YLYW Interview # 15: Jacob Sokol on Living on Purpose + FREE $97 product giveway

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo.

You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward.

And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs (1955-2011).

Without doubt, Steve did it his way and changed a lot in our world doing so.

He knew what he wanted and he created the life and products he dreamed about, leaving behind a legacy for generations to remember.

It all starts with clarity of mission, vision and purpose.

Nothing important in the world gets created without that.

If you’re wondering what your purpose is and wish you had someone to help, I have just the thing for you.

Jacob Sokol of Sensophy.com created a product that I wish I had.

So I interviewed him on finding your passion and he offered to give away 3 copies of his Living on Purpose $97 package (learn more about it here) to 3 lucky commenters at YLYW.

The Living on Purpose package includes an e-guide, exercises, audios, videos and interviews to:

1) Get Started Living A Life You Love
2) Overcome Fear & Become Courageous
3) Find Yourself & What You Really Want To Do
4) Understand How Happiness Works & Become Happier
5) Discover Your Genius & Be More Passionate
6) Avoid The Trap Of Validation
7) Find & Live Your Purpose In Life

Listen to the audio (around 35 min) or right click to download to your mp3 player, then leave a comment telling us why you want to win.

Jacob Sokol Living On Purpose Interview:
Click here

Oh & it’s interview # 15, oops.

In the video:

  • How to find what you’re passionate about
  • The answers your childhood holds
  • The difference between your path & purpose
  • Steering by starlight aka your inner light
  • Taking action without knowing the next step – should you?
  • Dealing with change and unrealistic expectations
  • Decide what’s right for YOU, not what society says
  • How to handle the naysayers, esp when they are family & friends
  • Creating an environment of success and support
  • Change happens – deal with it or create it?
  • Where to find inspiration
  • Getting started on living the life you want.

About Jacob: Jacob Sokol is committed to living an extraordinary life and loves helping people like you do the same.

He is the author of “Living on Purpose – An Uncommon Guide to Finding, Living, and Rocking Your Life’s Purpose. 

He also loves his mom dearly.

We’ll announce the results next Friday, Oct 14th. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you want to win one of the THREE giveaways, cheers! Tia

ps: Winners announced!

Click here to see who won.

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  1. says

    Hello Tia!
    I am delighted to find your gorgeous website + your Sensophic interview with Jacob!
    I would LOVE to win Living on Purpose because I am on my way to aligning my life with my values, embracing Luxurious Simplicity and LIVING LIGHTLY. It is SO exciting!
    It has been an incredible journey so far + I feel like the further I come, the faster the challenges + learning opportunities arise! At the moment I am learning to communicate myself, finding the words to creatively express my philosophy, the real me. I am (ridiculously) intrinsically driven + do not find myself seeking external validation, but the part of your interview where you discussed wanting to share your excitement with your loved ones over these incredible new adventures resonated LOUD! So I would love to learn Make my Life Sparkle and Live on Purpose WHILE nurturing my relationships – even if I can’t yet find the language to communicate my luminous dreams in a way that my besties understand. My recent lack-of-communication heartbreak shows I need a little help in this area!
    Love izennah xo
    P.S. Love your ‘Sparkler’ term! I’ve been using ‘Luminaries’ for the Kooky Dreamy Creative Philosophical Scanner’s like me. Sparkler is so sassy!

  2. says

    Great interview~ I’ve been looking for that guiding star & sometimes it feels like I have been drifting rudderless- the quote at the top and the events of the last week have been an awakening for me. Sometimes our lives intersect with others in ways that aren’t clear until later in life. I found my three degrees of separation from Mr. Jobs through the calligraphy professor at Reed. The difference between path & purpose has been a hard one.

  3. Lori says

    I know the one area that I still feel I need help with is fearlessness…I *do* find that I am living much of the life I want to be living, but I want to expand and add elements to it. I like the sound of Jacob’s philosophy of life, and would like to experience more, so add me as someone who would like to win! 🙂

  4. says

    Great interview! I’ve been struggling for some time in balancing my passion and my career and I can see how this would bring some clarity in my life. Thank you for having such a great opportunity 🙂

    • says

      Hey Sara! This reminds me of Osho. -=) If i may:

      “To be in the middle is not a static state, it is a dynamic phenomenon. Balance is not a noun, it is a verb; it is balancing. The tightrope-walker continuously moves from the left to the right, from the right to the left. When he feels now he has moved too much to one side and there is danger of falling, he immediately balances himself by moving to the opposite side. In passing from the left to the right, yes, there is a moment when the tightrope-walker is in the middle. And again, when he has moved too much to the right and there is a fear of falling, he is losing balance, he starts moving to the left and again passes through the middle for a moment.”

      He continues: “Why do we want to be in the middle in the first place? We are afraid of the dark side of life; we don’t want to be sad, we don’t want to be in a state of agony. But that is possible only if you are also ready to drop the possibility of being in ecstasy. There are a few people who have chosen it—that is the way of the monk. For centuries that has been the way of the monk, ready to sacrifice all possibilities of ecstasy just to avoid the agony. He is ready to destroy all the roses just to avoid the thorns. But then his life is just flat… a long, long boredom, stale, stagnant. He does not really live. He is afraid to live.”

      Here’s to balancing as a verb!!!

  5. karin says

    Love his passion, energy and curiousity. Could hear that YOU liked it too! Interesting guy. Wonder if his program could help someone 55+ still find purpose in life…when there’s so many choices?

    • says

      Hey Karin! Thanx for the kind words. Although i wrote LOP with where i was 3 years ago in mind, the concepts are universal to anyone at any age. I trust you’d get some goodness from it no matter what age you’re at!!

  6. says

    Great interview – really identified when you guys were talking about the pain of staying in one situation when you have formed the connection of awareness around staying in the current situation with it becoming so painful to the point wherefore it generates the overwhelming need to make changes – ahh but there’s the rub – overcoming fear of change by being able to really identify what you are passionate about (bit of a scanner) and then make those changes happen – think reading Jacob’s book would be very timely 🙂

  7. Mara says

    I really like what you are doing, especially your dedication for helping the others. Finding what is passionate for me, finding my path and starting on living the life I want are the most important goals right now. I know that if these goals will be achieved the other things will follow naturally. This interview, your blog and your FB page are part of my new start.
    Keep doing all this great work! Thx Tia&Jacob!

  8. Jennie says

    I found your FB page only recently by accident and so many insights have occurred since I have subscribed. I would really like to win a Living on Purpose – at first it was selfishly for myself but as the interview went on I more and more would like to share it with a friend who has endured extreme medical procedures to physically become the woman she has dreamed of being but as a result is suffering from depression due to alienation by other work colleagues and her family. I believe this program can help the both of us find the direction in each of our lives that we need at the moment.

  9. says

    What a great interview. And what an inspirational guy Jacob is. Love his web site too! Very down to earth and just very REAL! I just love being introduced to real people are are truly living what they are preaching. There are a lot of sources out there that just tell you to think positive and everything will be ok. Sure it warms your heart for a while but it doesn’t change things much in the long run, especially not your outside world.

    I love Jacob’s story of how he just took the plunge and reconstructed and reorganized his life. It truly takes courage. It is very easy sometimes to change certain things but still want to hold on to old things even when those things are not in line with your new way of thinking.

    I read somewhere on your FB page how you were saying that you are also busy working on aligning all aspects of your life with your belief system. I think sometimes we find it easy to change one or two things but then we look at other aspects of our life and we go ummmm, what about this? I know for me too I have made a lot of changes in my personal life but now I look at my business life and I find that I am doing certain things to make a good living but some of those things aren’t in line with my new beliefs.

    And it’s like wow, what do I do? Do I continue doing what is currently working for me and which is currently creating success for me or do I totally change things up so that it’s all in line with my new personal values. I think for me sometimes it’s has felt easy just dealing with one aspect of my life at a time but now I feel like I have come to a point where I have touched base with each aspect but I have come to find that not everything lines up with my core values. And it’s scary thinking about changing certain things.

    I truly admire Jacob for his courage and you can just tell in his voice how at peace he feels with his decisions and with how he no longer has to deal with conflicting thoughts on the purpose of what he is doing with his life. It makes me realize that much of what I have done is all backwards. I have worked out what I want (or thought I wanted) and have worked out how to achieve those things but now I am finding myself trying to piece all those things together in order to try and find a common purpose for them all.

    I would look forward to reading his book. Thanks btw for all you share. I admire your courage too in putting the pieces of your life together to create what you wish it to be (-:

    • says

      Awesome Roman!!! Thanx so much for the kind words. And i wanna be completely upfront and say that life isn’t always perfectly peachy (although right now it is pretty damn good) but here’s the wisdom:

      This is real life. I miss my stop on the bus. I have days that suck. I’m not over all my negative fixations. Shit happens. I stub my toes too. Shitty things happen to all of us – the difference is that they happen to me on this unbelievable journey – and that makes dealing with them all the more worth it.

      To living on purpose and creating extraordinary lives!!!

  10. Dee says

    I am, just within the past 2 months, working very hard on myself. (self-esteem, self-worth, self- confidence, strength, courage, and being positive about my life). I am on this journey for myself and my family but, mostly for myself so that I can take care of my family. I am still struggling to find myself and the life that I want to live. I am so overwhelmed with choices and decisions I need to make, that I all together run from the situations as an easy WAY OUT! I’m tired of running away! This has got to stop!!!
    I fortunately have awesome folks in my life right now, mostly at work, who are very supportive in showing me that I do not have to be perfect to be perfect. I would LOVE to be one of the lucky recipients of your “Living on Purpose” to share this information at work, (a small beauty salon). We learn something new everyday and I would also like to contribute to my co-workers.
    Thank you very much for your concideration.

  11. CMc says

    Wow, just listened to the audio interview and I would love the book. I have struggled with introspection for–I am embarrassed to say how long. I have been complacent far too long. My family and friends–but mostly me–deserve a better me. I have many hidden passions, strengths, interests, and values that need to resurface. There is much unlearning for me to do. Best wishes Tia and Jacob.

  12. heather says

    I am now at a point in my life where I want to try to figure out how to nurture my passion, and find a job or function that assists me in that journey. People should do what they love to enjoy their job and enjoy their day. I am starting this process of finding out what my passions are and how to shape my life and career to envelope those passions. I think that this product would guide me through the journey on which I am embarking. It would be a type of star-chart for me to reference as I go.

  13. says

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