A Quick Case for Jumping In

How are you spending your time? Are you spending it experiencing everything in your vicinity right now? Or are you resisting what’s going on in your life? Are you waiting to make sense of something, waiting for conditions to be perfect? Or waiting till you know exactly what you want? Trying to do what you think is […]

On Gratitude & Facing Fears

Don’t have much to say today except that I did a few things recently that I’m well proud of.. Taking the time to express real gratitude and appreciation for the blessings in my life Facing a couple of huge fears Asking a stranger to record me talking on video Actually speaking on camera Putting it out there […]

Tuesday Tip – Face One Fear Today!

When you first learned to walk, everyone loved and encouraged you! Smart baby, they said, you’ll be walking before you know it. So you learned to celebrate “failure” as a stepping stone to success. It was the natural order of life. As your grew up, you changed. You became a quivering mass of jelly. A […]