When Nothing Is Happening, Everything Is.

Mike Dooley says – you know what happens just before something big is about to happen? Nothing. So if you feel that nothing is happening, celebrate for it is just about to burst through! Have patience. Yes, it’s the hardest thing to do when you want something so bad you can almost taste it. Still, […]

Lessons from the Blackhawks Stanley Cup Win

I just finished watching the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup Finals. For those of you who aren’t hockey crazed (or Canadian), the Stanley Cup is the Holy Grail of Hockey, the National Hockey League’s most salivated after prize in the Hockey world. Ever. Not counting the Olympics. Ok, WHAT am I doing talking about […]

7 Fun Ways to Manage your Vibe!

Those of you who practice the law of attraction know by now that it’s not just your thoughts that are important to watch,  it’s your vibe (energy you bring to what you are creating) where it all starts. This came up again today on an amazing forum I’m a part of, where we are sharing our […]