Embrace Your Imbalanced Life

A question asked by a reader in the Coach T.I.A rebranding survey was along the lines of Life Balance. How do you live a balanced life while managing a job, family, friends, leisure time, spiritual development & home? And lo! Up popped Leslie with the exact same idea for a guest post just as I was […]

Manifesting in the Matrix

No, not THAT one. Well, maybe that one.. This Matrix is something I learned about yesterday at Tut.com’s Playing the Matrix event in Vancouver. Now, if you’ve been around this blog a while or we’re connected on twitter / elsewhere on social media, you KNOW how obsessed I am with my daily TUT notes from […]

The Flawed Search for Courage

One of you posed a question in the rebranding survey that got me thinking. Specifically, you wondered how you could find the mental space, the courage you need to take control of your life & career. One that’s not as enjoyable as you wish. It’s not the first time I’ve heard the wistfulness and frustation […]