Baby, you’re a FIREWORK!!

You’re totally smart.

That’s why you don’t set resolutions and goals like “this year I’m going to get fit, happy and rich”.

Instead you set goals that are defined, numeric and time bound. Like “this year I’m going to make 6 figure income from my business” or “quit my job on April 1st” or “have 5000 subscribers by the end of 2010” or “10 clients each in 3 courses”. Excellent!

So why didn’t some of it happen? After all, you did it right.

Let’s look at why, shall we.

Setting goals like “6 figure income” or “5000 subscribers” or “10 clients” can be good as long as you’re not picking arbitrary numbers with no meaning. You can’t hit a target you’re not aiming at after all. Specific goals are great for clarity and focus as long as you’re not insanely attached to them (or how they’re going to come about).

Numbers work when you have a reason why – ie, why those numbers, what that’s going to bring you in terms of lifestyle or other goals.

Just picking something cos it sounds good or cos you think that’s what success looks like, doesn’t have enough JUICE. Those are the kind of goals most people come close to, but don’t achieve.

Cos that’s not what reallyyyyyy motivates you.

What motivates you is the feeling you’ll get when you achieve those goals. If you can get a headstart on the feeling (and yes, it is a matter of perception and choice), the physical manifestations WILL catch up.

But.. you already know that, don’t you. And you know just how to set your goals this year – in resonant, meaningful ways, knowing exactly why, and what they’re gonna give you.

What if this year, you wrote a story instead. A story of how you want your life to look like in 12 months time. A story you can start living today. Or words. Words that remind you of your intentions and desires. Guideposts, rather than set-in-stone milestones.’s last email of 2010 said:

Soon the new year starts, so now’s a great time to:

1. Wipe the slate clean.
2. Focus upon what you really want.
3. Chart your course.


Well… only if you want to risk having to repeat these steps for the same wishes next year! Maybe this is splitting hairs, but here’s an adventurous alternative:

1. Give thanks that life is… just as it is (and that it’s been… just as it’s been). Because of it, you’re now “READY.”

2. Define what you want in terms of the end result. Don’t worry about the hows, or even the course. KNOW that what you want is ALREADY yours in spirit, by divine LAW, just focus on the certainty of this ownership, understand it, claim it, and “it will be on earth, as it is in heaven (spirit).”

3. LET THE UNIVERSE show you the way via your impulses and instincts that appear as you take inspired action. Don’t worry that your first steps seem silly or futile. And if you don’t know what to do, do anything! Go! Get busy! Do not insist on intermediary successes, only upon the end result.

2011 is going to be your year (it already is),
The Universe

I LOVE this!! Instead of wanting life to be different and setting goals to that end, what if you just embraced that everything happened just as it needed to this year, to prepare you for the next?

And then thought about what you’d rather experience this year?

I did that at midnight, wrote down 10 things I want to experience in 2011 and gave thanks for all that I DID experience last year (last year! already! ha!). The ups, the downs, the all arounds.

Back on Dec 1st in One Year One Word, I’d chosen Belief as my word for 2011. It felt a little nebulous and I wanted something that was stronger and more reflective of the surge of energy and power I feel.

So in 2011, I choose to be COMMITTED.

Everything starts with a decision, and then committing to that decision.

Commitment is a word I’ve never liked or appreciated, often likening it to restriction. This year, I choose to see it differently. I see it as an empowering word, a word that gives me more freedom and flexibility along with focus.

I also picked 3 words to guide my actions, thoughts and words:

FIREWORK – All about aliveness and VITALITY. It’s about tapping into the power and energy within, to shoot out sparks of purpose, passion, delight, inner geniuosity (yes, I make up words), authenticity, creativity. See how much one can pack into a word?

INTENTION – Your decisions reveal your thinking. Your thinking reveals your Intentions. What you manifest is a reflection of what you’ve been focusing on. There will be no waffling or dilly dallying as I intend clarity, focus and decisiveness this year. Some of my big intentions are:

  • Radically follow what feels good in terms of Business, whether it makes “sense” or not
  • Be an unconventional entrepreneur and Do it MY way even if “the successful people are doing it THIS way” (including having a .net url instead of a .com cos the .com was taken)
  • Create to add value and fun, not for money and success
  • Honour my spiritual inheritance and purpose in this life and give it attention and focus and lots of room to breathe, flourish, flower and ignite!
  • Believe in myself, my inherent and utter worth, contribution and deservingness (and YOU)
  • Keep following my fun and JOY factor and connecting with people, cos that’s why I EXIST
  • Help more people get LIT from within and turn into FIREWORKS!
  • No more info products or books till I’ve finished the ones I have
  • Do what I do best – be ridiculously happy and inspired and childlike and over enthusiastic for no reason at all 😀 😀 Including overusing !!!!! marks – that’s my birthright, baby!
  • Invite, EXPECT and raucously welcome the highest levels of abundance, love, energy, aliveness and MAGIC I’ve ever known!

Note: no income or subscriber or stats goals either (I do have a ballpark figure of what I’d like to earn, but won’t be using that as a yardstick of success). Instead, metrics this year include conversation, engagement, aliveness, creativity, expression, giving, seeing lives change. Ha! Fun, funnity, fun.

SOURCE ENERGY – A reminder to believe in yourself, to know that everything you want, is already in existence. All you’ve got to do is remember. Reach in. And bring it into your physical reality. Believe and it is so.

Interesting .. Firework is about sending out sparks, Source Energy is about reaching within, Intention is what guides them both. I’d call that a full house.

What are yours? What do you want to share about your goals, intentions and hopes for 2011?

Here’s my Anthem for 2011, this is what I wish for you, my readers, clients, friends, family, people of the World. IGNITE the LIGHT, Let It Shine! Baby, You’re a Firework.

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  1. says

    That was an awesome video, Tia – thanks for sharing!
    And thanks for being you – it’s so inspiring! The funny thing is that I used the word COMMITTED, too. At first I was scared to tweet that “I’m *committed* to making 2011 the most fantastic year of my life so far!!” because I just didn’t know if I could pull such a gigantic feat off. I used to be so stuck for years and years and it’s scary declaring that you’re going to have . . . MAKE the best year of your life after all that. But I’m not going to try – I’m *committed*![img][/img]

    • says

      Yoda! I Love Yoda!

      There you go Shauna, us commitmentophobes are redefining what the word means 🙂 And wonder of wonders, it’s actually quite empowering to be so determinedly committed to being and doing our best.

      The good parts (and they’re ALL good parts), “IT” is whatever you decide it to be. So there’s no pulling off something huge, cos it’s not external to you. You make something amazing by deciding and choosing to do it.

      Take the pressure OFF making 2011 the “best year ever”, instead just commit to making it the year you want – something tells me you already have.

      Thanks for the kind words, more power to us, girlfriend!

  2. says

    Love it, love it, love it!!!! And yes, I also abuse the exclamation point 🙂
    My three words for the year are Connection, Risk and Trust with the overall theme of Connection.

    More joy. More connection. More fun. More @#$% fireworks baby!

    • says

      Sandi, I love your words and am taking them all in under mine (gotta love that I “cheat” and put in a million words under one – INTENTION). Hahahahaha! joY! FuN! CoNNEcTIon! Day 2 and still high on life 😀

  3. says

    Hi Tia! 🙂

    This is awesome – it’s going to be one amazing year for you. 😀

    My three words are Connect, Grow and Create and I am so excited to see what this year holds! 🙂

    • says

      Hola chiquita! I love how many of us have CONNECT as a major theme for 2011. This is going to be so, so, SO good. Like, SO good. Happy New Year!

      • says

        Yes, it does seem to be a common theme this year. How cool is that? 😉 Looking forward to building some great relationships! 🙂

        Happy New Year to you, as well!

  4. says

    Well, see, I knew there was a reason I love you … you’re a fellow wordmakerupper. 😉
    Geniousity! Love it. Definitely better than what I’ve been doing for the last several years–seriousity. 😉

    And of course I love this song. Ducky loves it too, she played it last month on her Joyful Springer channel. 🙂

    I love the idea of story and it’s so funny that I read this today, because one thing I intend to do today is write my 2011 Yule Letter, which is to say I’m going to describe the INCREDIBLY AWESOME 2011 I had!!!

    I am going to have so much fun watching you BE all of what you committed to here! And I’m taking the ride with you.

    When I call you a human fizzy, what I have in my mind is these quarter-sized tablets–they had them when I was a kid. They were sweet fruit flavored and you dropped them in water, and they fizzed up and turned the water carbonated and fruit-flavored and all sparkly. That’s what you are going to be doing to all the people you encounter this year. 🙂

  5. says

    Totally. A goal that’s not rooted in feeling is just bupkis ~ ain’t gunna happen. And even if it does—so what? The thing is once you really tune all the way into the emotional content, the metrics just aren’t all that important anyway. Metrics are for action journeys. The big shifts happen in the emotional journey. The rest is details. Hence, my “resolutions” this year are simple:

    Have more fun,
    Make fewer excuses,
    Trust more,
    Doubt less,
    Dream bigger,
    Make now the most important time,

    Fireworks, baby.

    • says

      Oh gee, now I want your small, kickass list Lach. Those are the simplest, truest and most audacious intentions I’ve seen in all the list trawling I’ve done this past week .. gobsmackingly delicious.

      I’m writing them out RIGHT now on a flash card and sticking it on the wall. Sick, baby, SICK!! You ROCK!!

  6. says

    Love it!
    Love the anthem!!
    My words for this year: Focus, Belief and Create.

    I will definitely be re-reading your post and adding this song to my play-list.

    Cheers to an awesome year ahead,

      • says

        Hi Tia!
        It’s going well, getting myself organized and staying focused. hope yours is too!
        Nice-if you’re ever in the Montreal area, give me a shout 🙂

  7. says

    I love the word “Fireworks” and all of what that implies. Sparks and colors and brightness and excitement! The words we use to describe the things in our life are important and can either induce joy or negativity. I am going to start using that one more!

    • says

      Where’s the super like button on this comment?! 🙂 Just reading your words will make anyone feel inspired and excited! YES to using words that empower, energise and entertain. Thanks for sharing that Angela!


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