Your Inner Sparkle

Lost your Inner Sparkle? 


Don’t worry — she’s (or he’s) not gone forever.

Just waiting for YOU to throw her (or him) a gigantic, confetti-powered Welcome Home party. 

Inner Sparkle: The 21 Days of Inspiration eCourse

is a digital course for Sparklers-in-the-making. 

It’s designed to help you shift from overwhelmed to overjoyed — and take 21 small-but-strong steps towards the life you truly want.

To recharge your batteries + reclaim the inner sparkle that gets lost in the shuffle of being an entrepreneur/employee, wife/husband, working single parent/fresh graduate etc.  

To help you be happier with yourself, instead of looking outside for happiness. Confidence + energy.

Get ready for tender-lovin’ encouragement, actionable challenges, fresh perspectives on life, self-love, joy, courage, abundance, and inspiration that snuggle into your heart — and stay there.

 More bliss. Less stress. 

You can start whenever you want — it’s all delivered by email starting a day after you sign up. And the best part? You can come back to the emails and revisit them

Simple. Sweet. Swoosh!

Go on.. spend a little time on yourself. You deserve it.



Deeee-lightful details:

What you’ll receive:

:: 21 days of inspiration + quick-but-intense exercises to streeeeetch the boundaries of your self-knowledge, confidence + bravery
:: Do ‘em in 10 – 20 minutes — you won’t be sorry, Charlie.

What you’ll need:

:: Somewhere to write down your responses (journal/word document).
:: To be open and READY to do the work – make a decision NOW that you’re not going to settle any more! And embrace the start of your journey to all.things.awesome.

Get ready to:

:: Discover a simple mental trick to make ‘affirmations’ actually WORK!
:: Raise your vibration by acting like Chuck Norris (hii-yaah!)

:: Visualize a text message from God (no long-distance charges!)
:: Combat your inner meaniepants saboteur (she’s not as badass as you might think . . .)

:: Go on a Gratitude RAMPAGE (rawr!)
:: Choose one anti-Sparkle habit, belief or obligation to RELEASE (pronto!)

:: Reclaim the dreams you’ve plopped on the backburner — and crank up the fire.
:: Have fun. Smile. Laugh. Wonder. Introspect. Shake things UP. And more.

Sparklers are saying:

“If you are in need of some loving guidance, inspiration and an arm shot of positivity . . . get yourself into this e-course. Tia is filled with vibrancy and energy and has a unique way of drawing the best out of people.”
—Julie Parker,

“. . . A lovely balance of serious inner journeying and playful exploration. I feel more lighthearted, and my thought processes are becoming simpler and lighter. Tia, it was great to bask in your energy!”
—Laurie Sutton,

“Anyone thinking about it, DO IT! What’s it cost? About the price of one meal out. You’ll get way more out of it than a full stomach — you’ll get a fuller life.”
—Christine Bennett

“I loved the course and your sparkle came to me at the perfect time I needed to hear it the most”

READY to SPARKLE for just a buck a day? 

Give yourself 21 days. Give it ALL you’ve got.

And unleash your Inner Sparkle.

Your life will thank you for it.

More Inner Sparkle feedback from various participants:

What would you tell someone who is considering doing this course?
I would tell them to go for it! Those three weeks are transformative, fun, insightful, and challenging…it’s all good.

What has changed for you since doing it?
I feel better about allowing myself to work, play, rest, and make my choices MY WAY instead of letting so many outside influences trip me up. The course really helped me call myself out on some old habits and patterns.

What were your expectations from this course and were they met? If not, what were you expecting / hoping for?
I expected to learn things about myself and tools that I can use for the rest of my life. This was definitely met. I loved loved loved the first week. I liked the writing assignment to find out why I sabotage myself. Other assignments I probably wasn’t ready for at this time. I intend to look through the course every once in a while and pic a day’s activity to work on again. – Michele Lewis.

But what if I don’t have the time / hate writing!?
Even if you don’t answer a single question on paper, just to have them posed to you, just to have them mulling around in your head for the day, and subsequent days, has been a HUGE eye opener for me.

ps: Got questions? Email me at tia at coachtia dot com.
pps: You.Are.Awesome.  

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  1. Sarah says


    I have been following you on fb for some time now. Things in my life are falling a part, in large due to my lack of inner happiness, vices, and poor choices. I feel like you have EXACTLY what I need to draw from. I am a huge fan of your words already, so I want to give this ago. I to battled/ and battle with bouts of depression, have a suicidal past, lost a mother at a young age, and have very tumultuous relationships. I pray and draw upon any resources that offer me a way to deal. Yoga is a new path, along with returning to some one on one counseling sessions, and the energy and connectedness I feel from where you come from, and where you are going. Thank you 🙂

  2. says

    “Great Article” Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive. some time we feel bad that time we need some motivation to come out from the pain. so thanks a lot for this inspirational motivation articles 🙂


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