Your 3 Most Pressing Questions About Inspired Action answered

What Does Inspired Action Look Like?Take Inspired Action!

Someone asked this question recently: What exactly IS Inspired Action and how do I know the action I’m taking is inspired or not? I often hesitate to take action that doesn’t seem to be inspired action to me. So how does it feel to you?”

The short answer is: If it feels good, it’s probably inspired action.

Sometimes inspired action feels like a force you can’t ignore, that literally moves you to a certain action even if it doesn’t make sense to you.

So when you find yourself suddenly taking a different route to work, or stopping by the grocery store even when you don’t need anything, it’s likely an intuitive sense that’s guiding you to take that action.

Sometimes it feels like a little voice in your head that says “bake a cake” or “call a friend”. It does not have to hit you like a hammer, it can often be very subtle, like a butterfly’s whisper on your cheek. A feeling in your body. Heightened senses.

So don’t worry if it doesn’t feel like it “should” because it can be different every time. Find out what speaks to you. Tune into your intuition. And take it from there.

If you’re still struggling with how it should feel, you’re probably trying too hard.

When Do I Take Inspired Action? Now you might ask “if nothing feels good in that moment, do I just sit there and twiddle my thumbs while I wait for inspiration?”

You know what? Sometimes taking small action – like getting up and going for a walk can actually change the vibration you’re in and lead to Inspired Action.

Ask “what would feel better than this” and you WILL find something that feels a little better. Keep doing what feels a little better each time and soon you’ll be doing what feels good.

Do anything that changes your current physical and mental space. UNLESS of course feeling good at that moment means doing nothing but lying down or napping etc. That works well too!

You do know that if you’re doing something that doesn’t make you feel good because you think you should, or because that’s what other people do, you’ll just block yourself from source energy right?

What feels good to others may not feel good to you and vice-versa. Just be careful about making excuses for not doing something!

How Does It Feel? Does Inspired Action always feel good or can it feel nervous and anxious?

From my experience, it almost always feels good. Good can mean calm or exciting, a solid knowing or a gut feel, there are no rules here except for it just feels right somehow. The anxiety could be partly fear .. which can be a natural part of starting something new, all those feelings of will it work, how will I do this etc.

As long as it’s not stopping you from taking action, don’t give those feelings any energy. Unless you sense it’s your intuition speaking strongly to you, in which case, follow that feeling.

Oh and sometimes, Inspired Action looks like taking NO action at all ūüėČ

Does this bring up any questions for you? How do you know when YOU are taking inspired action? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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