She’s the sequin-studded, hoola-hooping, silver-bangled Inner Champion that says . . .

YES! I will leave the life-draining dude, quit my lame-o job, and travel to India, Slovakia + Wales. And I’m leaving TONIGHT.

YES! I can change my habits, my hobbies, my hairstyle — I can re-set my hopes + dreams.  Again. And again. And again.

YES! I know that my plans are going to evolve, and that things might veer wildly off-course — but I can find lessons in e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

And most importantly . . .

YES! I am abso-totally terrified — but with the High Priestess of Sparklepants as my witness, I’m DOING it anyway!

Holla! I’m Tia.

And I’ve devoted my whole life to discovering + amplifying my Inner Sparkle — that brave, resilient, shimmery part of my spirit that says YES to courage + connection, and NO WAY to ‘shoulds’ + restrictions. 

Because when you shine bright, you don’t just illuminate your life, you light up the WORLD. So…. how’s YOUR Inner Sparkle doing, Sexypants?

If you’re ready to start living your life YOUR way, then we should play. Today. 

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I’m stoked you’re here! ~ xoxo, Tia (wanna say hi? Come hither..).

Tia Sparkles, CPCC.
CTI Coach, Blogger,
Nutella Addict.