What An Onion Has To Do With Listening To Your Body..

I was afraid she’d know what I had done. As my mom entered my room, I wondered if she noticed the overpowering smell. She touched my head and felt the heat burn into her hand. The onion safely tucked away in my armpit had done its work. I now had a fever and it was […]

Unmanifesting The Manifested – How To KEEP What You Attract?

This was my status message on FB yesterday: So. What does it mean when one attracts situations/things/people easily & then unmanifests them within weeks, just as easily? Was the 1st manifestation an illusion or is it fickle mindedness? It has happened with me enough times to get really curious about the process of asking, receiving and unmanifesting […]

Guest Post: How Pennies Changed My Life

I met DC based blogger, facilitator & coach Leslie Stein on twitter a few months ago, and then in person when she visited Vancouver in the fall. Was blown away by her amazing Penny Project and cajoled her into writing about it for you. She’d love to hear from you so be sure to leave her […]

Interview: On Real Life LOA, NLP, Alignment, Attracting Money, Conflicting Intentions

Woohooo! I was interviewed on Seeking Mind, a leading Law of Attraction blog last week. Here’s the interview, unedited and in full. Let me know if you have any questions about the questions (lol) or the answers. ___________________________________________________________________ Meeting Tia (even online) is like bumping into a bundle of positive energy. I got to know her through […]

Giving Your Power Away And Don’t Know It?

The other day I went to the gym. After a month long hiatus. Now you probably know it’s hard enough getting INTO a new routine, without dropping in and out of it. Well, let this be official: it’s even harder if you secretly hate part of your routine. Oh say, like the squats. (SQUATS! What […]

On Gratitude & Facing Fears

Don’t have much to say today except that I did a few things recently that I’m well proud of.. Taking the time to express real gratitude and appreciation for the blessings in my life Facing a couple of huge fears Asking a stranger to record me talking on video Actually speaking on camera Putting it out there […]

A Full Moon Homecoming To Remember

freedigitalphotos.net Yesterday was a Full Moon. A day for letting go of the old and solidifying intentions stated during the New Moon. At 7pm I went for a walk on the beach with a little journal in my pocket. Couldn’t see the moon so after a few minutes, I sat down and started writing. The first thing that […]