Revolutionary Idea That Will Blow Your Mind!

Ok, not true. It’s the simplest idea and it’s quite an unsparkly one. But what you do with it, has potential to blow your mind. It all started when I realised with a shock that I’ve pretty much lost the ability to do one thing at a time. At any time (including when I’m asleep, […]

The UnPost.

Jeez, we’re 3 weeks into 2010!? I’ve been missing at the blog. Got back a week ago but that’s no excuse. Truth is, I’m struggling feeling uninspired to say anything. Everything is the same and yet it’s not. All the changes and wheels I set in motion last year are swirling around my ankles and reaching into […]

When You Don’t Know What Lies Ahead..

(*This is the ezine issue that went out last night – I wanted to share it with those of you who aren’t subscribed cos I feel there’s an important message here* To subscribe to the ezine, just enter your email address at the top right corner of this page.) It was the last day of my […]

Old Stories vs New Stories: How to Bridge the Gap?

Speaking of telling new stories in the new year, you know well that to let in a new story, you’ve got to stop holding onto the old one, right? Let’s get clear about this: To tell a new story, let go of the old one. But sometimes it’s easier said than done. You wonder if […]