25 Things I wish I’d Learned Sooner in my Life

Back in 1998, fresh out of Grad school and working in my first ever “real” job as an Account Executive in an Advertising agency in New Delhi, I knew. I knew that I was going to quit the corporate world within 5 years. I lasted 4. Out of which, I probably only worked a total […]

Why Raise Your Children to be Entrepreneurs?

It’s a busy week working on rebranding exercises given to me by my Brand Coach, Andrea Shillington. It’s so much fun seeing new directions emerge, fine tuning services and web content, and getting excited about a particular group of people that I can’t wait to start coaching soon! In the midst of it all, I […]

How To Get Out Of a Funk INSTANTLY!

I spend a lot of time “hanging out” at the Good Vibe University, my fave Law of Attraction & Conscious Creation resource, where a fellow GVUer just started the coolest thread ever. It’s such a happy, joy inducing thread that I got inspired to start one here. Behold, the secret weapon! A quick, fast, easy, simple and […]

Lessons from the Blackhawks Stanley Cup Win

I just finished watching the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup Finals. For those of you who aren’t hockey crazed (or Canadian), the Stanley Cup is the Holy Grail of Hockey, the National Hockey League’s most salivated after prize in the Hockey world. Ever. Not counting the Olympics. Ok, WHAT am I doing talking about […]

Blog Review & Rebranding Survey Results

Whoa! Thank you so so so SO much, blog readers, ezine readers, twitter & FB friends and everyone who took the survey. I took screen shots at 32 responses (they’re still trickling in, a couple a day) to share with you. A bunch of you told me that you enjoyed filling out this Questionnaire. Boy, am […]