Not Having Fun? You’re Doing It ALL Wrong!!

I’m the Queen of Taking Inspired Action and Following My Fun n Feel Good! But sometimes even Queens can forget to put their crowns on. Ever gotten all gung ho about a new idea? Gotten really excited about it, thought about it day and night and joined a 4 month program that would help bring […]

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things ♬ ♬

Picture sourced from To count my blessings, focus on what I want to create & list what makes me happy, I decided to get em together in one sweet place. Why alphabetically? Oh, just cos I can 😉 I’ll be back to add more as I think of them (bonus: will keep me focused […]

A Confession – Why I REALLY Took a Time Out..

(I finished writing this post at 3am. Then, from 4am-5:30am, I rewrote it entirely. Here’s the unvarnished version cos you deserve the truth, not some hackneyed post glossing over the REAL stuff) So ya’ll know how I decided Tuesday evening to take a 2 day “Time-Out” from the Internet, phone, people, work, action, plans, ideas, […]

1..2..3…Time Out!

Spoiler Alert! Have you seen Penelope? It’s the story of a blue blooded girl who is born cursed – with the nose of a pig. The only way to get rid of that curse is to find true love with “one of her own kind”.  Which the family takes to mean a young man from […]

It’s Now Or Never, Don’t Waste Another Minute!

♫♫ It’s now or never, come hold me tight Kiss me my darling, be mine tonight ♫♫ ♫♫ Tomorrow will be too late, it’s now or never My love won’t wait ♫♫ Are you one of those people who believe that beauty, abundance, opportunities and luck are all around us and would so know them if you […]

Tuesday Tip – Face One Fear Today!

When you first learned to walk, everyone loved and encouraged you! Smart baby, they said, you’ll be walking before you know it. So you learned to celebrate “failure” as a stepping stone to success. It was the natural order of life. As your grew up, you changed. You became a quivering mass of jelly. A […]

When WILL You Learn!?

If you’re new to this blog and the Law of Attraction, you’re forgiven for wondering why the last 2 posts are all about emotional meltdowns! And if you’re not, you totally understand how the Universe operates – with perfect timing, repeating lessons till they are fully learned, absorbed and taken aboard. It all started this […]

How To Avoid A Meltdown – Let It Happen!

It started this morning with a wee tech issue and led to this blog post with a twist. I’m writing in the moment, talking about what’s going on right now. Not something I went through and came out the other side, but together, with you, I’ll wade through these murky moments. What’s going on now: […]