I Choose Winnie the Pooh Happy! What Do You Choose?

I am a bear of very little brain, long words bother me. So this post is like me. Short and simple and very very sweet. I woke up this morning with a real conviction – to choose my feelings today. So I chose Happy! What Are You Choosing Today? Add it in the comments section […]

White Slippers Slowing You Down?

I have these pretty, adorable white slippers. I love them! They make me feel summery and girly. Yet, every time I wear them to go out somewhere, I’m nervous. These slippers have terrible grip you see. In the year I’ve owned them, I’ve nearly slipped and fallen about 90% of the time. Crossing roads, at […]

Ready, Fire, Aim – Take That Step Today!

Ready, Fire, Aim. A concept I first heard about from Carrie Wilkerson, the Barefoot Exec in early 2009. The idea behind it? Take action, imperfect action, ANY action, today. Now. Recovering perfectionists like you and me know the drill. We don’t take action unless it’s perfect. There can be nothing left to chance. Especially failure. […]

How To Manifest Almost Anything You Want

How many knocks of a hammer does it take to break a rock? The first few times it seems like nothing is happening. One hard blow after the other and all you can see is a chip here, a tiny crack there. With the 15th blow, the rock shatters. So was it the 15th knock […]

What Would Make Water Stick On A Duck’s Back?

Nothing, right? Here’s a little story about how to Make Like a Duck and Let It Slide. Story Starts: Act I, Scene I Our Lovely Heroine: Noooooooo! I can’t believe this just happened! Onlookers (flash of deja-vu): What! What? Tell us! Heroine (still looking rather lovely): For the last few days, every day I’ve had […]

What Do You Make More Important Than… That Diamond Within?

“I wish I could be like you”, she said. “To just up and travel the world, have adventures and be free… but I can’t, I’ve got a career, husband, children, mortgage, standard of living I’m used to and I can’t give that up!” “Keep writing about your adventures, I’m living vicariously through you”, said another […]

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I went to bed last night “quietly serenely happy and relaxed. All is good and getting gooder. It’s all well and getting weller” acc. to my facebook status. I woke up anxious, jittery and with a little black cloud hovering over me. What gives?! Some days are just like that. Crappy. Nothing you say, do […]