A Quick Case for Jumping In

How are you spending your time?

Are you spending it experiencing everything in your vicinity right now?

Or are you resisting what’s going on in your life?

Are you waiting to make sense of something, waiting for conditions to be perfect?

Or waiting till you know exactly what you want?

Trying to do what you think is right, ‘shoulding’ your way around “I should do this, I shouldn’t do that” instead of immersing in the experience at hand?

Worrying you’ll get wet if you run into the water, dirty if you play in the mud, trampled on if you open your heart?

What if that thing you were resisting, what if you decided to accept and experience it fully?

Correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t one of 2 things happen?

1) You would have the best or worst experience ever
2) You would decide whether to continue or change track

The benefits?

  • You stop wondering what “it” would be like, you’d know firsthand
  • You could reassess where you are and look for the help / resource needed
  • You would save a lot of time wondering about the outcome and get to know way faster
  • You’d take that next step sooner, whatever that might be

Now, consider what would happen if you kept resisting:

1) The situation would keep coming up over and over again, making it impossible not to get involved
2) It would feel like a struggle and affect other dynamics until you finally experience it or somehow, let it go (in which case, please share your amazing technique here so we can learn from it too!)

If the only thing that is keeping you from making the move, taking a leap into the unknown is not knowing what to expect, stop fearing and jump into that experience!

An experience is just that – an experience. How would the way you look at things change if that’s how you faced every decision you make?

Do yourself a favour and take the pressure off yourself to know. Cos if you don’t like the experience you’re having, you can always CHOOSE to change it!

Instead of assuming you know how an experience will turn out and thus resisting it, or not knowing how it will and being scared about that, how about you just EXPERIENCE it first!?

Anything less is a waste of your thoughts, time and wellbeing. Not to mention all the blocks you’re putting up to manifesting what’s in your vortex. Yikes, this is familiar… 😉

Contrary to what you believe, you will not get stuck there, there’s always an option to climb out.

Don’t let the fear of wanting to see into the future, or waiting till you know exactly what you’re doing, stop you.

You might just find the water so warm and inviting that you keep swimming towards your dreams, one paddle stroke after the other!

Above all, don’t let the FEAR of failing, falling, being hurt (or any other fear), stop you – nothing’s a failure if you’ve learned and experienced something, you can get up again if you fall and pain always heals.

So, what are you waiting for then? What can you take a chance on today? You’re not alone, I’m right here jumping in along with you and cheering us on! ps: read comment # 1 for how I’m doing this …

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  1. says

    So, cos I said I’m jumping in too, I’ll start!

    I haven’t posted in the last 3 weeks because the things I want to talk about are changing and I wasn’t sure how to bridge that gap.

    I COULD have just started by saying “hey guys, this is what I’m thinking” but I chose to struggle with it and talk to everyone and anyone about it …. instead of laying it out HERE.

    Anyone else here ever choose avoidance over facing the challenge? Tell me I’m not alone! LoL.

    Ok so here it is: I’m very passionate about social media, connecting with people, thought leadership, inspired action, letting things be easy, being “lazy”, INTENTIONAL communication, marketing and branding, travel, self development, law of attraction, vibe raising and so much more.

    And I want to start discussions around intentionally marrying social media with inspired action / LOA type stuff, looking into how to stay connected in an over connected world, how to market yourself authentically to bring your gifts to the world, I want to talk about ALL these things!

    And I didn’t, cos I thought I had to talk about certain things only cos that’s why YOU are here, reading this blog. And it … ok scratch that, *I* stopped me from bringing up other conversations. It didn’t occur to me that perhaps, perhaps, you’d be interested in those conversations too… ?

    I don’t know if you are or not, but like I said, I’m not going to let that fear of not knowing stop me – instead, I’m going to find out!

    (This comment is seeming rather like a blog post now so I’ll just turn this into one over the next couple of days and see you there for your thoughts and ideas.)

    In the meantime, thanks for reading, and please share what it is that YOU’VE been shying away from accepting, embracing or venturing into as well. I’m back and looking forward to hearing from you!! Much love!

  2. says

    Silly Girl! Don’t you know? If Tia’s talking, we’re listening! 🙂

    And…there are *some* members of your audience/tribe who are walking this very similar path right along with you. …this path of journeying in unity with Social Media, LoA, JOY, Living Life on Purpose…ETC!!

    This is what Mark and I are doing with Joy of Brilliance/Earth Harmony Home & Mandala Life Media!

    Welcome aboard, my friend!! And the journey continues…we’re still listening…

    LOVE YOU! 🙂

  3. says

    Well! Missy Debsie, now you go and make me all mushy 🙂 YOU are my tribe! Whatever in the world was I thinking!? Everyone who hangs out here, we are ALL a part of the same consciousness and of course what’s happening with one is happening with another at some level.

    Silly Bridget. You know what though? I’m glad I get silly and all “feared” up like that cos when I act with a little faith I can see how EASY it is to get past all that gunk.

    Yay for being us! Mwah!

  4. says

    I love hearing about your new direction / passion and I loved the “being lazy” article. I so ascribe to that philosophy now after having lots of experience getting bigger with my business. Joining you merrily downstream.

  5. says

    I’m hearing you Mark, glad we speaketh the same language and needless to say, not surprised 🙂 You and that gorgeous wife of yours are on my bus!

  6. Anna says

    What you’re talking about here – marrying social media with inspired action – makes me think of what I’ve been focused on and playing with in recent years. It’s based on what I know was truly Divine Inspiration … so I say, “You Go, Girl!”

    “And,” she said with a grin, “I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours…”

    With much respect to you, I smile at the sun.
    (do it with me and we’ll give so the sun can burn away remaining clouds!)

  7. says

    Show me yours Anna! You’ve got me all curious now 😀 Waving at the Sun and becoming one with it this fine, summery day… I am quite, quite, high on life – warmth, love and everything good 🙂 Including you!


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