Lacking Ambition & Drive – How To Light That Fire?

Earlier this month I asked some of you to tell me what you struggled with. One of the responses was unexpected and real ~ “I find it difficult to get enthused about stuff, I’m more lukewarm and accepting of all possibilities so not much pulls me completely. Drive and ambition are not a part of […]

“Doing What Feels Good”- A Cop Out?

I’m the first to admit I hardly ever do anything that doesn’t feel good. In the past 10 years I’ve made some VERY inspired decisions based on how adventurous and new the experience was, rather than how much money I could make or how far up the corporate ladder I could advance. I chose today […]

Manifesting and The Power of Two

Before I went to sleep last night, I was thinking about how we start programs and projects that we’re so excited about at first and then lose steam midway. And I wondered … what would be a fun way to keep the momentum going, stay inspired and be supported through it? It struck me how […]

What Massage School & Driving Taught Me About The Power of Intention

I can still hear her loud bellowing voice in my ears “BE SPECCCCCCIFIC!!” Every now and then, came another reminder “OUTtention follows INNNNNTENTION!!” Sometimes, I still hear these words in my dreams. She did a good job drilling them into me. The year was 2003 and I was training to be a Massage Therapist. The […]

The Epiphany – Or Why I Don`t Have What I Want

It`s simple. VERY simple. What would you do if you woke up one day and realised that what you wanted all this while, isn’t what you really want after all? Having spent time, money, energy, thought and effort towards realising your goals, what if you realised you’d got it all wrong? It started with an […]

Guest Post: Writing Her Way Through “Someday”..

Gosh I’m excited! During our coaching session yesterday, Giselle, a writer, talked about how she overcame procrastination and seeing as I JUST recently did a teleclass on that, I had to ask if she would share her story. I know it helps many of us to hear real life experiences so without further ado, in […]

Tuesday Tip – Change One Thing Today!

Just for today, do one thing differently. If you wake up in the morning and check your email or facebook right away, how about you eat breakfast first? Or go for a 5 minute walk? Or meditate? If you come home after work and hit the couch, with one hand snuggled around the remote control, […]

On Fear, Beliefs & Action – Along with Tony Robbins & Friends

Why is it that you don’t take action when you need to? If you’re a new entrepreneur/ coach/ student/ career changer/ learner etc, have you bought e-books, attended several workshops, subscribed to over 50 email lists, read blogs and articles every day, have pages and pages of action steps and business building ideas and other […]