A Love Letter to You: On Finding Your Life Purpose

Get Over Yourself Darling. Who do you think you are. To say you’re going to change the world. To think you need a mission to validate you. Who do you think you are. To say you don’t matter. To measure your life using skewed standards of success, none of which were defined by you? To […]

How to Link Your Facebook Fan / Business Page to Your New Facebook Profile and an invite to come hang out on FB!, also known as the longest blog post headline ever, breaking all rules of effective and sensible headline writing but I don’t care. So there.

In which we don’t talk about how much I want to be a funny writer. Or that I may be halluciwriting. But in which we do talk about: 1) Facebook’s gajillbillimillion (ie, one) changes 2) And, why you should come hang out at the Your Life YOUR Way facebook page(you could win a majillion dollars) […]

Lost Your Passion? Has Your Fire Gone Cold?

Angst. Frustration. Fear. Anxiety. Worry about the future. Bills. Confusion. Lack of clarity. Muddy windshield. Running up a hill. Panting. Freaking out. Exhaustion. Running on empty. Mind crashes. Gremlins. Cookie Monsters. Fog. Bag lady syndrome. Unvortexy. Questioning. Everything. When your fire goes cold. How do you get it back? When You’re not lit from within, […]

How to Have a Breakdown (and Break-Through)

What comes to your mind when you hear the word breakdown? Emotional pain? Flat out on the bathroom floor weeping salty tears of the heartbreaking variety? A complete & utter emotional, physical and mental meltdown? According to the interwebs, it’s: an acute, time-limited phase of a specific disorder that presents primarily with features of depression […]

How to Get Out Of Your Way & Make Smart Choices

Decisions Shape Destiny. That Tony Robbins is alright. There’s a #Tedtalk by him at the end of this post and it’s inspired this little chat we’re going to have about decisions, choice and using our powers for evil or good. Let’s roll. Who are you? I mean, what kind of person are you? One who […]