not new, it’s just been packaged that way. People have been using the power of thoughts, emotions and feelings for thousands of years. Fascinating stuff! Thanks for the book rec, will check it out. Would love to hear more about your journey. Thanks for writing!

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    Even though this post is a couple of years old, I felt compelled to respond.
    This may seem strange, but, I watch a meditative video every morning based
    on ‘The Law of Attraction’. The site that produced it is now defunct, but, the video
    is still active. It is a sort of self-imposed brain-washing to try and overcome ‘The Law of Lack’
    that I have been conditioned to believe in most of my life. I don’t have a $60.000 story to tell,
    But, recently I found a crisp $20 bill on the ground and I made a mistake on my taxes, so
    the IRS owed me interest and sent me a check for $766.51~ that one was totally unexpected.
    It takes time to re-condition your thought patterns.

    • says

      It starts with noticing the abundance already present in your life! As you did 🙂 Congrats on those wins, how COOL! I adore it when old posts find new readers, thanks Chas!

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    I really enjoyed reading your story. Something I needed to hear to boost my dreams and finally achieve my adventure. I plan to save 60,000 so I can purchase a sea worthy sail boat and sail the world. I hope before i die I get a chance to travel and take in all the wonders this world has to offer. What else would be a better way than traveling by wind and water from coast to coast. I love the beautiful small things in this world that most take for granted. Sitting peacefully on a beach listening to the waves churning the sand and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face. Not much more could make me happy. My problem is hating money. The idea that dreams and happiness is ran by a currency that holds back and controls your life puts me in a state of border line anger. Reading your method is what gives people hope. I believe in more in my dreams then ever and wish the best of luck to others in hope of finding their adventure!!!

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    Even I love this life of continuous change.But alas !I realised it late.Trying now to get a life for travelling and doing things my way at least before this life ends.


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