I Choose Winnie the Pooh Happy! What Do You Choose?

Winnie the Pooh happy

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I am a bear of very little brain, long words bother me.

So this post is like me. Short and simple and very very sweet.

I woke up this morning with a real conviction – to choose my feelings today.

So I chose Happy!

What Are You Choosing Today?

Add it in the comments section so Tia and I can send you good juju!

Yes, sometimes, it can be THAT easy.

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  1. says

    Janette, Lazy Is Like The Summer Sun Caressing Your Face As You Take A Nap After Eating Lots Of Hunny… Yummmm! You’re my kind of girl. Pooh x

  2. Anna says

    Choosing to remember that all is for a reason
    A good reason!
    Even food colouring stains on the house.
    Yes! Go Food Colouring!

  3. says

    Anna, Tigger and I love to play with food colouring! He painted my face pink while I was sleeping and it was so much fun when I woke up cos no one knew who I was! Not even me. So I could be anyone I wanted. Which was to be me. Oh I think I confused myself now.. :O

    ps: Tigger sends you a bouncy bounce. Hugs, P

  4. says

    Ahhhh 🙂 Contentment is something I know real well. I’m laying on the grass watching clouds go by and sending them your way Berta (and some Hunny). Soooo contentified in my belly mmm! Pooh


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