When Life Throws you a (few) Curve Ball(s) – How to Stay on Top?

Life Throws You a Curve BallWow, it’s been a crazy week all around. With Summer Solstice ending on June 24th, the big changes and healings promised have started to show up. It’s not even the matter of 2 celeb deaths (Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett) in one day, it’s not even the unrest in Iran, it’s not even the high # of angry drivers and car wrecks or the ends of many relationships, friendships, careers and lives.

It’s all of them and then some. I don’t know about you but to me it seems to go further. There’s a strange sort of vibe going around, a universal awakening of sorts and I can see it in many, many people’s lives all over the world. All at once it would seem!

Mostly, I see us looking through the chaos, and finding a clarity and strength that wasn’t as visible before. It’s a time for reflection, a time for endings, a time for patience and trust and the start of exciting, brand new beginnings. Oh and growth – spiritual, emotional, mental. Stretchy, scary and exhilerating!

I’m guessing many of you will have started seeing some signs of manifestations by now.

And I’d be willing to bet my last dollar (uh oh should I be putting this out there?) that for some of you, they may not look like what you thought, eg: you wanted to manifest a beautiful relationship and the one you’re in ends, leaving you hurt and frustrated. Or you thought you’d found the perfect job for you and now you’re unhappier than before and can’t figure out why.

Here’s the kicker  – THIS is the manifestation! Your strong intention for the relationship or job of your dreams means that anyone or anything that’s not in alignment with it simply has to go whether you like it or not. Tack it down to how powerful your intention was (thanks for that, Kim)

And due to Summer Solstice energy, this can often happen in sudden, unexpected ways so don’t be surprised if you find yourself acting in ways you normally wouldn’t, because this. is. good. news.

Good news you ask? How so? Simply because it’s your higher consciousness giving you the extra push needed to get to the other side. The push which you may have resisted to avoid feeling loss, fear and pain if left to your own devices.

How lucky for you that your superconscious mind knows what you want and will use its power to get you there as long as you have been clear about your true desires 🙂 It’s great to have divine help but I applaud your courage to trust the process, feel the fear and follow your path inspite of it. You rock!

Some of you have asked, how do you stay with the process and keep trusting when everything seems to be falling apart? Rest assured, time takes time but in the meanwhile, what you’ll find very helpful during this time of renewal and re-emergence is to:

  • make peace with what is, you don’t have to like it but do acknowledge it
  • feel, feel, feel through your emotions, don’t hold back
  • talk/write about the things you have with appreciation
  • continue to be grateful for all that is in your vibrational escrow and ready to appear in your physical world
  • stay focused on what you want, affirm it daily
  • keep blame and guilt to a minimum, not serving you!
  • drink lots of water to hydrate & flush out toxic energies
  • reach for a better feeling place one thought at a time
  • practice extreme self love, forgiveness and gentleness towards yourself and others
  • reach out for support – friends, books, meditation, blogs like this etc
  • detach from the outcome and the process of wanting the manifestation to happen in a certain way – you have NO idea how wonderfully it is being orchestrated behing the scenes and by being attached to it happening your way, you’ll just block this universal magique (gosh how I love that word, can you tell!)

In fact, as Coach Sara Exley shared brilliantly, Attachment is giving your power away. It’s making something else responsible for your level of trust, relaxation, joy. Attachment is the energy that says “When I receive it, I’ll relax.” The energy of Allowing says, “Now that I’m relaxed, I’m receiving it!”

The reason attachment doesn’t feel so great is because the “Source” part of you knows that YOU are the power that makes the outcome, not the other way around. It’s not that attachment is “bad” or “wrong.” It’s just that the higher part of us knows that Allowing feels so much better.

How eye-opening and exciting is THAT!? Do remember, any time you blame anyone or anything for what is happening in your life, you are giving away all your power and peace of mind. If there is a hell on Earth, living as a victim with feelings of anger and blame defines it. If there is a heaven on Earth, living powerfully and lovingly as creator of our own lives defines it (Susan Jeffers).

Hang on, there’s more. It’s REALLY important to listen and watch carefully for those little nudges and intuitive spurts that seem to come from nowhere.

Take Inspired Action, follow those impulses and look for signs that affirm you’re on the right path. I get about 5-10 signs a day (up from 1-2 a week) and it’s re-assuring and gives me faith that all is indeed more than well.

At this very moment open yourself up to immense possibilities and trust that the immediate picture may be contributing to your larger journey in more ways than you can currently imagine. Trust that everything is happening in your best interest. AND IT IS!! Always.

Your manifestations are closer than you think. Rejoice in the juiciness of that delicious statement.


What’s been your experience over the past week? Have you seen signs of land? Or the rug being pulled away from under your feet? I’ve had them so I’d love to hear from you! Any other thoughts or experiences you’d like to talk about? Thanks in advance for sharing!

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  1. says

    Yay Jeannette! I just read somewhere “Gratitude will speed up the process of your manifestations” Gotta love that hey 🙂 I’m grateful for everything that happened in my life for bringing me closer to what I want. Everyday in everyway it gets better n better so THANK you Universe!

  2. Jules says

    Thank you so much for this, Tia! I so agree, when we’re not in line with where we need to be, life very conveniently throws that out and sometimes that may hurt more than we expected.
    So, personally, I’ve just strapped in and am holding on for dear life, trusting in the law. Here we go!

  3. says

    Jules, Good on you for strapping in and enjoying the ride. If life is a rollercoaster, buckle up and scream for dear life if need be but don’t let go, it ALWAYS slows down and stops 😀 And then you can enjoy the rest of the fair, cotton candy, bearded lady and all. Worth it in the end. So worth it.

    Here’s a little Mantra from “Healing with the Angels” – You are doing great, you’re on the right path so keep going! This is a sign that you’ve chosen your thoughts well so deepen that focus on your intentions, and know that those parts of your life will be healed or replaced with something better.

  4. says

    Hi Tia – great to have you alongside us on the Mystery Path. Keep walking…keep talking…you are illuminating the way for so many others! hugs to you!

  5. says

    Thanks Kathy, all I’m doing is talking about my experiences and insights … if I can help even one person live a conscious life, it’s a job well done 🙂 Great to have you here, come back again and bring cookies! x

  6. says

    I’ve been looking around lately and wondering WTH is going on here? So much upheaval and unrest both worldwide and personally as well. Since you posted, I believe a coup began in Honduras too.

    You’ve given such a wonderful and calming way of handling the change. And you’re right, it’s so important to remember that the times of greatest insanity, when everything feels most confusing are the times when we’re about to break through to a new level of understanding and creativity.

    Thank you for the reminder. Believe me this week, I really needed it.

  7. says

    Leigh, so glad you found your way to this post when you needed it. That warms my heart. I find the greatest comfort in knowing and trusting that after every storm always comes a period of renewal and calm.

    What we see as destruction is nature’s way of recreating. And it’s the same in life – sometimes we just need go go through real dips and lows so that we come out the other side with fortitude and insight that mightn’t have been possible otherwise.

    That’s what makes us who we are. Thank you for posting Leigh!

  8. Anna says

    Dang, Tia – You are GOOD!
    And now also bookmarked as another of my regular reads – Gratzi!

    To your post – I’m actually feeling excited about all this upheaval. Saddened for those who are lost in the midst of violence (spiritually and physically), and thrilled about what’s coming to be.

    Everything – political uprisings and horrific natural disasters around the world, highly unusual and dramatic events happening with my Sister-Friend and her long-time employer, bizarre & erratic behaviours and attitudes from those close to me, … and I’m sure it’s coming from me too. It’s increasing in speed, intensity and frequency, culminating … culminating to the time when we choose to change our world, our lives, and put LOVE – including all borne of it – as our focus. Period. The beginning. Yes!

    All those negative connotations, meanings and interpretations that we and those before us have lived, and assumed always referred to a time off in the future (Armageddon, Apocalypse, Coming of the Lord, Day of Redemption, The End of the World, Earth Shifting on its Axis, etc.) – ultimately, the horror of said coming time was lived in each moment of fearful thought, at *that* time – not waiting somewhere in the future. Because the truth, as anyone reading here must know somewhere inside themselves, is that this coming “time” is to be more beautiful wonderful amazing glorious and full of LOVE than any of us imagine.

    I have had a number of dreams in this life – which are definitely increasing in frequency – of most extraordinary light shows in the sky during this “time of change” that is near. On more than one occasion I have awakened in tears at the sheer beauty of it all – tears that have carried on in my waking state. Think of the most beautiful work of art you have ever seen, the most touching moment you have ever experienced, most wonderful love you have ever felt, most exotic elixir you’ve tasted … take all of these, multiply them by a bazillion, and you might be in the neighbourhood.

    It’s all good. It’s always all good. Always has been. Always will be.
    I LOVE this life!

    Love &-Lightenment!

  9. says

    “Dang, Tia – You are GOOD!” – Anna, you make me laugh! Thanks for that 🙂

    Yes! Someone else who is as excited as I am about the speed of manifestations (and thank you for reminding me that it’s ok to act out of character and not beat ourselves about it – it’s not our fault!)

    Love your interesting point about the -ve interpretations to change. We assume so easily that endings are bad when in fact, that’s how life renews.

    I can feel your excitement and love and sheer joy – goosebumps reading about your dreams!! You are on SUCH a roll my friend, and I want you around so we can all benefit from your wisdom and manifestations. THANK you so much for adding to this post Anna, you are an angel!!


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