Reality Bites – So Create An Alternate Reality Already..

♬♬ I’m livin’ in a parallel Universe. I’m creating a fresh modality… My new fantasy-reality… ♬♬ If I was a songwriter, I’d be hittin’ pay dirt right about nnnnow! All too often (read: everyday) we get caught up in the reality of our lives. How much of this sounds familiar to you? I’m so frustrated with […]

Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End!

Okkkkk something strange and wonderful is going on! Have you noticed how the last month has been huge in terms of manifestations, realisations, movement and change? Got 3 words for you. Healing Feeling Believing Ever get to that place of absolute peace and non-attachment in your life? I can promise you it is a surreal, […]

On Forgiveness and Letting Go of Anger and Hurt..

Just recently, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to review Kristin Robertson’s e-book “A Forgiveness Journal” wherein she talks about her journey from anger to forgiveness in the face of “betrayals and abandonment”. And how forgiveness changed her life for the better, as it can yours. I was particularly struck by “Forgiveness is like letting yourself […]

It came, but not how I expected…

Ever have that happen to you? You set an intention and focused on it, felt it, knew it, vibed it and sent it out to the Universe. Not long after, you got it but it wasn’t quite what you asked for and it didn’t happen the way you thought it would. In fact, it was […]