Manifesting in the Matrix

No, not THAT one. Well, maybe that one..

This Matrix is something I learned about yesterday at’s Playing the Matrix event in Vancouver.

Now, if you’ve been around this blog a while or we’re connected on twitter / elsewhere on social media, you KNOW how obsessed I am with my daily TUT notes from the Universe.

They are personally written for me, just me, not the thousands of people they go out to every day, who just get it incidentally. You see, me & Mike, we’ve got a deal.

(For those who don’t know what I’m talking about – just sign up now for Notes from the Universe & thank me later).

I have a feeling the Matrix just changed my manifesting forever.

This was a workshop quite unlike most others – it had to be, it’s TUT! – and even though most of the concepts were already known to me, something about the way Mike presented them flipped a switch.

Here it is then, in the simplest way I can explain.

The Matrix goes from left to right. On the left of the manifestation scale, the # 1 thing we all want, is:


Right after happiness come other things like love, peace, prosperity, contentment, freedom, passion, fun, laughter etc, which take high precedence in our lives.

These are the core inner desires behind all your outer desires.

For example, travel and see the world: outer desire.

How you will feel when you do that, in my case : excited to explore new cultures, be connected, appreciate beauty, THOSE are the real desires.

Mike also included 5 areas of our lives on the left (or middle) of the matrix, including livelihood, relationships and abundance.

These are the desires where your focus needs to be if you TRULY want to manifest easily, quickly & amazingly!

  • Stay open to the form, the how’s, the who’s, the where’s, the what’s.
  • Know how you want to feel & find ways to feel like that now.

But what do you do instead?

You get drawn into the right side of the Matrix, into varying degrees of wants and desires, ranging from career, love, money, friends, travel to specific jobs, employers, people and things.

When you’re focused on the stuff on the right, esp the furthest on the Matrix (THIS girl, THAT job, exactly $10,000 from lotto), you’re limiting yourself, limiting the Universe and limiting all opportunities that are trying to come your way.

Say you really want a relationship and you’re just hell bent on having Jimmy as your man, Jimmy who works in the same office as you and doesn’t know you exist, or Jimmy who doesn’t feel the same way about you.

Note: I don’t know any Jimmy’s!

By focusing on a specific person (come on, who hasn’t done this one time or the other in their lives ;)), you’re saying you don’t want anyone else cos your limited life experience can’t even begin to imagine that someone wayyyy more perfect for you, who is everything you want and don’t even KNOW you want, is coming your way.

The more you place limits, timelines and caveats on your wishes, the harder you’re making it to manifest & closer you live on the edge of disappointment. Especially if you’re attached to those desires.

Yeah I know what you’re thinking now – but what about vision boards, goals, being specific about numbers, dates etc?

Great point!

There’s HUGE power in setting dates as in “millionaire by 2011” as long as  you’re not attached to it happening or even how it happens!

If you HAVE to be attached, be attached to the left side of the matrix and DETACH from the right.

State exactly what you want, use specifics to get into the feeling place of what you want, and let events unfold. This isn’t to say don’t take any action at all, unless that’s what feels right and good.

If you want to do this effortlessly instead of pushing boulders up a mountain, be smart about it! Use leverage, take tiny actions. To quote a TUTism,

You don’t take “baby steps” for the distance they cover, but to put yourself within reach of life’s magic.

Just like you don’t hoist your sails to move the boat, but to put yourself within reach of the wind.

Hoist, baby, hoist, baby, 1, 2, 3, 4 –

The Universe

ps: Just like you don’t sing in the car to be heard… Why do you do that?

How empowering & freeing is that!?

To know that you don’t have to do it alone, that taking steps aren’t about doing it all but getting you to the tipping point?

And that if you just keep showing up, day after day, one day things will change so fast it will seem like magic and you’ll wonder what just happened!

Believe this now – people, things and events are conspiring in your favour.

Trust that there is a LOT going on behind the scenes that you don’t know about, and don’t need to know about.

All you have to do is decide what you want in general terms, get specific about your desires only if that feels good, and keep doing one little thing a day towards your dreams. Then, in no uncertain terms, it.will.happen.

Manifest in the Matrix!

General to Specific. Left to Right.

Check out Mike Dooley’s Matrix tour coming to a city near you – the stories he shared about his life & adventures are totally inspiring and FUN and this event is just the coolest.

Over to you! What attachments did you have to give up to manifest something you wanted? Have you had any experiences to the contrary? What are your easiest manifestations and what’s really been hard for you so far? Look forward to your thoughts & comments.


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  1. says

    Oh Tia,
    You have no idea how much I needed to be reminded of this (or maybe you do :-)) I’ve manifested so many things over and over again and for a long time I didn’t even know it was called “manifesting” – I’d just imagine something really cool or an experience I really wanted and I was so on the LEFT side of the spectrum. I had so much positive energy around my life…over time I’ve slipped a little bit more to the RIGHT and this post was a huge reminder to trust, to feel the emotion, to believe, to let go of attachment…all great stuff.
    Thank you my friend,

  2. says

    Jen, me too!

    For the past few years I’ve been manifesting freely with a few road bumps. Since the entrepreneurship journey, I find myself getting obsessed with the right side too – maybe it’s the “gotta do it all, gotta prove ourselves” mindset that comes with running your own business!

    Glad to say that’s NOT the way to do it and reminders like this to BRING BACK THE FUN & JOY are much appreciated and needed. I have a feeling things will be back to the left side pretty soon 🙂 They already are. Thanks for weighing in & more happiness to you! xo

  3. says

    I love the synchronicity of this–I was just talking to my husband yesterday about how we needed to get our attention off the “hows.”

    I have had the experience of manifesting something very specific. Before my husband came into my life, I made a list of 116 qualities I wanted in a mate, and he has 114 of them. BUT once I made the list, I set it aside and forgot about it. I didn’t think about how I’d find such a man, and I just went about feeling loved and happy, which is how I felt once Tim came into my life.

    Now I am working on applying the same concept with money. I’ve been way too obsessed with specifics and hows when it comes to income (with lousy results, I might add). 🙂

    I love this reminder: “people, things and events are conspiring in your favour” Thanks!

  4. says

    Ande! You’re my hero! Wow – 114 of 116?!?!

    Ok my next question is: how long did it take from the time you wrote/forgot about the list & you met your husband? And how did you keep yourself from wondering when it would happen? Oh & how did he react when you told him?

    I ask cos this is the # 1 question I get asked about LOA – how to really, truly give up & not nix the manifestation by asking ‘when when when or is it here yet’? I know others reading this will be so interested in knowing!

    Thank you SO much for sharing this manifestation, can’t wait to hear more from you!

    • says

      The short answer to your questions is it took about 4 months between the list and when Tim came into my life. When I told him about the qualities, he just smiled and said, “Cool,” like it was perfectly normal stuff. 😉 The way I let go and didn’t look for it had two parts. First, I took on the belief, the KNOWING, that in an ordered universe it made no sense for me to remain single because I had so much to offer a mate. I won’t list what I feel I had to offer, but it was very real to me, and I just KNEW that I was meant to be in a wonderful marriage. Second, I was able to create the feelings I wanted BEFORE the man came into my life. Here’s the whole story:

      I came off two really lousy relationships in the mid-part of 2000. Before that, my first marriage had been mostly good, but my first husband HAD to have kids, and I had the courage to stay true to my desire not to have them (not that I don’t like them, I just didn’t want to raise any). I got into the next 2 relationships because I really wanted to be in a marriage and I was flailing around taking very unaligned action. So after the last yucky experienced, I decided to get clear about what I wanted. I’d just started really getting into reading about the law of attraction, so I decided to line up with the feelings I expected to have when I was married to the man I wanted to be married to.

      So the first thing I did was make that list of all the qualities I could think of that I wanted in a man. To make the list, I thought of every quality I’d liked in men I’d been with and every quality I’d hated in those men. I turned the hated ones into their positive opposite and added those to the positive qualities I’d encountered. Then I brainstormed every other quality I’d always dreamed of having in a man but never experienced. I came up with a list of 116 qualities. I put the list in a box that I call a desire heater and forgot about it.

      The next thing I did was marry myself. I decided that if what I wanted was have someone who loved and adored me and was committed to my happiness and who promised to stand by me and encourage me etc, I’d better be able to do that for myself first. So I wrote the kind of vows I wanted a man to make to me, and I wrote the vow to myself. I bought a small gold ring, and I had a candlelight ceremony on my back deck, with just my dog (at the time), Muggins, and all the birds and raccoons and other critters in my backyard as witnesses. Very Snow White and Seven Dwarfish scene. 🙂 I said the vows, put the ring on my hand and drank a toast to me and my relationship with me.

      Then I “went on a honeymoon.” Not really. What I did was spend a couple weeks doing things I loved doing with a partner. I took a drives to my favorite places. I went on picnics, rented romantic movies, had candlelight dinners, took long, sensual baths, and not to get too personal but had the sexual releases I want too (did you ever watch the sitcom, Home Improvement? There’s a scene in it where they buy a jetted tub with a setting that the character called “who needs a man?”). Basically, I had the kind of romantic, loving, supporting, fun relationship with me that I wanted to have with a man.

      So then I settled into normal living, but always treating myself the way I wanted to be treated. AND I also held that awareness everyday that I was meant to be married and the right person was there and I didn’t know when I’d encounter him, but I knew I would. Because I felt this way, it never occurred to look around and say, “So where is he?”

      So 4 months after I married myself, I had this dream about a guy I dated briefly when I was 18–Tim. We’d lost touch in 1979, but I’d never forgotten him because he was so sweet. When I dreamed about him, I had a whim to look him up in our yearbook. I did that, got his last name spelled right and then followed a whim to go looking for him. I tried to find him online and couldn’t, so I turned it over to my “Spiritual runners,” who I call Zippity and Doodah, and I told them to find Tim if it was right. I then followed a whim to sign up at Tim wasn’t signed up–which wasn’t surprising–we had over 750 people in our graduating class. Then I went about my business. Two weeks later, I got an e-mail from that new people had been added to my class and I looked and Tim was one of them. So I emailed him, and he replied 3 days later, and his e-mail started with “Hello Beautiful.” He ended up moving here to be with me and arrived a month to the day after he answered my e-mail.

      • says

        All I can say is holy s***…. wow…. and… I am so where you were then 🙂 Great news indeed. Your process, trust and sharing is invaluable. Thank you for sharing so openly in the service of others. Huge respect & love! xo

        ps: Zippity and Doodah …only you Ande, only you. LOVE your sense of fun and adventure and lightheartedness!!

        • says

          My pleasure, Tia. How exciting that you’re now where I was then!!! I am picturing the post (not the April Fool’s version 😉 in which you announce your new love! 🙂

          You’re welcome to borrow Zippity and Doodah (think of them as little pixies with those multi-color beanie hats with the pinwheels on top 😉 anytime you want. 🙂

  5. Susan says

    Oh Tia and Ande, This is soooo true. In the past I have manifested specific people (men) into my life but this was before I knew about LOA and the wonderful power of the Universe. I had my desires but just let them go because I thought I couldn’t have what I wanted. I didn’t let these desires go on purpose but over time they became less important to me (they do say that time heals) I just got on with living my life and all thoughts of these people went out of my head. Then as if by magic they came to me !!!
    However, now I know about the LOA, I find I can’t do it with a specific person. It’s so strange but because I know it’s possible and I can have whatever I want, I’m having difficulty in the letting go. If I’d never learned about LOA I would have this thing I want but my knowledge is keeping me stuck. If I didn’t know what I know I would have given up long ago and what I want would have come to me so easily. I’m keeping myself stuck !!!
    But the good news is I’m aware of all this and I’m working on change, acceptance and trust. Any tips on letting go of a particular desire and getting out of the Universes way would be especially appreciated 🙂
    Having said all that there are some things I manifest very easily and very quickly. Of course these are things I’m not hung up about.
    Whatever happens I’m having a ball learning all this and finding my own power.
    Love to you all xxx

    • says

      Whoa, I totally missed seeing this post, Susan! How are you doing?

      Girl, you’re talking to a very common roadblock with LOA manifestors. We learn SO much about the power of our thoughts, beliefs, visualisation and attraction that we start second guessing and becoming way TOO vigilant.

      Yes. There IS such a thing as too much knowledge.

      Know what I’d do? I’d forget everything I’ve learned and go back to the basics. Forget about focus wheels, appreciation journals, acting as if, scripting, any LOA tools I know, like go back to being an LOA wookie instead of an LOA Jedi.

      And go back to being in the moment. Feeling happy. I’d go Abraham-Hicks on my a** and just get happy! This is what I mean

      Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner, would love to hear back from about where you’re at my friend.

  6. Susan Dickson says

    Hiya TiaSparkles (loving the name)

    How strange (or not) that you should reply to this right now.

    I was doing exactly as you said and second guessing myself, wondering if I was doing things wrong or missing something important out when it hit me like a ton of bricks.

    When I’ve manifested things previously it took absolutely no effort on my part. No focus wheels, no scripting, no vision boards etc. All I did was get on with my life the best way I could. So I decided, like you said, to go back to basics. The only thing I knew I had to do was be aware of my emotions and be as happy as I could be. And the big thing I knew I had to do was be consistent, something I have never been in the past.

    So a couple of months ago I set myself a challenge to reach for the feeling of wonderful every day for 30 days. It was amazing. I didn’t always reach wonderful but at the end of the 30 days I felt that I had stabalised at ease which for me was such an improvement to being constantly up and down, up and down. And I manifested things I had put in my vortex as much as 3 years ago !!!

    At the end of the 30 days I had a couple of weeks of feeling very flat until I realised that I was bored with ease and needed to reach for higher vibrations.

    So I have just started another 30 days of reaching for the best feelings that I can. I only do appreciation lists, vision boards, scripting etc if I feel the urge and then it’s just for fun and not something I do because I think I should. That in itself is a relief !!

    One of the things I am really starting to truly feel is excitement for the future and I am really really starting to have total faith and trust in the Universe and it’s perfect timing.
    I am leaving my ‘big’ desires out of this as much as I possibly can. I listen to Abraham every day and I get my Notes from the Universe every day and they are both instant vibe lifters.

    I’m trying to keep things very simple and easy.
    I will let you know how I get on over the next 30 days.
    With much love and appreciation for you and your wonderful work.
    Susan xxx

    • says

      Ahhh the synchronicities never end … a new friend I made was talking about the matrix, then I was re-reading Mike Dooley’s interview on my blog, then I clicked on the link to this post about the matrix and voila, I see an unanswered question and must make haste!

      Holeeeee Kaw! You did EXACTLY what I said but months before. I reckon this answer was in your vortex and reached you when you needed it – time travelling 😉 This is the coolest response ever, gives me goosebumps.

      Esp that you mentioned TUT cos I just told that same new friend about TUT as well and only just realised how weird this is – he talked about the matrix, I talked about red pills, then I sent him a link to TUT and TUT tours are called Playing the Matrix!!

      Ahhhh Susan, you have no idea how amazing the timing of everything is … it’s making me smile in recognition 🙂 I pretend it’s ‘weird’ when really, it doesn’t surprise me..

      SO glad to hear you’ve been feeling great and yes please do lmk how the next 30 days go. Sending good vibes and sparkles xo

      ps: It’s a great strategy btw. I do 21 or 30 days of daily meditation / yoga / affirmations etc. It always brings me to the left side of the matrix.

      • Susan Dickson says

        Hey Tia,

        Just wanted to give you an update on how things are going with keeping it simple.

        Most of my adult life I’ve had a vague desire to know something about my birth family (I was adopted when I was 17 days old) I’d been told a bit, knew my birth mothers name and knew I had a sister etc. Although I never felt a need to look for them I was naturally curious, especially about my sister.

        Well 4 days ago I had my first contact, through facebook, with a member of that family (a cousin) It came about really by chance and sooooo easily. No work on my part.
        I now know exactly what it means to let the Universe deliver to you rather than try to make it happen. I couldn’t have done this myself with the ease and grace that the Universe has. This is actually HUGE !!!!!!!!

        I am inspired even more to let go and keep it simple and an added bonus in all this is that I am so excited and feeling great about whats happened that I haven’t thought about the other ‘big’ desires I have !!! So ….no thought= no resistance. Guess they’ll be showing up soon too 🙂

        Well that’s about it for now but I will let you know when the next exciting thing happens to me again.

        Oh and one last thing, I don’t have one sister…….I have THREE 🙂

        Loads of love and sparkles,

        • says

          Bingo, lady! BINGO. Set, dream, get busy doing other stuff and one day – bam! In your hands 🙂 The key is to keep taking inspired action, follow your feel good and stay focused. Fills my heart to hear about this magical unfolding .. always wanted a sister myself. Thanks so much for coming back to share and loads of love and sparkles right backatcha xo


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