Your Life YOUR Way


She’s the sequin-studded, hoola-hooping, silver-bangled Inner Champion that says . . .

YES! I will leave the life-draining dude, quit my lame-o job, and travel to India, Slovakia + Wales. And I’m leaving TONIGHT.

YES! I can change my habits, my hobbies, my hairstyle — I can re-set my hopes + dreams.  Again. And again. And again.

YES! I know that my plans are going to evolve, and that things might veer wildly off-course — but I can find lessons in e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

And most importantly . . .

YES! I am abso-totally terrified — but with the High Priestess of Sparklepants as my witness, I’m DOING it anyway!

Holla! I’m Tia.

And I’ve devoted my whole life to discovering + amplifying my Inner Sparkle — that brave, resilient, shimmery part of my spirit that says YES to courage + connection, and NO WAY to ‘shoulds’ + restrictions. 

Because when you shine bright, you don’t just illuminate your life, you light up the WORLD. So…. how’s YOUR Inner Sparkle doing, Sexypants?

If you’re ready to start living your life YOUR way, then we should play. Today. 

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I’m stoked you’re here! ~ xoxo, Tia (wanna say hi? Come hither..).

Tia Sparkles, CPCC.
CTI Coach, Blogger,
Nutella Addict. 


  1. Fabio Arceyut says

    Hi Tia Sparkles, I am currently writing a paper for my Humanities Class and i would like to use your poem for my paper. I would like to know if this would be ok?

    Thank You,

    Fabio Arceyut

  2. Emma De La Rosa says

    Hi! You are an inspiration. Can I write one of your poem in one of my friend FB page and mine?

  3. Pahoua says

    Hi, Tia,

    We have some girls that are graduating from a program we run who have been just amazing young women. We would like to get them something engraved and were wondering if we could include your poem (You.Are.Amazing), of course, giving you full credit on the engraving.

    Pahoua Yang

  4. Saundra says

    Tia, I would like your permission to use your peom “You Are Amazing” to include on a card I and place in a bible I am giving an amazing young woman for her first mother’s day, well a late gift. She will be 22 next month. She is newly married with a 5 month old son born with a heart condition that has no cure. She has started a new life leaving behind her parent’s home of abuse and neglect.

    She is amazing in everyway, especially as a new mom. I remind her often of what a great person, mother, wife, and friend she truely is as she has yet to completely believe in herself. I love her like a daughter and her son like a grandson. She’s been through such horrible physical, emotional, and mental abuse for many years. However she is determined to not repeat that cycle and with God’s help becoming the woman she was meant to be. Your poem would be abslutely perfect to remind her that she is an amazing person.

    Thank You,

    • says

      Wow I am not sure how I missed so many messages from 2013… how are this lovely lady and her son now? Thank you for being such a good supportive friend to her.

  5. says

    I just came across your site at a friend’s recommendation. Thanks for your work encouraging people to be true to themselves and embrace their passion. That’s everyone’s life’s work, and it’s not easy. First we have to know what it is we want in the first place, then we have to deal with the fears that others will think we’re crazy, we won’t make enough money, we might fail, etc. We have to challenge our identity and let go of our old ideas of who we are. We have to trust ourselves and the universe. We have to work really hard and not give up when things don’t go well. We have to give up on doing things perfectly. We have to stay with the anxiety of the unknown. We have to let ourselves enjoy our success. Not easy stuff, but worthwhile. That’s what life is about, really. When we challenge ourselves to move towards our dreams, we grow to our full potential. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement for those walking along this challenging path.

  6. Paula says

    I am a Girl Scout Leader for a group of 20+ high school-aged girls. I’ve been pouring over tons of inspirational quotes & poems and none touch my heart more than yours! I would love to use your poem at our end of the year celebration. Would that be okay?

  7. Annie says

    Tia, will it be fine with you if I share your poem, “You are Amazing” with some ladies at a morning tea, with the necessary credit to you? It is a lovely poem. Thank you!

  8. says

    Good afternoon Tia,
    I would like to share your poem “You Are Amazing” during a Motivational Confernce call to women and during a church ladies empowerment presentation. Of course with the credit to you!!!! It is the most Awesome poem that I have read in a Long Time!!! You are absolutely gifted my dear!!!!!
    Dr Reba White

  9. Kellie says

    Hi tia,
    Id like to use your poem “You are amazing” to put in a small weekly newsletter I make for the women in our church. I love the poem and would like to use it as an inspirational message just for this week. I will credit you of course 🙂

  10. Lynda G says

    Your beautiful poem “You Are Amazing” is so perfect. I recently met an incredible woman at a conference who embodies all of this. From the first time she spoke, I was blown away by the strength she radiated.

    I would so like to send it to her so she can truly understand how wonderful she is and what an impact she has on me and others. I want this to empower her to grow and do bigger things to make this world a better place. Please give me permission to share it with you. I will happily include your link because I know your website would be good for her too!


    • says

      I hope you did go ahead and send it to her, Lynda… even though this was 2 years ago. Sorry I missed seeing your note.

      • Lynda says

        Thanks, Tia. I did share it with her and I did include the Copyright: Tia Sparkles Singh, 2011. It is sweet that you did reply even now. Please forgive me for sharing before you gave permission. It is a wonderful poem and I just read it again.

  11. Shravs says

    Hi, im a short girl, and people always make fun of that.Could you please help me inspire myself Tia…Thank you so much.

    • says

      I’m short too! Tell them that the best things come in small packages!! Hold your head up high and be awesome, don’t give a damn that people laugh, that says more about them and their character/lack of sensitivity than you.

  12. says

    Hi Tia

    Your poem You’re amazing is so awesome. We are starting a new business whereby we would like permission to use you poem in two different places. One will be on the web where we will have the following credits; Copyright: Tia Sparkles Singh, 2011
    Your Life YOUR Way

    The other will be on the backside of a voucher where we will have space to credit your name. I would therefore like to request the appropriate permission to use your poem in this way. Our business is aimed at portraits for women. We are launching out business this weekend where we will be shooting 15 women who have been touched by cancer in same way or form and they will be shaving their hair off. We are sponsoring the entire shoot free of charge as it is such a good cause. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    • says

      Hi Jordan, thanks for the message & credit on the web!

      As for the vouchers, I need more info – how + what are these going to be used for, is this a one off or ongoing thing, please email me at and let me know so I can decide, thanks!

  13. Valerie says

    Hi Tia,
    I am a teacher starting a mentoring club for young ladies at my school. I plan to share affirmations with them and post quotes & poems weekly for discussion. I would love to start with your poem. Hopefully that is okay.

    • says

      Sure thing, Valerie! I would love to know how it goes – please do share the outcome if possible :)? Pix, thoughts, insights, feelings, anything that comes up!

  14. says

    Hello Tia,

    You are doing wonderfully and beautifully well. You are a source of inspiration to many who get fired up by your poems to live life the way it suits their personality. Keep it up Tia.

  15. Melanie says


    First of all, I would like to say what a beautiful poem. You have a way with words and are very inspiriing.
    I was asked to wirte a letter of encouragement as a Christmas gift to a young lady at church. I would love to be able to include your poem in the letter. Would it be alright to do so, as long as I credit you the way you have asked?

    Thank you and happy holidays.

  16. Jody Smiley says

    I was searching for a poem to put on my mother’s funeral service brochure. She was a strong independent woman. I need to know right away but if I hear from you, I would like to include your poem. I will of course give full credit.

    • says

      Just saw this, Jody. Please go ahead and use it, apologies if it’s too late but feel free to use it later on too. So sorry to hear about your mom.

  17. Judith says

    I am sorry I left off the Website because I do not know it. I am a Grandmother that would like to use your poem titled You.Are.Amazing. My granddaughter is currently suffering from a mental illness. Her parents are doing a good job as they can. She is living in a center for teens suffering similar illnesses. As her Grandma, I have been asked to write her messages every day. So, I am asking you if I can write her your poem. Your poem is good for any young girl to read, for my granddaughter it can possibly help her to reach as far as we all hope. No matter what you decide, you have a way with words! Thanks in advance, I look forward to hearing from you.

    • says

      Yes, of course, Judith. I am so sorry she is suffering… I wish her the strength to rise above her challenges and live a beautiful life. Let me know how else I can help. I feel so strongly about this issue, having suffered bouts of depression as a teenager and young adult. Much love to you all ~ xoxo, Tia.

    • says

      Yes, yes, yes, Judith. I wish and pray and hope that she gets well soon. She is indeed lucky to have you love her so much. Please share my website with her also, she may find some inspiration here.. much love to you! Tia.

  18. Gina says

    Hi! I was asked to find something like your poem for an interview, and wondered if it would be ok to use it, I will credit you of course! And i’ll wait for a response before doing so! Thank you!

  19. says

    Hello Tia –

    The Khrome Agency (in Green Bay, WI) is producing an inspirational (motivational) video for The Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay ( We are wondering if you would be willing to garner permission for us to use your poem “You.Are.Amazing” to be read as voice over in the video. We will credit you fully (as outlined on your page).

    Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.


    Shelly Young
    VP Video & Animation

    • says

      Hi Shelley!

      Thanks for the message and choosing my poem 🙂
      What will the video be used for, exactly? I’m
      not allowing the poem to be used for any
      commercial venture so far, it’s mostly used by
      women sending messages to their loved ones or
      high school yearbooks. Do let me know, would
      love to find a way for this to work as long
      as it won’t be used for selling anything.

      Thanks! Tia

  20. says

    Hi there, quick query, I will be running a women’s development programme in January 2017 and would like to reference your poem, ‘You are Amazing’ If I reference you and your web site would that be ok?

  21. Kendra says

    Hi, I love ” you are amazing” i would like permission to use your poem for my daughter. Thank you so much for being awesome!

  22. Meghan says

    Just wanted tomato sure it was ok to use your poem in a card celebrating one of my oncology patients wives, who was Amazing. I of course will place your name and website credit. Thanks, Meghan

  23. says

    Even I love this life of continuous change. But alas! I realized it late. Trying now to get a life for travelling and doing things my way at least before this life ends.

  24. diana stone says

    hi tia, i just paid for the 21 day sparkle deal. thought it would be a good thing to do however i put my work address down and I don’t think the system is going to let me do that, I need to change my address – i really should use my personal email for this. let me know how to do this

  25. Sharon A. DeNofa says

    You.Are.Amazing is the best poem I have ever read. I printed your poem and I read it to myself each and every day to remind me that I am amazing. I am the author of “Happily Ever NOT” and I just started writing book number two to this series. Might take me two years to finish but I wanted to use your poem in the beginning of the book. Is it ok to quote your poem? Credit as so:

    Copyright: Tia Sparkles Singh, 2011
    Your Life YOUR Way

  26. says

    Hey, I am a football coach and blogger and i really like your quotes and poem and I plan to share affirmations with my players and your quotes & poems weekly for discussion. I would love to start with your poem. Hopefully that is okay.

  27. says

    It is beautiful to read your thoughts. I can relate to your thoughts that the most beautiful feeling in the world to live your dreams. This happened to be really inspiring for me . looking forward for some healthy conversation someday!

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