These Are a Few of My Favourite Things ♬ ♬

My favorite Things
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To count my blessings, focus on what I want to create & list what makes me happy, I decided to get em together in one sweet place. Why alphabetically? Oh, just cos I can 😉

I’ll be back to add more as I think of them (bonus: will keep me focused on what I like for the next few days, yay!)

Go ahead and share yours too (alpabetically or however you want) so I can steal some of them. Hehe.. Let the favourites games begin.

– A’s about Awareness, adaptability, authenticity, almond butter, adventures
– B brings me BFFs, babies – their laughs and cuddle factor, bubble baths,, blogging, board games
– C creates Community, creativity, coaching, cafe catch ups with friends, chocolate, colours, campfires. Also, courage, contentment and conscious creation.

– D .d.d.d Dancing! Dates with my man, DVD nights with my gfs
– ENERGY!! EQ, Epiphanies (they ROCK!)
– F starts with Fun, festivals, fall (crisp fall air!), family, facing my fears (ok, I don’t love this but I love how I feel after!), feelings, financial freedom, FREEDOM of choice

– Gelato (nutella gelatos!), glitter
– Hula hooping, happiness, huggling (a mix of hugging and cuddling), humour
– I = Inspiration, Intentions, inner peace, instant connections – the kind where you meet someone and feel like you`ve been friends forever

– Jewel (the word – I love the word Jewel!)
– Kick ass people – too many to name, karmafication
– Law of attraction, leverage, love, living, life, laughing till I snort or my sides ache (whatever comes first), Leonard Cohen

– Making up words, music, movies
– Nutella (you KNEW this was gonna be first, didn’t you!), New Zealand
– Oreosssss

– Photographs – taking and looking at, personal growth, play-fullness
Q: Quad biking
– Responding, not reacting. Reading inspirational stuff, randomness (being random), road trips

– Scrubs (yes, the TV show), sparkly stuff, snow globes, singing out loud in the shower and around my house (also in cars), social media!
– Travel, twitter, taking risks, trampolines (jump, jump, jump!), Tribe (as in, “my people”)
– U. Yes, U :). Unconventionality, uniqueness

– Visioning … also known as daydreaming, videos (esp high energy ones like these)
– Writing (that wasn’t obvious was it ;), white water rafting, world citizenship
– Xcalibur (don’t tell me to spell it with an E, shhh X was feeling lonely)
– Y? I already said – just cos! Yin n Yang, Yodanese

– Zen habits and Zillion (as in, can’t believe the zillion things I came up with)


This wasn’t easy. It WAS real fun though 🙂 Who’s next?

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  1. says

    off the top of my head

    reading blogs that make me smile, laugh and feel good
    connecting with like minded people
    playing and working outside
    reading really inspiring stories
    writing really really inspiring stories
    checking things off my lists and adding more to it
    contributing to others well being with uplifting words
    honest words said in a kind way that lead me to insight
    friends who share, love and inspire

    Man, when you get started it is hard to stop. Great way to start my day.
    Thanks, Tia, for the warm happy heart that I am feeling.


  2. says

    All yours are mine too Berta. Love how many times the word “inspire” shows up in your favourite things 🙂 Have a happy, wonderful, blissed out day!

  3. Carol says

    Posts like this remind us of how good life really is! Here are some of my favorites:

    – loving another person and being loved in return
    – knowing that I am authentic/true to myself
    – spending time with family and friends
    – making a difference in other people’s lives
    – having beautiful things around me (beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean expensive)
    – learning (that’s why I read so much)
    – driving on the open road
    – helping others/bringing joy to others
    – gardening
    – my computer and the internet
    – eating good food
    – sitting in the sun
    – a hot bath/shower
    – a good cup of coffee in the morning (or two or three)
    – listening to good music
    – being out in nature
    – a beautiful sunrise/sunset
    – doing creative things
    – people whose eyes sparkle/laugh
    – being by water (lake/ocean – something about them is so soothing)
    – laughing
    – walking
    – being on the giving end or receiving end of a kindness (learning to receive was a tough one for me, but really, when you are receiving, you are also giving because you are letting the other person feel the joy of giving. Took me a long time to understand that concept.)
    – a nap
    – finding a penny on the ground (I know, what is a penny? But every time I find one, it makes me smile.)
    – walking barefoot through the grass
    – the smell of lilacs (I’ve always loved them!)
    – having things organized
    – a comfortable bed
    – springtime – watching everything that was dormant come back to life
    – and, of course, this blog 🙂

  4. says

    And I so needed it! Love your list, thanks for starting my day off with a smile 🙂 Especially love the sitting in the sun (soo good in winter), hot bath, sunrise (although I haven’t seen one in ages!), naps and spring.

    Thanks for touching on the giving/receiving that’s a hard one for most people and really liberating when one can receive without having to even the score up right away. Remember that Friends episode where Phoebe gives the homeless woman all her money and she insists on buying her something in return? LoL

    Other things I love:
    -watching puppies play
    -thunderstorms and rain while I cuddle up with a book indoors (or look out the window)
    -sleepovers with old friends where we spend all night catching up and laughing
    -2 am munchies
    -flowers given to me for no reason… so many blessings!

  5. Anita (sandythebear) says

    This FAVE list is FUN to do!

    * A is for Angels
    * B is for Being in love with my sweet Boyfriend(if I dream it, he will arrive)
    * C is for Comedy Concerts Christmas
    * D is for Dancing Delicious nutritious food
    * E is for Enjoying Life with my sweet boyfriend(if I dream it, he will arrive)
    * F is for Fun Flowers Financial well-being
    * G is for Good times with my friends Good books Grace
    * H is for purple Heather Healthiness Happy marriage(nice to see anywhere)
    Happy Home Happy me
    * I is for It’s A Wonderful Life(especially with my sweet boyfriend!)
    * J is for Joy Joie de Vivre Jovial Jolly Merriment
    * K is for Kindness
    * L is for Love Living Laughing : ]
    * M is for Music Movies Money Catskill and Adirondack Mountains
    * N is for my Nieces
    * O is for October the o.c.
    * P is for Playing bass Piano Performing
    * Q is for being treated like a Queen : ]
    * R is for my fave Rock-n-Roll Bands and songs
    * S is for Singing my (secret) signature scent
    * T is for Trees organic green Tea Transcending
    * U is for U2 and Mary J. Blige doing One Love
    * V is for Vacation good Vibes
    * W is for Walking Writing bright Windy days
    * X is for Xtra hugs and kisses with my sweet boyfriend : ]
    * Y is for saying Yes to my sweet boyfriend : ] oh Yeah! Yay! YOWZA!
    * Z is for Zipping around in my cool vehicle

  6. says

    You crack me up so hard!! LMAO! B,E,I,X,Y oh Lord, aren’t you just a barrel of laughs! You make me smile on twitter and you make me chuckle with delight here. I absolutely ADORE your list and want to steal it all. Oh and I could just hug you!! Thanks for the amazing energy you brought along with you and xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!

  7. sonia says

    prayrain 🙂
    hot bathes
    my wonderful daughters
    looking into my man’s eyes
    the sun
    walking barefoot
    waking up each morning
    good vibes blog
    my i-pod
    vision boards
    evenings with the girls
    loving people
    dogs, dogs, dogs :))))
    people, they’re so amazing
    the feeling of awe
    notes of the universe (they make my day)
    jeannette maw 😀
    and so many other things…

    Thanks Tia, it feels wonderful

  8. says

    Many of my favourites in there too, Sonia 🙂 babies, sparkles, energy, love, joy, Jeannette, laughter, smiles, stars, TUT … I am loving this post cos I get to see how many amazing things we have in our lives and how blessed we are. Thanks for sharing your faves!

  9. says

    And the good things just keep rolling! I just got back from a new cookie store my ex-fiance introduced me to this afternoon, where the cookies each have a name and although she doesn’t have the entire alphabet covered (yet), I’m already in love with Vivianne and Lilly. OMG – to DIE for cookies!!!!

    Thanks for the smile in this post, Tia! 🙂

    (And Sonia – what a pleasure to be on your list!)

  10. says

    Cookies with names?! There’s a cookie called Vivianne? What about Brad (Pitt)? Or Johnny Depp? Now that’s a cookie to LIVE for 😉 What a super fun idea, that lady is a creative genius! Wonder if she does custom names .. like the “Princess Tia” nutella cookie that gets shipped to me on my birthday hehe.

  11. says

    You asked for it…it took me awhile to get over here…thanks for waiting! LOL

    “These are a few of my favorite things…” Love that song.

    Are people & critters things? In this case, they’ll have to be ’cause they’re some of my very favorites!!

    Especially my hubby, son, sisters, nieces & nephew, Mom-in-Law, doggie, kitties, horsey…and all the birds, squirrels, turkeys, deer, groundhog, and other critters that inhabit the amazing ‘yard’ we have the blessing of stewarding.

    Nature: All of her. The mountains, the plains, hills and valleys, the ocean, the rivers, the trees, flowers, the sky, clouds, rain, sun, wind, the entire critter kingdom~from the smallest to the greatest, every blade of grass, earthy soil beneath my feet, sandy beaches… ALL of her.

    Our House, sacred sanctuary, blessed space that she is. So nurturing and supportive for me!!!

    Music, especially Snatam Kaur, Tina Malia, Shimshai, Colbie Caillat, Sting and Seal at the moment…so many others, too…

    Movies, anything that captures my heart and stirs my soul…especially those that bring me to tears and make me laugh out loud all in one show! *Most recently appreciated ‘Once’ and ‘The Proposal’. Both vastly different and yet the same…relating to my most FAVE TOPIC of ALL…

    the JOY of Brilliance!! Shining the way we were born to shine in all we do.

    Food! Cooking, creating with flavors, textures, colors of yummy whole foods turns me on like crazy!!!

    Books, everything and anything, fiction or non, that vividly stirs and awakens my creativity and brilliance. …anything that meets me where I am and takes me places I never imagined…places I love…places that make me feel good. (Kim Falconer’s books are my current faves, along with a couple numerology and astrology books, a couple of spirit horse books…)

    All things lovely and gorgeous to my senses…rich colors, fabrics, textures…mmm.

    My soul brilliance community online! Where would I be without the beams of brilliance that shine forth like beacons… YOU, Jeannette, Iyabo, Kim, …and so many more. My faves.

    Saving the BEST for last… (mushy/sappy alert!)
    (and he was mentioned in the beginning, but this is about the WE of us.)

    My relationship/marriage with my beloved!!! This is by far my most favorite thing. It’s the center for everything else. Our relationship/connection is heaven sent. Every single day I am amazed, blown away by the power of our love, our commitment, our passion for life and living our Brilliance together.

    YES! These are (just) a few of my favorite things…

    Thanks Tia, that was SO much FUN!! It just feels so darn good to think about all of these things at one time…OMGoodness…what a HIGH!!! 🙂

  12. says

    I know right! That’s why I wanted you to share yours, cos you are the BESTEST at sharing with the highest and happiest energy of anyone I know!! People reading this will get such a dose of inspiration, happiness and giggles they won’t know what they were moaning about haha.

    Love you Deb!! THANK you for being such a JOYful being and for following for J.O.B – joy of brilliance. You my darling are a JEWEL xoxoxox


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