A Journey Across Time

Two years ago, she made the hard decision to leave her past behind. Sad & fearful of the unknown future, she packed her bags and left New Zealand, her home of 4 years to move half way across the world. Yet again. For the 4th time. Leaving behind her home, partner, friends, life as she […]

The Repository of Fabulousness… YOUR blogs!

Hey guys! Two things – First, I’m now on Day 9 of Round 2 of the 29 gifts in 29 days project I did last year and it’s so much fun to look for something special to do each day. (Way to build that giving muscle – check it out and join me in this project […]

What Do You Want To Be Known For?

“What is it that you want to be ‘known’ for? What idea do you want to represent? The next 24 hours bring insights, signs and sudden revelation!” Kim Falconer asked this question yesterday. I let it sit with me. At first my mind ran through all the things my social self wants to be known […]