YLYW Interview #7: David Garland on Unconventional Entrepreneurship

David Siteman Garland’s story is one of unconventional entrepreneurship.

Imagine dreaming up an idea at a coffee shop one day, which leads to you creating a “job” for yourself by marrying together your passion for entrepreneurship with your love for connecting with people?

(Sounds like MY dream!)

Thanks to that moment of inspiration, we now have The Rise to the Top – The # 1 Non-Boring Resource for Building Your Business, one of the coolest biz resources online.

You only have to see the high calibre of creative minds he’s interviewed – 150 video interviews with people like Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuck – to know why I’m such a fan of his work.

David’s spunky personality and exuberance comes shining through so be ready for some laughs and don’t be drinking anything hot unless you want to be spurting it out as you break into snorts. And I’m a giggler, this has now been verified.

Btw, David’s new book by the same name launched on December 7th (CONGRATS DG!!!) and you bet your little booty I’m giving a copy of it away to one of you 🙂

If you’re a solopreneur / small business owner / entrepreneur / coach or whatever you call yourself and want to learn the smartest, fastest and cheapest marketing strategies for promoting your business, you’ll want to leave a comment saying so to be in to win.

Run, don’t walk to the bottom of this page (or you could watch the video first). I’m SO excited to read David’s book (my 78th ror so this year) and gifting a copy to YOU.

Here’s the video (and a link to the MP3 version if you’d prefer to download it to your Ipod and our good looking faces distract you too much 😉

Click here for the audio version

Some of the topics we covered include:

  • How David came up with the idea of Rise to the Top in a coffee shop
  • The Transition from TV to Internet shows
  • Niches – choose one or stay away from them?
  • Shiny object syndrome
  • Demographics vs Personalities
  • Who would you invite to your party? How to figure out who ‘your people’ are.
  • Non sleazy marketing & challenges
  • The one word he uses about 100 times that cracks me up every single time
  • One night stands and long term relationships in business (oh dear)
  • Using the “power of pretending” to create kick ass shows
  • The mad scientist theory
  • His WHY. Ie, the reason behind doing what he does, the bigger purpose if you will & why your WHY is so important
  • When & why you need a Czar of scheduling
  • How to get the most productive start to your day and feel like you’re the King of the World!
  • Tidbits from his new book “Smarter, Faster, Cheaper”: video about pages, your personality in business, creating connections and genuine relationships in your niche, positioning yourself as a trusted resource in business, new media & blogging, imperfection being the new perfection & more!

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Would love your feedback and comments below + let me know if you want to take your business to the next level in a smarter, faster & cheaper way.

I’ll announce the winner when the next interview goes up in a week Cheers!

ps: Congrats to the winner of Jenny Blake’s Life After College book —-> WINNAH!!!!

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      You are so cute :)! So far it looks like you might! That’s the benefit (to you) of having my site down for 2 days – none of my rss subscribers were able to comment nor the regular peeps. Cadi, did you manifest this you naughty chickee 😉 just kidding lol.

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    David–you told my story when you talked about going in too many directions and not sticking with something. I cringe at how much I’ve done that. So it was delightful hearing the success you’ve had with staying true on your path. And Tia, as usual, your verve shines through. So glad I listened to this–there were so many gems, and much relating to what I will be talking to you about tomorrow. So THANK YOU! 🙂

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