Top 25 Strategies for Getting Out of a Funk

Something’s in the air.

Have you been in a wee funk lately? A few days or a week? Working too hard? Anxiety bubbling up? Lost? Sad? Angry? Wanting to smash something or make drastic changes?

It could be ..

  • Summer’s Failure to Launch (hello, Vancouver!)
  • Or an overdose of it (ouch, Texas)
  • Summer holidays with kids on 24-7 (fun AND tiring?)
  • Endless days chained to a desk (ugh)
  • The realisation that this is the 3rd quarter of the year (already!?)
  • x, y, z, a, b, c *insert reason here*

It could be .. the Cancer-Capricorn Full Moon where you’re:

“drawn into the karma-heavy, rich, musty, earthy caves of the collective past” and helped to “get rooted in the home of the Self, where you take stock of what you’ve got, what you need, and let go of what is no longer working”.

When seasons change, we usually go through a period of change. Shining the spotlight on what is, what isn’t, learning by living in contrast, letting go, embracing the new. Nature does it. You do it.

By choice, or by circumstance.

Regardless of whether you believe in astrology, these are valuable insights.

As our online worlds get busier and crazier (talking to you, Google +!), the time we spend in contemplation, silence and thoughtful consideration reduces.

That’s if you even did much of that to start.

It all adds up! You can either wallow or make a choice to change something. Neither is good or bad, just CHOOSE from free will. Whatever’s been going on for you, you’re not the only one.

I posted this question about 45 min ago on the YLYW facebook page (join us!):

Curious .. what’s your # 1 strategy to get out of a funk? Ps: If you’re in one right now, I want you to know that you’re NOT alone. Take heart, it will be over soon xo.

and ended up with a “crowdsourced” list of your best strategies to get out of a funk, along with acknowledgements of how many people were feeling it.

Check out the rest of the conversation here.

When you are in a state of lack or ‘missing’ something, one of the best ways to feel abundant and full, is to give to others what you perceive to lack.

For example:

  • Feeling disconnected? Instead of focusing on that, reach out and connect with 5 people.
  • Lonely? Tell someone you love them and spend time with them.
  • Irritable? Hug a child.

Without fail, the practice of giving what you need the most helps you change your vibration, break old patterns that don’t serve you and creates movement.

And for those times when you feel too funked out to think, here’s a handy list of YOUR top 25 ways to get out of a funk.

From you, to you:

  1. Watch your favorite movies
  2. Listen to good music. Loud.
  3. Find good company to be around
  4. Run
  5. Do artwork
  6. Talk to a friend
  7. Count your blessings
  8. Dance
  9. Watch funny youtube videos
  10. Hold on tight to the knowledge that there is always a lesson. It might take a while to find but it is there!
  11. Hang out at inspiring facebook pages and blogs
  12. Read a good book
  13. Funny websites
  14. A power nap
  15. Long soak in a bubble bath
  16. Drive outside of the city so you can see to the horizon
  17. Stop by the grocery and pick up a bouquet of flowers
  18. Give your cat more attention
  19. Move your body – walk, run, yoga
  20. Mantracise: “This too shall pass”
  21. Take a break and watch Battlestar Gallactica on Netflix
  22. Relax, be, allow and trust
  23. Hit some tennis balls
  24. Engage your mind – learn something new
  25. Have a good cry and fall asleep on the couch

What’s YOUR # 1 tip for beating the blues? Tell us in the comments and thanks for sharing! Also –

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Xoxo, Tia

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  1. says

    Hi Tia,

    I hang out with my virtual friends. They are always available. On twitter, Facebook or read a blog. Sometimes, I just allow it, I know it is a phase and it will go away. I seem to have those moments more these days.

    I enjoy Blogging and sharing my leaning too, it helps me get better when I receive feedback from people who are benefiting from what I share.

  2. says

    Great article and loads of tips! If I’m in a funk I usually take a break from whatever it is I’m doing, and just go and do what my heart desires. Journaling thoughts help especially if I have questions and have recently realsied that baby steps help, I don’t have to have all the answers like yesterday. Thank you for sharing.

  3. says

    Hi Tia,

    Are more people in funks these days? It seems so. Honestly, I left most of those days behind in my twenties. Such a crazy decade. Now, on those rare occasions I do slip into something that looks blue, I stop for a moment and sit with it. Then I remember all the fun things I can do and pick one and do it. Participation cures me of most funk-ills and that was something I didn’t realize in those young adult years. I used to think the cure involved someone else.

    thanks for the list! it will help many. G.

    • says

      It seemed to have been a phase, for sure. Girl, you’re speaking an awesome truth here. A few days ago I was feeling irritable and disconnected and noticing how no one was connecting with me. Dear sweet lord… you get what you focus on and esp what you’re flowing. So I decided to change that up and reached out to a few people. Wham! Instant connection, great conversations and 100% connected and alive again. All it took was a decision to switch my attitude and invite, instead of waiting to be invited. Participation FTW. Great to see you here as always, thanks for that reminder!

  4. Luke says

    Watch some movie with Jim Carey . Probably “Yes! Man” 🙂

    I listen to music, but i choose the music wisely . No love ballads, and sad songs. They are nice but can make things worse if you feel not so good already.

    • says

      Good point, Luke! Some of my fave music used to be the old, slow love songs but I’m really aware of how my vibe changes to a low melancholy funk when I listen to that music alone. That’s why I have a dance playlist on 😀 Great to see you here!

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