Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End!

Healing, Feeling, BelievingOkkkkk something strange and wonderful is going on! Have you noticed how the last month has been huge in terms of manifestations, realisations, movement and change? Got 3 words for you.




Ever get to that place of absolute peace and non-attachment in your life? I can promise you it is a surreal, beautiful, sublime place to be! And once here, you will just want to stay and stay and stay…

2009 is a year of opportunities and deep spiritual changes – I feel it on a daily basis and the signs are getting louder, more insistent and clearer by the day. Many of you are feeling this way too, right?

HEALING: This is a powerful time for healing all past wounds, feeling them through and letting go. And believing in your ability to create the life you want. Attracting all that is in alignment with you. A time for powerful, QUICK manifestations.

If you’ve been in transition or feeling stuck, now is the time for you to help the process along. Start by purging and letting go of the old – anything from your past that is keeping you attached to it, that creates nostalgia that won’t let you move on. From thoughts to regrets to objects to locations to homes to people.. you get my drift..

FEELING: Physical objects have residual energy in them from when you were in a certain experience. And it’s only by letting them go that you can clear the energy around your current space and be fully present and IN it.

That’s what spring cleaning is all about hey? Clear that murked up energy, get some flow going. Show the Universe (and yourself) that you are not holding on anymore, that you are ready, willing and able to receive that which you want.

Keep the memories if you want, but let go of the physical representations. No baggage. Travel light!

After holding onto cards, letters and little gifts from old relationships, today was the day it all felt ready to be released. I took out the memorabilia, read and held ’em, thanked the love that was in my life and let go.

Burned, cut up, gave away all that I was holding onto. Now I wish I could fly to India and bugger the trunk full of stuff (collected over 20 years) in my mom’s garage, LOL. Oh well, at least the space around ME is clear 😉

It’s freakin awesome to feel so light and free! I usually do this ritual with old clothes, papers etc every January 1st.

BELIEVING: Know that by doing this, you will have honoured the part this relationship/career/home/thing played in your life and be grateful for the experience. Goodie for you that you have no need to keep proof of it anymore. If anything, this will make you feel even more loving and gracious towards yourself (YAY, Self love!).

Be fully available and open to your present, and future. To the wonderful things you are manifesting and inviting into your life. Say “I Believe, I know and trust that I am getting exactly what I want” and BELIEVE it.

No one says it better than Canadian Legend Leonard Cohen (what a man!):
“Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End”

So I say to you, yes you. Let go, today. Be brave. You are not ending a part of your life, you are opening up to the rest of it. Nothing that has happened is good or bad, the river ebbs and flows all day long, as do you. I’m off to find more stuff to get rid off 😀


So Popeye, what are you holding onto that is keeping you stuck in the past (it is, even if you don’t realise it)? What are you ready to let go of and TRUST that it will be replaced with something better? What are you REALLY ready to invite into your life? Thanks in advance for sharing your insights, I love reading them and learning from them!

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  1. Carol says

    Wow, Tia, this really spoke to me! I have been working on cleaning up my space, and every time I get rid of something, it is like a weight off of my shoulders. We don’t often think about how everything has a “cost of ownership” . . . we have to take care of it, insure it, pay for it, move it, etc. Good riddance to it! At this point in my life, I want more experiences and less things.

    Thank you for sharing your inspiration and insights, Tia . . . I appreciate it!

  2. says

    Absolutely Carol! We clear and watch our thoughts every day, yet we forget about the “stuff” we have lying around. Makes sense that if everything is energy, then the stuff we hoard affects the vibration around us too.

    I do it a couple of times a year and each time I do, I’m amazed and delighted by how free and liberated I feel. It’s so awesome I wonder why I don’t do it on a monthly basis. You know what, I think I WILL. Thanks for bringing me to that conclusion 😀

    “””At this point in my life, I want more experiences and less things””” I’m stealing that line to use. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!


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