Year in Review: Defining Moments #reverb10

My friend Andrew wrote his, Seth Godin did his, and I almost didn’t do my Year in Review cos I thought I hadn’t really done alll that much. But when I merged the Dec 29th prompt with a year end review… holy cow, was I ever wrong. And so are you, if you think you didn’t […]

On Appreciation #Reverb10

I’ve decided not to play “catchupsies” with all the #reverb1o prompts. Frankly, “having to” is just not in my vocabulary and it’s starting to feel like work. So I’m going to answer randomly as inspired. Which I’ve been doing anyways 😉 This one spoke to me today. December 14 – Appreciate What’s the one thing you […]

YLYW Interview #9: Pam Slim on Escaping the Cubicle

Pam! Pam Slim! For those of you who are social media addicts and regular readers, there’s no need for an introduction. For newer readers (welcome!), I’ll tell you the worst kept secret around – we love Pam and she is a legend. That is all. Oh ok, I’ll give you more. Pam’s an author, cubicle-prisoner-to […]

STRIKE! Letting go of 11 for 2011 #Reverb 10 Style

Holy gumballs! This is officially my 100th post 😀 Woot wooty woot! (what in Thor’s name does that even mean?). Anyways, moving on… What started as “Coach T.I.A – Take Inspired Action!” In April 2009, butterflied into Your Life YOUR Way in October 2010. The new branding was born. A few days ago, the process […]

YLYW Interview #8: Susan Biali’s Scanner Lifestyle

I’m not sure this blog can take any more hotness. What is it with the successful entrepreneurs and authors featured in the Your Life YOUR Way Interview series all being so damn gorgeous!? They’re smart, enthusiastic and great at what they do, that’s a given. But have you noticed how goodlooking they all are too? […]

YLYW Interview #7: David Garland on Unconventional Entrepreneurship

David Siteman Garland’s story is one of unconventional entrepreneurship. Imagine dreaming up an idea at a coffee shop one day, which leads to you creating a “job” for yourself by marrying together your passion for entrepreneurship with your love for connecting with people? (Sounds like MY dream!) Thanks to that moment of inspiration, we now […]

Flying my Freak Flag High #Reverb10

The word Freak lights me up. Back in highschool in India, “freak out” meant having a great time. As in, “We freaked out at the movies, it was so much fun!” Here, in the Wild West, freaking out means something different. Since the word freak gets a bad rap, I’m here to shout it loud […]

Community #Reverb10

Thoughts flood my mind. My heart races. I am filled with passion and have so much to say that I almost can’t stand it. I write posts and wake up to find I dreamed them. This is one such. “Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to […]

Permission To Be + I wonder + Letting GO

So ya’ll know I’m doing this thing. Along with 2000 other bloggers, I’m reflecting on 2010 & everything that happened (or didn’t) + being intentional about 2011. The Timing: It’s been a fascinating year. The word I chose to describe it? Illuminate. And about half a dozen more – tumultous, smeary windshield, courage, resistance, butterflying, big leap. I think what […]

YYLYW Interview #6: Jenny Blake puts the M in Multi-Passionate

Jenny Blake. Blogger. Coach. Googler. Author (RunningPress 2011). Football Fanatic. Coffee Addict. Yoga Lover/Teacher. Dessert Fiend. Gadget Freak. Personal Growth Obsessed. That’s her bio on twitter (where we met). Gorgeous, whip smart, talented, inspired, visionary, heart-centered, a ray of sunshine, actioneer, girl-everyone-wants-to-know, full of charm, fellow exclamation mark abuser, EN FEUGO. That’s my take on […]