The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

the-good-the-bad-and-the-uglyI went to bed last night “quietly serenely happy and relaxed. All is good and getting gooder. It’s all well and getting weller” acc. to my facebook status.

I woke up anxious, jittery and with a little black cloud hovering over me.

What gives?!

Some days are just like that. Crappy. Nothing you say, do or think makes it any better. All the LOA practices seem to be a struggle. Thinking happy thoughts is a far cry from the current SOM (state of mind).

Moving up the vibrational scale consciously is akin to climbing Everest in your skinnies. Your favourite newly created big band playlist that had you dancing and skipping for joy is sounding like a cat’s claws on cement.

No matter what, it’s just not working.

That’s when technology decides to kick the bucket, you look at the list of things that need doing and have a moment of panic, the fridge is empty cos you’ve been away 2 weeks, the thermostat decides to go wonky and leak some weird liquidy stuff all over the floor, the rug gets wet, it’s hot and humid and is. this. really. happening just 12 hours after everything was hunky dory?

Welcome to the real world, sweetheart. (hmm wonder why the emphasis on “real”. Gotta look into that one!)

So I did what any  of you smart girls (or guys) would do. I “gave up”.

Faced with the alternative of not being able to relax “I can’t let up, I’ve got to stay in do-do-do mode till I get it all done, there’s a month of stuff to catch up on, I have  to plan for the next 4 months, the year is almost over, I didn’t do all that I said I would, ra ra ra deee da” ..

Gosh, my heart’s beating faster and my mind’s in a frenzy just by TYPING this out – can you imagine what would happen if I let myself take these thoughts on for longer than that?

Na-ah. Not gonna happen!

Well it did, but for about a quarter of an hour. I took a break from writing, stepped away from the computer and lay down on my yoga mat. Then I meditated for 7 minutes. Or, tried to – hey 7 minutes out of 15 ain’t half bad.

Go ME!

This is the day I’m going to be extra nice to myself and be real proud of being half of what I can be and doing even half of that 😉

A part of me said, “great, you’re feeling better, now get to that bit of work again”. It didn’t feel good to do that though, so I decided to do “mindless” internet stuff, read a few blog posts and whatever I was inspired to do.

Boy, am I GLAD I ignored my not-feel-good cos I found exactly what I needed (not surprised, really).

Words that spoke to me, a song that cldn’t help but make me smile, an unexpected (expected but long forgotten) check in the mail for $160,  an exchange on a blog post with a coach friend, fun and flattering compliments from cute guys..

Hehe the list is growing and without even trying, just like that, I’m back to relaxed, happy and what have you.

Holy wow, did you see what just happened!? It took less than an hour to go from double blah to a few shades of rosy pink. Not saying I’m on top of my game yet B.U.T I’m getting there, and real close again to feeling like a lark (not that you’d know from my singing abilities.. LOL).

The key to it all? Not trying. Just going with the flow, trusting and letting go. Sometimes, you just gotta do that.

There’s power in acknowledging, allowing and accepting that all days aren’t created equal and neither are all fridges or Nutella batches.

A step up, one step at a time is all that’s needed.

I’ve heard the seed + sapling + tree analogy about 4 times from different sources in the past week, so I’m taking that as a sign that desires have been planted, roots are growing, it’s all unfolding very nicely.

I think I hear a big band line up calling my name ♬♬ Start spreading the news …. ♬♬ Stars in my eyes on blueberry hill ♬♬♬ as I’m singing n dancing in the rainnnn ♬♬♬

Over to You.

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  1. says

    OMG that video was absolutely amazing!! I especially loved the little hand and big hand coming together… and the rest was brilliante too. Thanks for sharing Ms Janette, and heck you’re never alone 🙂

  2. says

    Jiminy Crickets! You crack me UP! :0)

    Seriously? Have you considered Stand Up? I mean it. Conscious Coach turns Conscious Comedian (could there really be such a thing?? I believe so!)

    You know why it’s all so funny for me? Because it’s OH SO RELATABLE.

    Don’t you just LOVE that it doesn’t take forever and a day to get to the “start spreadin’ the news” “I’m singing and dancing in the rain” bit any more?

    I sure do. I applaud myself on getting closer and closer to the nano-second turn around. (In the old days someone may have called me Sybil for such quick switch-ups…not now, no sirree. Now I’m just Miss Happy Pants and no one knows what to do, including me…if a funk descends on my parade…I’ve got to turn that parade around…in EASE & GRACE of course! ;~)

    Here’s to easy-peasy turn arounds, allowing space and grace for them, and celebrating every step up the vibrational ladder!

    Love ya! …now where’s that Nutella you mentioned…

    :0) Debra (@debsoul)

  3. says

    Deb, YOU crack me up more! Your fiendly oops friendly neighborhood Conscious Comedy Coach – bit of a mouthful but hey, I’ll take it 😀 I’m choking on my imaginary nutella. Laughing and imaginary eating doth noth goeth together.

    THANK you for helping me appreciate the easy-peasy turnaround. What a great reminder that no matter how crappy things get, our turn-around time is breaking records like Ben Johnson on (c)tracks.

    And THAT my friend is what life is all about – every day it gets better n better n faster n faster! WooHOO!

  4. says

    Thanks for popping by Jeannette 😀 There are some (me and you and another few) who say 7 minutes is nothing to sneeze at, even one minute of pure peace is worth celebrating. So, yeah for us!

  5. says

    I enjoyed your post but it wore me out! I felt like a hamster on a wheel. Isn’t it amazing how your state of mind can shift if you just create a little space in your life such as your as your 7 minues of meditation.

  6. says

    Haha, so true Hugh, thanks for commenting! That’s exactly what happens when we let our thoughts get away from us and boy yesterday was a prime example of how the day could have gone had I consciously not chosen to make it work.

    Oh and get this, on the way to an outdoor concert in the evening, a dear old man drove his motorised wheelchair into my knee (it’s swollen and bruised now), I almost twisted my ankle running after a bus and I forgot my sunglasses. At that point I was ready to cry!

    But I just smiled and decided NOTHING was going to ruin my day and had an awesome time at the concert (even though I was hungry and had forgotten to carry cash).

    Needless to say, I hit the sack early. Ah, some days.. 🙂 And yet, I’m ever so grateful for each day.

  7. Anna says

    Get yourself some “Bobbles, Bangles and them cool cool beads!” And if that doesn’t do it, seek out Jack Scott – Canada’s most fabulous answer to Elvis – head to the river and revel in the angels…

    Must be something in the stars (delayed eclipse effects?) Found a slight funk coming on, waited for the Universe to show the way… came in the way of a friend I hadn’t seen for some time – and now I just may have a particularly talented artist help me turn my kid’s room into the best autistically-artistic laundry-bedroom ever! Got the funk, Baby – and got out of it! Yay Universe!

    Just a ferry ride away … if this Sunshine Coast in on your adventure list, let me know – would love to welcome you to the Palette Palace grounds…

  8. says

    Anna, my musically inclined friend, were you a songwriter in a previous life? I would not be surprised! I think I may have to make a trip just to see you 😀 Lovin’ the mojo you got going on, getting out of a funk and funky towning up. And show us a pic of that room when it’s done, won’t you? Big hugs!


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