21 Things I know To be True.

In a world where life happens while you’re busy planning it, where things turn on a dime and nothing is ever certain except change, what do you know to be true without a doubt?

Inspired by a conversation on Ted.com, I started thinking about 10 things I know to be true and spiralled into seeing my history flash before my eyes.

Being alive means experiencing life at its most exciting, scary, frustrating, joyous, mindblowing, heartwrenching highs, lows and in-betweens.

There are days you just don’t want to carry on.

When breathing feels like an effort. When all you can do is drag yourself out of bed. A broken heart facing the loss of a cherished relationship. The death of a loved one. Losing your home. Injustice. Wars. All the ‘wrongs’ in our world.

There are days you remember forever as nothing short of magical.

Your first crush. Finding a soulmate in a friend. Being accepted for who you are. Marrying the man or woman of your dreams. Seeing your baby for the 1st time. Getting the promotion you worked your a** off for. Your grandma’s 90th birthday. Double rainbow days. Fireworks.

Festival of Lights, Vancouver

So many of the defining moments of life happen when you least expect it.

Through this mad ride, what keeps you going?

Truthisms you’ve learned. Things you just know and trust even if you haven’t articulated them yet.

Faith. Trust. Being.

Here are 10 21 things I know to be true beyond doubt. 

1. There is much I don’t know or understand and probably never will. And that’s okay.

2. I can change my life at ANY time and any age. I can even run a marathon at 100. As can you.

Source: www.thelinkpaper.ca

3. For better answers, we need to ask better questions.

4. Nature impacts like nothing else can. Majestic. Breathtaking. Spiritual. Healing. Destructive. Unfathomably mysterious. Watching a sunset or sunrise, walking in the woods, are some of the times I am most connected to ‘God’, the Universe & my Soul.

5. Life is infinitely better with a daily appreciation practice. The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of what they have. 

6. The hallways can be a b**** but you’ve got to go through them – or find another way out (rise above?).

7. No matter what
I will

More than okay actually 🙂

8. I am, WE are beautiful, precious, unique, amazing. Still working on the worthy & good enough parts – some days I believe this more than on others.

9. Vision and passion can conquer ANY obstacle. You will never know your limits till you push yourself to them. Make your determination bigger than your excuses. Like Cody.

Source: Cody McCasland via www.teamcody.com

10. Random acts of kindess make the world a better place and people, nicer. Everyone should do at least one a day. Smile, hug, make eye contact, drop coins in the meter. Endless ways to do good.

11. A real apology is one that has no ‘buts’.

12. Miracles happen. I don’t know how, but the most mind blowing miracles happen on Earth every day.

Source: Skylar Saini via Ellaird Photography

13. Fear & comparison are the thieves of joy. The Darth Vader of happiness. Inescapable. But surmountable. Always.

14. My mind is my second most powerful ally. And worst enemy. The only thing more powerful, is my heart.

15. Travel changes you. It expands your mind and views exponentially. For the better. If everyone travelled, there would be more peace in the world.

16. It’s all about perspective – change the way you look at things & you’ll see things you’ve never seen before.

"Meta View" - Queenstown, New Zealand.

17. Humans are ridiculously resilient and adaptable. Survivors. Thrivers. Amazing.

18. In the end, it’s not about the awards you got, the money you made, the things you bought. It’s about the EXPERIENCES you had. The lives you touched. The smiles you shared. How you made someone feel. Whether you followed your heart and dreams. Lived authentically.

19. The learning never stops. Ever. There will never be a day when I have all my sh** together like I thought I would, BUT I have something better – the ability to love life today and do the best I can with all I’ve got.

Source: www.someecards.com

20. A life lived true to your values is freakin’ hard and you’ll fall off and compromise more than once. But in the end, it’s having walked the path with heart that matters most.

21. Sometimes, love truly isn’t enough – and yet, love is all we really have.

What do YOU know to be true? Please share, thank you!

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  1. says

    I love this list Tia – thanks for sharing it. You know it’s funny, I think most of us know all this – we just fail to remember it in times of difficulty. I particularly like no. 7 – it is always OK. I heard someone the other day say that when they are faced with a choice or decision they ask themselves “what would I do if I knew that everything was going to be OK?” – that question in itself is so liberating.


    • says

      Agreed! We know EVERYTHING. It’s just a matter of remembering to go within for the answers. And since that’s a practice few do consistently, reminders it is. I love that question you posed Steve, it’s one I need to use more. Going on a sticky note! Thank you!

  2. says

    My favorite: My mind is my second most powerful ally. And worst enemy. The only thing more powerful, is my heart. Oh yes it is!! That is so true…and sometimes they duke it out. But the heart wins. I love your 21 things Tia….thank you for writing this post!

    xo, Steph

    • says

      Thank you for sharing it Steph! To think, that line came to me after the post was written and I had to quickly sneak it in 🙂 The heart wins, joy and tears and all .. SO true, yes!

  3. says

    This I know; fear asks nothing of us but living life to your potential asks a whole lot, but the dance is a romantic one. Robert Frost said it right for me, ‘I had a lover’s quarrel with the world…’

    This I know; we are not hear to correct the traits that others might see as negative, they fit us, they serve us and they must be celebrated. I have seen many bright shiny objects in my life, but the brightest one is the constant journey of staying true to who I am. This path is always lit.

    Love your blog! As you collect Sparklers and Scanners I collect Daydreamers. So many different names.

    • says

      Omg I love YOU!

      What you said went right into my soul “we are not here to correct the traits others see as negative” and “the brightest one is the constant journey of staying true to who I am”.

      Love the name of your blog, the way you can turn a phrase and the title of your last post that shows up here. Nicole, there’s no denying it. I’ve ‘known’ you for all of 60 seconds and I can already see the impact you have on people.

      You’re awesome. Can we be BFFs ;)?!

      • says

        This is so funny. I just randomly came back to see if you responded to my post because I saw you circled me back on Google+. I do hope that I have some impact on people. I am still trying to clearly define my strange niche of daydreamers and expand my circle. Your blog totally inspired me. Love it. I added you to my Google Reader.

  4. says

    I know this:
    I believe that all that I see and how I interpret each person, experience, is a choice. I can see good or bad, I can see abundance or lack. Its up to me. My choices make my life what it is. How do I want my life to be?

    I love your points. I’m a scanner. I can admit that now and be ok with it even though its a bit frustrating at times.

    I need more scanners in my life. Great to find a ‘scanner’ sista!


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