300. Reasons to be happy. Things to love about your life. NOW.

One evening, a Cherokee elder told his grandson about the battle that goes on inside people’s heads.

Pic credit: http://www.fineartamerica.com

He said, “My son, the battle is between the two ‘wolves’ that live inside us all.

One is unhappiness. It is fear, worry, anger, jealousy, sorrow, self-pity, resentment, and inferiority. The other is happiness. It is joy, love, hope, serenity, kindness, generosity, truth, and compassion.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?”

The old Cherokee simply replied:

“The one you feed”.


The happiest people aren’t the ones with the most money, things, friends, power, attention, health or even love. Neither are they always the ones with the least, although an unsurprisingly high number are.

The happiest people are the ones who practice gratitude and focus on loving life consistently (along with having goals and making progress towards them).

I do a #Sunday Appreciation on the YLYW facebook page each week. The idea behind this is simple – think about the week gone by and find something to be grateful for and appreciate. Over the past few weeks, everyone who’s participated has found things to be happy about that they hadn’t even considered or thought about, and seen gifts in situations that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Because the more you focus on the good stuff, the more good stuff you find.

It’s my firm belief that even when it seems like everything’s going wrong in your life, there is always, always, ALWAYS something that’s going right. You owe it to yourself to find out what that is and bring it into your awareness.

There is no someday, there is only today. Don’t let your happiness depend on when you have ______ and if you do _____ or get ______ and feel ______.

If you’re here because you’re already feeling happy and want to amp it up or if you’re having a case of the suckies and need a reminder, welcome. Go ahead, kick it up a notch and add yours to the list in the comments below, ‘k? :)

Here are 300 reasons to be happy and things to love about your life right now. Thanks for reading!


  1. You are alive.
  2. You are healthy
  3. Someone loves you.
  4. Very, very, very much.
  5. Your children are safe.
  6. The Northern Lights exist.
  7. Someone smiled at you today.
  8. Being unhappy is a waste of time.
  9. You can afford three meals a day.
  10. Your husband/bf wants to make you happy.
  11. Your wife/gf smiles when she thinks of you.
  12. You’re about to fall in love like never before.
  13. You’re single and rocking it like a superstar.
  14. You have safe, pure, clean drinking water.
  15. There’s something you can do better than anyone.
  16. It’s summer somewhere and the rugby world cup is on.
  17. It’s fall and the leaves are about to turn glorious shades of warmth.
  18. YOU WERE BORN A WINNER – beating out ALL the other spermsicles!
  19. Music – dance, soul, rock, funk, reggae, disco, Indie, Bhangra, jazz, country, all sorts.
  20. Dopplegangers – someone who looks exactly like you is living in a parallel reality.
  21. Someone broke your heart and left you shattered beyond repair.. or so it seemed.
  22. Then you found the One and now thank your stars every day that he or she left.
  23. When you really needed help, someone offered it to you unexpectedly.
  24. You’re about to leave a bad relationship or a soul sucking sitch cos you KNOW you deserve better.
  25. Someone, somewhere did that too and not only survived but THRIVED. #JustSayin’.
  26. There’s a solid roof over your head and it’s not raining on you.
  27. You had fresh, clean, fabulous clothes to wear this morning.
  28. Somewhere in the world, a new mom is gazing at her new baby.
  29. The interwebs make your world smaller, closer, more connected.
  30. You take a stand for what you believe in. Fiercely.
  31. Afternoon naps that take you back to childhood.
  32. Something you’ve been wanting just happened.
  33. You smiled at someone and made their day.
  34. Free video calling across the globe rocks.
  35. You smell great and look amazing, mmm.
  36. A little puppy was rescued just this second.
  37. You’re not a fire hydrant!

  38. You said no and meant it this time.
  39. You’re happily employed.
  40. You work for yourself.
  41. You don’t have either, but trust that the perfect solution is out there.
  42. You made a brave decision.
  43. You are an angel to someone.
  44. Flowers are beautiful.
  45. In the wild.
  46. Or given to you by someone who cares.
  47. You remember your first kiss.
  48. Rainbows make you happy.
  49. You love shooting stars.
  50. You’re smiling right now :) And you look damn attractive!
  51. You define success on your own terms.
  52. You’re stronger than you ever believed.
  53. You believed in yourself when no one else did.
  54. You believed in someone else when no one else did.
  55. Someone believed in you when you needed it most.
  56. You’ve profoundly impacted someone’s life.
  57. Maybe even saved one. Knowingly or not.
  58. You matter. Deeply. Hugely.
  59. You have goals and dreams.
  60. Some of them have come true.
  61. Others are on their way.
  62. Babies.
  63. Toddlers.
  64. Teenagers.
  65. Young adults.
  66. A job well done.
  67. Mass consciousness.
  68. Like minded people who get you.
  69. Early mornings before anyone else wakes up.
  70. Waking up next to someone you love.
  71. Anticipating the day you do.
  72. Loving yourself first.
  73. Lemonade stands.
  74. Life of purpose.
  75. Your values.
  76. Bear hugs.
  77. Cuddles.
  78. Sunshine.
  79. Sunrise.
  80. Sunsets.
  81. Nutella.
  82. Central heating & hot water.
  83. There are good people in the world.
  84. Cooking / eating your favourite meal.
  85. A real home. With people in it you love.
  86. Someone brought cupcakes to work and gave you one.
  87. You made a bad decision. Two. A hundred. And lived.
  88. Nobody tagged you in a high school or wild night out pic today.
  89. Something fabulous is out there, taking shape. Emerging, peeking, calling your name. Get excited!

  90. You’ve travelled somewhere and had an amazing experience.
  91. Halloween and cute costumed kids are on the way.
  92. You know how it feels to have a crush on someone.
  93. And have it reciprocated.
  94. You have friends.
  95. And one you can tell your deepest, darkest secrets too.
  96. She’s got your memoirs under lock and key.
  97. Christmas lights and snow angels.
  98. Love is your religion.
  99. Kindness cures most everything.
  100. You’re committed to finding your passion & purpose in life.
  101. Transmogrifiers exist in an alternate reality where Calvin and Hobbes are real.
  102. You could go back to school and learn something new if you wanted. Or start a new hobby.
  103. You have your priorities right. Man makes the money. Money does not make the man.
  104. Today could be the best day of your life. Things could turn on a dime.
  105. You found the last toilet roll when you thought you were all out.
  106. You didn’t have enough change and someone behind you bought you your coffee.
  107. You’ve learned a lot, know yourself better and continue to grow and expand.
  108. You can see.
  109. Smell.
  110. Feel.
  111. Touch.
  112. Hear.
  113. Walk.
  114. Run.
  115. Clouds are the most amazing things in the sky.
  116. A star is waiting for you to name it.
  117. You’ve sat on a La-Z-Boy.
  118. Or beanbags!
  119. You kick ass at air hockey & air guitar.
  120. It’s never too late, as long as you’re alive.
  121. Someone is willing to listen to you right now.
  122. The best time to have followed your dreams was yesterday. The next best time is now.
  123. You hung in there when you were ready to give up.
  124. And now it’s all working out beautifully.
  125. Even when you can’t see it.
  126. ESPECIALLY then.
  127. No matter what happens, you always bounce back.
  128. You got a great night’s sleep.
  129. You’re having a great hair day.
  130. A great JOY day. Because you suspect that it really is about joy & fulfillment.
  131. You are powerful!
  132. When you went out this morning, at least one person turned twice to look at you with admiration.
  133. Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow never comes, today is all we have. So might as well be happy, ay.
  134. In this moment, everything is perfect. Everything is as it should be.
  135. You could stop right this instant and decide to change your mood.
  136. You were once the recipient of a random act of kindness that made your heart sing.
  137. You light up the room when you walk into it.
  138. If you ever need inspiration, I haz your back with 75 kickass quotes.
  139. Your family and friends love and support you.
  140. You’re planning a surprise for someone.
  141. All it takes to start changing your life, is a change in perspective.
  142. When you stay present, there is nothing to worry about.
  143. You have the most amazing pet in the whole world.
  144. You met someone new today.
  145. Reconnected with an old friend.
  146. You are genuine.
  147. People trust you.
  148. Early morning runs.
  149. Live music.
  150. Concerts.
  151. Great food.
  152. Your new shoes are sexy, darling.
  153. You made a mistake and apologised for it without getting defensive.
  154. Water ‘drills’! Dentist visits aren’t as scary anymore.
  155. Grandparents.
  156. The countryside.
  157. Fridays.
  158. Mondays.
  159. God.
  160. He gave us Sean Connery.
  161. And Princess Bride.
  162. Blip.fm for free music.
  163. Youtube for daily vibes.
  164. Irascible people like Sh** My Dad Says
  165. Potlucks with beautiful souls.
  166. Baby showers.
  167. Weddings.
  168. Healthy breakups.
  169. Social entrepreneurship.
  170. People care. About the world.
  171. And other people.
  172. Some days you’re on top and some days you’re not. If you were the statue today, don’t worry, you’ll be the pigeon soon! 
  173. Being happy is HOT.
  174. Movement. Growth. Momentum. 
  175. The power to vote and change your future.
  176. The human spirit is greatly resilient.
  177. You live in a time where you have all the amenities and luxuries you could ever need.
  178. And yet, you really need very little to be happy.
  179. Chocolate.
  180. Wine.
  181. Great sex.
  182. Progress.
  183. Long showers.
  184. You made it through your first day of school.
  185. College.
  186. Work.
  187. And now, your kids are.
  188. When you’re nervous or scared, a few deep breaths really do make you feel better.
  189. You paid your bills on time.
  190. Movies! Entertainment!
  191. Irish accents. They just make the world a better place..
  192. The world is ready to transform & you’re leading the change.
  193. Technology makes life sooooo much easier.
  194. The simplest pleasures in life are still free – a walk, a baby’s laugh, kittens on your keyboard.
  195. If you made a list of all that’s good in your life right now, it would be as long as your arm.
  196. You are loved and adored by your highest self who sees your true worth.
  197. Magnificence is your birthright!
  198. You are good enough.
  199. Worthy.
  200. Deserving.
  201. For no other reason than that you are you.
  202. Imperfection is IN.


  203. Vulnerability is your gift. To give and to accept.
  204. Hula hoops.
  205. Trampolines!
  206. Slip n Slide parties.
  207. Water slides.
  208. Water balloons.
  209. Zombie parades.
  210. Equal sex rights.
  211. A new era of acceptance.
  212. Being rewarded for being YOU.
  213. Choice. In every way, every day.
  214. The opportunity to learn at any age.
  215. Freedom of expression.
  216. Freedom to live, work, drive, marry, study, travel, do your own thing.
  217. Digital cameras!
  218. Photo sharing sites.
  219. Your parents will always be there for you.
  220. Old friendships that are like your favourite pair of jeans.
  221. New friendships that feed your soul.
  222. Mind food.
  223. Soul food.
  224. Food for the bellay.
  225. Tattoos are reversible.
  226. Many people are kicking cancer’s butt.
  227. More illnesses have cures today than ever before.
  228. When you’re happy, you live a healthier life. You could live to be a 100!
  229. Multi-culturalism.
  230. Happiness is contagious.
  231. And feels good.
  232. Love your life right now, for some day it will change and you’ll miss what you have now.
  233. If you’re single, cherish it.
  234. If you’re partnered, cherish it.
  235. You are not alone in this world.
  236. Baby stars. Baby stars. Baby stars being born. How can that not make anyone happy?!
  237. For every piece of bad news in the world, there is an equal amount of good news. Focus on that.
  238. You know the way to your North Star.
  239. Worrying is praying for what you don’t want.
  240. ‘Happying’ is giving thanks for what you do want.
  241. Play lightens your spirit, makes you feel and look younger and makes you come alive!
  242. When you decide to be happy, you start to attract amazing people and happenings in your life.
  243. A happy you is a happy parent, sibling, boss, employee, and model for young ‘uns.
  244. Happy people change the world, one smile at a time.
  245. To leave a legacy of a life well lived.
  246. By loving what is, you find peace.
  247. If you can’t do what you love, you might as well love what you do.
  248. 24 hours. Be happy and have fun, or be unhappy and live in fear.
  249. You become a better problem solver – a relaxed mind sees more.
  250. You belong to the smartest species on the planet.
  251. Space travel could become the norm some day. Oh the places you’ll go!
  252. They’ve found a 100% ‘cure’ for baldness (maybe ;))
  253. Others have been where you have. Others will be where you are one day.
  254. Fortune favours the bold (and the happy).
  255. Cupcakes.exist. ‘Nuff said.
  256. There are people like you all over the world. You can find your ‘family’ online.
  257. Your dream life is within reach. Maybe you’re already living it.
  258. It doesn’t take a horse and 6 months to send a letter or Christmas gift.
  259. There is always a way. Always.
  260. You live in one of the safest countries in the world.
  261. You can walk down the streets without fearing for your life.
  262. Your circumstances could be a lot worse.
  263. You’ve been through sh** and made it out the other side. Bruised. But spirited,
  264. You don’t put up with it anymore. From anyone. (Thanks Andrea, for the pic share!)
  265. You are ridiculously rich, richer than you think. In fact, if you earn $10,000 a year, you are in the top 13% of the world’s richest people. If you earn more than $50,000, you are in the top 0.98%.
  266. You did something nice for a stranger and they passed it on.
  267. Someone secretly admires you and wants to be like you.
  268. The way old books smell, that old bookstores still exist.
  269. You turned out pretty fine after all.
  270. You are creative, resourceful and whole.
  271. You can wear what you want, do what you want, say what you want, whenever you want.
  272. This.Too.Shall.Pass. This.Too.Shall.Pass. This.Too.Shall.Pass. This.Too.Shall.Pass.
  273. Yoda – we have Yoda. Also Buddha. Jesus. Rumi. Allah. Krishna.
  274. You don’t have to get visas to travel overseas.
  275. If you got sick, someone would take care of you.
  276. Caterpillars turn into goo to turn into butterflies.
  277. Just like you sometimes.
  278. Magic. It exists.
  279. Stand up comedy.
  280. Adventures – having, had, to be had.
  281. Entertainment. Plenty of. All the time. No excuse to be bored.
  282. The Handsome Men’s Club (for us girls. and some boys).
  283. Being happy is better than being miserable. #Duh.
  284. No matter what your trials, you are luckier than many you know.
  285. Someone cared enough to feed you, clothe you and send you to school.
  286. You’re not a 7 year old working to support his family, wishing he could go to school.
  287. You sponsor a child so that they can have a better life.
  288. You make a difference in someone’s world. Every day.
  289. You can start your day over again at any time, any minute.
  290. You know what it’s like to laugh till it hurts.
  291. You respect yourself and others.
  292. In so many ways, you make this world a better place.
  293. Coffee …
  294. Or hot chocolate for the non coffee drinkers.
  295. You’re not afraid to cry. Messy. Soggy. Healing. Tears.
  296. You can have a dance party right here, right now and be the happiest you’ve ever been.
  297. Happy people get fewer colds and more kisses.
  298. Time can be bent, Einstein style.
  299. You can have almost everything you want if you want it bad enough.
  300. If you have many passions, don’t forget, you also have a lifetime to live them out. *
  301. _______
  302. ____________
  303. _________________? Let’s keep this going in the comments!

Bonus: You got the moves like Jagger. Or know someone who does.

ps: you know that you don’t need any of these reasons to be happy, right? Should you simply decide to be happy, choose to be happy, that is all you ever need to start.

I’d love for you to add to the list! Please ‘like’ / tweet / stumble / share this post, thanks!


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