The Authenticity Paradigm

We’re getting braver it seems. Bolder. Voices are getting louder. People are starting to speak up & say their truth. And the rest of humanity is waking up to realise that it’s their truth too. It’s evident in that a couple of people have recently dared to say what they really thought and people swarmed […]

When Life Throws you a (few) Curve Ball(s) – How to Stay on Top?

Wow, it’s been a crazy week all around. With Summer Solstice ending on June 24th, the big changes and healings promised have started to show up. It’s not even the matter of 2 celeb deaths (Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett) in one day, it’s not even the unrest in Iran, it’s not even the high […]

Where Do You Draw The Line between Ego and Self?

Authenticity. Authenticity. Also known as showing up fully. This past month I’ve been living from ego rather than service. I let my authentic self be tarnished by feelings of competitiveness, living at 50% of myself, ignoring my values and not being fully present, real or honest with myself and others about my feelings and thoughts. […]