Permission To Be + I wonder + Letting GO

So ya’ll know I’m doing this thing. Along with 2000 other bloggers, I’m reflecting on 2010 & everything that happened (or didn’t) + being intentional about 2011. The Timing: It’s been a fascinating year. The word I chose to describe it? Illuminate. And about half a dozen more – tumultous, smeary windshield, courage, resistance, butterflying, big leap. I think what […]

The Authenticity Paradigm

We’re getting braver it seems. Bolder. Voices are getting louder. People are starting to speak up & say their truth. And the rest of humanity is waking up to realise that it’s their truth too. It’s evident in that a couple of people have recently dared to say what they really thought and people swarmed […]

On Gratitude & Facing Fears

Don’t have much to say today except that I did a few things recently that I’m well proud of.. Taking the time to express real gratitude and appreciation for the blessings in my life Facing a couple of huge fears Asking a stranger to record me talking on video Actually speaking on camera Putting it out there […]

A Confession – Why I REALLY Took a Time Out..

(I finished writing this post at 3am. Then, from 4am-5:30am, I rewrote it entirely. Here’s the unvarnished version cos you deserve the truth, not some hackneyed post glossing over the REAL stuff) So ya’ll know how I decided Tuesday evening to take a 2 day “Time-Out” from the Internet, phone, people, work, action, plans, ideas, […]

Tuesday Tip – Face One Fear Today!

When you first learned to walk, everyone loved and encouraged you! Smart baby, they said, you’ll be walking before you know it. So you learned to celebrate “failure” as a stepping stone to success. It was the natural order of life. As your grew up, you changed. You became a quivering mass of jelly. A […]

Where Do You Draw The Line between Ego and Self?

Authenticity. Authenticity. Also known as showing up fully. This past month I’ve been living from ego rather than service. I let my authentic self be tarnished by feelings of competitiveness, living at 50% of myself, ignoring my values and not being fully present, real or honest with myself and others about my feelings and thoughts. […]