By All Means, Settle.

They way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart. – Buddha.  Did you ever see a TV series named ‘The Littlest Hobo?’ It was about a cute stray German Shepherd (a real hobo) whose mission was to move from situation to situation, person to person, helping those in need. Kind of […]

Removing the Clouds of Limitation

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If you think you are beaten, you are. If you think you dare not, you don’t. If you’d like to win but think you can’t, It’s almost certain you won’t. Life’s battles don’t always go To the stronger or faster man, But sooner or later, the man who wins Is the man who thinks he […]

5 Things to STOP Doing and Get Out of your Own Way.

The difficulties you meet will resolve themselves as you advance. Proceed.. light will dawn and shine with increasing clearness on your path. – Jim Rohn. (This is a post by Dr. Amy Johnson. Pic credit: Valerii9116 at We all get in our own way from time to time.  You know the feeling. Life seems unnecessarily difficult. […]

20 alternative gift ideas this holiday season.. + book giveaway!

This is a guest post and giveaway by Lama Marut. We’re giving away 3 copies of his book “A Spiritual Renegade’s Guide to the Good Life’ to 3 lucky readers. The book is geared towards anyone interested in living a happier, more positive, and successful life from the inside out. UPDATE: We have 3 winners! Jill, Cathi, and […]

On Love, Relationships, and Second Chances..

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action. – Mother Teresa. (This is a post by Kimberly Riggins). I used to think my relationship could withstand the test of time. I believed we were strong, solid, and unbreakable.  Boy, did I have […]