How to Link Your Facebook Fan / Business Page to Your New Facebook Profile and an invite to come hang out on FB!, also known as the longest blog post headline ever, breaking all rules of effective and sensible headline writing but I don’t care. So there.

In which we don’t talk about how much I want to be a funny writer. Or that I may be halluciwriting.

But in which we do talk about:

1) Facebook’s gajillbillimillion (ie, one) changes
2) And, why you should come hang out at the Your Life YOUR Way facebook page(you could win a majillion dollars)

1.1 How DO us mere mortals keep up with it all? 2 months ago, when facebook launched its 1.1millionth version, it messed up the fanpage visibility & settings. Damn you facebook.

1.2 No one in my network of social media peeps had got to this stage but Alex Karis had his game on. Within minutes we were skyping and after I got mine linked, I started going to each friend’s profile to tell them. Yay Alex!

1.3 Um duh, that wasn’t going to last long. So of COURSE I had no choice but to follow my slightly obsessive, perfectionist tendencies & create a video (my 1st real screencast! Hooray! Woohoo!!)

1.4 But obviously, 1.25 million people DIDN’T get the memo so a WHOLE 2 months later, here I am sharing it again (come on people, this should have 1.2 million views already. What’s Charlie ever done but bite his baby bro’s finger? Ouch, that weally hurt Charlie! Damn Charlie!

2.1 PLUS, I can now also bribe you into hanging out at, something I have enviously and dastardly wanted to do ever since fellow coach Lin’s subtle attempts at garnering BFF’s for every second of every hour of every day for the rest of her days.

2.2 I promise cupcakes and Nutella! This is NOWHERE as eloquent, hilarious and irresistible an offer as Lin’s – she promised not to kill us and offered non poisonous candy. And yes, join her page! Oh and I lied about the majillion dollars – wth’s majillion anyways!? How could you fall for that?!

2.3 If you want to know how to link your facebook business page to your new facebook profile (on top, where all your business details now are), watch this video and share it with others.

Why is this important?

2.4 Oh come on, do I really need to tell you why in this valuable piece of real estate called facebook, the easier you make it for people to find your page and relevant details, the faster you’ll get to space accompanied by cupcakes? Yes, I’m totally making that up.

5.1 Just fix your page links already, k? And please share the video with your peeps who have business pages but haven’t linked them correctly yet. They’ll thank you for it. Then come join me and 500 of your closest friends on facebook! Karma’s a cookie 😉 Cheers!

Disclaimer: No brain cells were hurt in the writing of this post. In other news, I’m keeping my day job…

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    Thanks for posting and sharing this! I feel so behind the times on Facebook and just when I think I’ve got it all figured out they go and change it on me!! Guess they’re trying to teach me how to accept change… LOL

    • says

      Facebook just really wants to keep our minds fresh and sharp 😉 I think they’re in cahoots with the AlzheimerFoundation to keep changing on us every few seconds so that we stay mentally agile! Glad it helped you Myra, thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    Hi Tia,

    I’ve noticed your sense of humor! Go for a humor writing column. Love to see it.

    Ah, Facebook. Thanks for the info if I decide to go that route. My thoughts …

    Something about FB — not sure what it is. I’ve got my “me” page and thought about the “business-me” version and decided to just present one face. I know I’m not doing what we biz owners are supposed to. Have always questioned the biz and work face – flies in the face of the authenticity argument.

    Now, I’d create a second FB page if I wanted to do something world changing like what the folks in Egypt did. It’s an event that ends and I’m just a small part of something larger, if that makes any sense.

    Does it? Thx, G.

    • says

      Hey G, thing with the business page is that you can have more people join it without having to friend them first. You can still be you on your business page, and you can keep the personal page for friends and family if you so choose. It depends on how you use your Fb profile. Do you use it primarily for fam and friends or is is an extension of your social media network?

      Personally, it’s a mix for me. I only friend people that I’ve either connected with or want to know better or admire, vs friending anyone and everyone who randomly sends me a request. Some people use it like they use twitter and have no personal info on there so they add everyone.

      FB has a limit of 5000 “friends” so if you’re using it for social media purposes, you WILL end up crossing that number at some stage and then it makes sense to have a biz page. Also, those are SEO friendly so it’s a good way to have your biz show up in searches.

      Does this help? Feel free to ask me for more clarification!

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