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Guest Post: Break Free from procrastinationGosh I’m excited! During our coaching session yesterday, Giselle, a writer, talked about how she overcame procrastination and seeing as I JUST recently did a teleclass on that, I had to ask if she would share her story.

I know it helps many of us to hear real life experiences so without further ado, in her own words, is the first ever Guest Blogger at Coach T.I.A.

Woohooo, thanks and welcome Giselle!



On March 13th, 2009 I joined Twitter. Twelve days later I made a decision that altered my life significantly. I hired Tia as my life coach. When I look back, I truly had no idea as to the purpose of a coach.

I just knew that I was at a standstill and I needed to move forward.

In the six months we worked together, my personal concepts of self-love, my goals and my dependence on procrastination, took a 180-degree turn. Through our sessions I began to peel away my layers of denial and reason. I had a notebook full of reasons as to why I could not write.

 Mom
 Wife
 Walk the Dog
 Work full time
 Wash the dishes
 Vacuum
 Laundry
 Make dinner
 Eat
 Sleep

To the outside world I proclaimed to writing daily.

“I am a writer.”

Well Balderdash! I was not a writer.

Hmm, that statement should be clarified. In my mind I believed I was a writer, but that did not hold true in my heart.

The conviction that my love of writing should take a greater importance in my day-to-day life did not hold true for me. So I procrastinated.

Writing became a chore. Something I only found the ability to do when all else was complete. You can bet how often that happened. But my coach refused to let me hide behind my daily commitments. Over and over again she would ask, “What is important to you?” “What do you want?”

My response varied a bit in the beginning, but one statement held firm: “I want to be a writer. I want to earn a comfortable living through writing.” To which the response, “What do you need to do to accomplish this? “ Me: “Write.”

We investigated why I did not find time to write. It came down to this; I refused to acknowledge that my passion, writing, was necessary to my well-being.

I did not rate the need to write as important because I felt guilty in taking part in activity that was solely for me. She saw through my bravado and reasoning from the start and called me on it, which was a first for me. After a few sessions, we agreed on a regimen.

My mission if I chose to accept it, was to write for ten minutes each day. Such a small and simple step helped open my eyes. I re-discovered why I loved to write.

  • I became a monthly contributor to a site, which focuses on writers and writing.
  • My blog content improved as my follower count grew.
  • I stopped including my “ten minute” session in my daily task outline.
  • There was no longer a need. I found time to write. I valued my passion and myself.

Just so you know, I did not inherit a fairy godmother. My life remains hectic and filled with “must do”, “have to”, and “need to do” priorities, but I have learned the true value of prioritizing. I became very clear on what brought me joy. And I continued doing that each day, one step at a time.

I became limitless. I opened up to the countless opportunities the world had in store. My battle with procrastination ended, and I was the victor.



About Giselle MacLean: I am the Managing Editor of BreakFree, a blog that passionately charts my personal challenges as a wife, mother and friend; while managing a career within the financial services industry. I offer detailed reviews on select novels, personal and professional how-to advice and I provide a wonderfully, exciting glimpse into the future Giselle.


Back to Tia: Wow, that’s quite a journey! Many thanks to Giselle for sharing what worked for her as she focussed on her goals step by baby step. Have you had a similar experience? Would love to hear how YOU stayed on track and stopped procrastinating about something that was important to you. Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Carol says

    Giselle, thank you for sharing your story.

    What helps me to stay on track is writing down my goals. That helps me to realize that my actions are either helping me achieve my goals . . . or they aren’t. And sometimes when they aren’t, that’s ok because I may be just wanting to goof off at the moment. But at least then I am consciously making that decision.

  2. says

    Carol, I LOVE that you shared how to deal with procrastination – and that it can be good or not so good but that the best way is to be conscious of it and make a decision to be with it or take butt kicking action on it.

    You’re SO bang on about getting clear on what your goals are and what’s causing you to put them off – writing down is the best way I’ve found cos it brings it all out and then it’s so much easier to make decisions. Thanks for sharing that tip and for dropping by!

  3. says

    Ever since I participated in Tia’s teleclass on procrastination, I’ve stopped looking at it as a purely bad thing.

    I took two weeks off to visit friends in Denver & Hawaii. All the accomodations were paid for and my 2 airline tix cost me a grand total of $15. I was indeed procrastinating on some “work stuff” I wanted/needed to do but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go to Denver for $10 & Hawaii for $5.

    So, off I went and all I can say is this. Wow, did my procrastination pay off. I ended up spending 1/2 the time with an amazing man that was so wonderful, I couldn’t have created him in my dreams if I tried. No idea where (if anywhere) it’s going…but I have learned not to limit myself by what I know from past reationships.

    AND…I got two HUGE leads on work stuff whilst sitting by the pool in Hawaii. I also had an experience there that unlocked a whole bunch of knowldege from my head and inspired me to write another chapter for my book AND list out stories I want to use for a key note speech on going after what you want…on little bit at a time.

    SO…I have to say that had I not “procrastinated” (i.e. I’d skipped the 2 weeks of travel and stayed home), I would have missed out on so much more than I gained. I thank you, Tia, for opening my eyes to the good side of procrastination & learning it can sometimes lead to a more productive work effort when I finally do sit down! 🙂

  4. says

    Jeez Leslie, you’re the P-Queen!! You blow me away with how well you make it work for you!!

    There isn’t a right or wrong way really (but you knew that already ;), it mostly depends on the reasons for procrastination in a certain area and following your feel good in the moment. If it feels good to put it off, by all means DO it! And boy do you ever do that 🙂

    I love that about you! You take Inspired Action and it never fails to bring you amazing experiences! I’m loving loving loving the results of your delaying tactics, hehehe. You’re a perfect example of someone who follows her feel-good. Super inspiring, thanks for sharing!

    Oh and huge kudos for being so open to not limiting the experiences you have with amazing men and poolside manifestations of writing and work stuff – THAT’s the life ;).

  5. says

    Thank you for your comments Carol. You are a kindred spirit. I love to write down my daily goals, monthly goals, and yearly goals. Ok..maybe I have a goal writing compulsion. I now understand that goofing off, is just as productive as writing a new article. The end result is that I feel good about what I am doing.

  6. says

    Hello Leslie. Your comment is inspiring. By choosing the path of what felt right and good, the universal rewarded you. I am a true believer that a positive outlook will attract positive outcomes. You are a wonderful example of this theory!


  7. says

    Teehee Giselle, I am a list making maniac too! AND a goof off, follow my fun and do what feels good kinda girl. No reason making lists can’t feel GREAT hey? 😉 I love doing them, it’s my way of goofing off and being productive at the same time. Win-win!


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