How to Link Your Facebook Fan / Business Page to Your New Facebook Profile and an invite to come hang out on FB!, also known as the longest blog post headline ever, breaking all rules of effective and sensible headline writing but I don’t care. So there.

In which we don’t talk about how much I want to be a funny writer. Or that I may be halluciwriting. But in which we do talk about: 1) Facebook’s gajillbillimillion (ie, one) changes 2) And, why you should come hang out at the Your Life YOUR Way facebook page(you could win a majillion dollars) […]

Mac vs PC – A Social Media Revelation.

I bought my first ever laptop, an HP, 2 years ago. Back then, I considered an Apple Macbook briefly but then thought the better of it cos it seemed an awfully over-priced, cute but scary contraption to me. Twice the amount of $$ for something that does “pretty much the same thing” as a-half-the-price PC? […]