It came, but not how I expected…

Manifest MiraclesEver have that happen to you? You set an intention and focused on it, felt it, knew it, vibed it and sent it out to the Universe.

Not long after, you got it but it wasn’t quite what you asked for and it didn’t happen the way you thought it would.

In fact, it was EVEN BETTER!! And you could not have foreseen that happening even in your dreams, because no matter how great a visualiser and manifestor you are, you have no way of knowing the millions of miraculous ways something can come to you.

As a real life example – remember that contest I entered and then un-entered last month? Soon after, I got an email from someone saying “Hi, we just posted an article 100 Best Life and Career Coach Blogs and I am happy to let you know that your site has been included in this list.”

You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.

Who, where, what was that again? I moseyed on over and found myself listed at # 3 a mere two spots after Tony Robbins on this list of Top 100 Coaching Blogs. Ok, I know this is a random list someone made up but it means even more to me that I was included because I hadn’t asked for it!

And yet … ah you see where this is going, don’t you  ..  when it struck me I was so stoked … I got what I wanted even though it wasn’t what I asked for.

What I really wanted was to create a fabulous blog about real life conscious creation, inspired action and LOA experiences, credibility as an awesome coaching blog..

more incredible creators engaging in discussions on the posts and sharing their wisdom with a larger pool of interested readers..

a place for people who want to attract the life of their dreams to visit and contribute, for them to be able to find me easily..

What I asked for was to win this contest. What I got, was exactly what I wanted (and vibrated) and in a way that I totally didn’t expect or imagine.

You get what you want, not necessarily what you ask for cos it’s in the wanting that our true desires, beliefs and vibration lie. As I tweeted to a friend who congratulated me:

“Thanks, I love how I get rewarded for putting in the effort and intent even if the initial effort was elsewhere!”

How fabulous is that!? A great reminder that if you keep your intention solid and don’t stay attached to the when’s and how’s of how it manifests, you’ll be in for the best surprises ever.

You WILL get what you want if you stay open to the form it takes.

More examples:

  • When I wanted fridays off from work and ended up being laid off within a week of  manifesting it (yay! cos that’s when coaching found me!)
  • When I manifested $60,000 for a house deposit within 2 years but it turns out it was so that I could follow my path without having to worry about money
  • When I wanted a network of supportive, awesome friends and peers around me and found them on twitter..
  • Or how about that time I asked for a parking spot outside a hospital 2 min from work and got one even closer cos what I really wanted was to be on time?
  • Or the time I asked for a flatmate but really wanted to be alone and 2 potential flatmates didn’t work out till I was ready to take one in and then got the PERFECT one? The list is endless!


And you? What amazing experiences have you had where you asked for something and saw it manifest but in a different, unexpected way and then realised it was what you wanted all along? What did that lead to that wouldn’t have happened otherwise? Thank you in advance for sharing!

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  1. says

    First of all…congrat’s Tia on being listed 3rd on the 100 Best Life and Career Coach Blogs !!!!! :-)) bravo!

    My biggest surprise at getting what I wished for in a way I could never have imagined happened shortly after I joked with friends about wishing there was a pill you could take that would make your hair stop growing.

    I’m famous for my “wouldn’t it be great if” scenarios. I was growing tired of all the preening we women have to do, shaving legs, bikini line, laser hair removal, brows, the cost of haircuts, etc.

    Then voila!!! One month later I got my wish…I was diagnosed with breast cancer and right after my first chemo treatment all of my hair vanished! Poof! ha!

    I learned a number of things…plucking your eyebrows is a privilege, eyelashes are under appreciated, and being bald makes getting ready super easy!! (If only it was cool and men thought it was sexy *sigh*) lol

    My hair is now growing back now and every now and then I catch myself grumble when I feel the stubble growing on my legs…then I smile and let it go. I now get to try out different hairstyles as it grows back in (something I never would have had the guts to do before)

    One thing is for sure….I’m way more careful and specific about what I wish for!!! 😀


  2. says

    Wow Janice!! That’s got all my surprise manifestations beat hands down! And yet, somehow, through it all I sense your appreciation for life and never taking it for granted. I wish we didn’t have to learn our lessons the “hard” way sometimes but then that would be judging something as good or bad .. and I’ve heard many people say a near terminal illness changed their lives for the better, forever. So no good or bad, it just is.

    I am in complete and utter awe and admiration for you, your guts, your zest for life and upbeat attitude. You’re AMAZING. Thank you for the sheer honesty and openness with which you shared your story. Big hugs and kudos to you! Can’t wait to get to know you better.

    ps: reminded me of the time I said “wouldn’t it be great if I didn’t have to work for a year and could live off ACC” (ie accident compensation in New Zealand) and within a month I had an injured wrist and couldn’t work as a massage therapist for a YEAR. It’s now 2 years later and my wrist still gives me trouble – I too will be VERY careful about what I ask for, and how!! LOL

  3. says

    Thanks for your post. I had a similar experience. I was trying to manifest a more spiritual job and got laid off a couple days into the manifest process! It was the best thing that could have happened to me. Now I just need to figure out how to manifest the next job.

    Create a great week!

  4. says

    That seems to be common amongst us growth oriented folks, Hugh! We tend to manifest losing jobs/relationships/homes/etc as the easiest path to growing into our own. I love that you know it’s the best thing that could have happened! My mantra in times like these? “I’m a BRILLIANT manifestor!! Look how FAST I got rid of what I didn’t want :D” Now to create what I DO want.

    You’ve got to know a fabulous job is in your vibrational escrow and ready to manifest as soon as you get super clear about it and clear off any self limiting beliefs around the new job. PLEASE come back and let us know how the new manifestation went, I can’t wait to hear it already!! May the Force be with you 😉

  5. Mia says

    Yes, a very good question to ask yourself: What do I REALLY want? What’s behind my wish? Like tonight when I in the end decided not to go to the movies but sit down and write down my goals & vision for my dream life.

    I realised that my motivation to go to the movies was: ‘I don’t want to be alone.’ (I had just spent the day in good company and then came home feeling the ‘aloneness’ – that I so often cherish otherwise – weigh heavily on me.) So I told myself: ok, that’s a valid desire, to spend more time with other people. Let me sit down and consult with my (higher) self and see how we can bring that about on a more structural basis than running away from loneliness every time the feeling hits me.

    Knowing full well that all the ways *I* can think of are just a fraction of all the surprise ways that are possible… But getting clear on your intention and desire is a very good start to let the magic happen. Because then it doesn’t matter at much exactly how it happens.

  6. says

    Ohhh Mia… often when we ask for what we want and don’t get it we think oh this visualisation stuff doesn’t work – but really, the question to ask is “did I even really WANT it”?

    A good way to figure that out is by writing down what would happen if you got it/didn’t get it. I’m usually quite surprised by what I find i.e., the payoffs to not getting what I want can actually keep me from manifesting something. So that’s something to work through.

    LOVE your clarity of thought and intention, Mia. WOW .. to be able to freely acknowledge your desire to spend more time with other people and figure out a way to bring that into your daily existence instead of “keeping busy” to avoid loneliness – that’s the work of a master creator!

    What an inspiration you are my friend. Thank you.

  7. says

    Wow…so many times (looking back from the brilliance of hindsight) where I can see I manifested something but was so wrapped up in the HOW that I didn’t even enjoy I got exactly what I wanted!

    The one that pops to mind is when I was a yuk (sophomore) at the US Military Academy and found out I would be going to a new comapny in 1st Regiment while my friend was going to a company in 3rd Regiment. I had really wanted to stay in 3rd Regiment because that’s where I spent the first two years and loved it. I literally cried and carried on when I found out she got exactly what I wanted and I’d been banished to 1st Regiment.

    It didn’t take me long to find out that my company was filled with fantastic people while my friend’s company (the one I had wanted to be in so badly) was not. She had great roommates but could barely stand any of the guys in her company. I ended up with my own room (an uber-rare privelege) and a company full of guys I had a blast with (I even reconnected with one at a barbeque I threw a few weeks ago…hadn’t seen him for 10 years and then BAM…there he was on facebook and was able to come to my place for a fun afternoon of friends & food!).

    Looking back I can see that what I REALLY wanted was a fun group of people to share my junior & senior year with…not a specific company. The universe gave me exactly what I had been dreaming about and hoping for but hadn’t been smart enough to ask for in words! The best part was that I got to be the company commander my senior year and be the leader of this company that I loved so much. I really couldn’t have imagined that!!! It ended up being my best semester at USMA and one of the times in my life I look at as the happiest.

    At least my vibrations were right if my thoughts about “how” didn’t know any better! 🙂

    Tia, this is a great topic…so glad you inspired me to remember this along with dozens of other examples of the universe giving me exactly what I needed/wanted! You rock!

  8. says

    Ha! I absolutely adore that story!! It’s making me smile so hard at how our super-conscious mind (what I call the soul spirit) knows exactlyyyyyyy what we want even if we think we know better 😀 And how beautifully it arranges things to give us the experience we never thought we would have.

    I’m chucking with delight at the seeming injustice turning into the best experience if your life. Your own room, a great group of guys, AND being company leader? This chopper girl had it going ON – kudos on keeping that vibration going so it was stronger than your words.

    Woohoo! Gosh Leslie, I can’t wait to hear .. no scratch that, I’m excited to hear more manifestation stories from you. I sense a gold mine girl! Thanks SO much for sharing your story, it’s the highlight of my day. Hugs xo

  9. says

    Great inspiring article. I have just found your blog and will come back for more:-)
    I had quite a few similar experiences in the past few month, since I started thinking about things that I really want and it feels amazing.
    Thanks again for your wonderful post:-)

    X C

  10. says

    Thanks for dropping by, Chelsea. I checked out your website real quick and was stoked to see it’s all about NLP. Rock on! Would love to see you back here again and hear about your experiences and esp if/how you use NLP techniques in attracting what you want. Cheers!

  11. MissyB says

    LOL – How timely this post is.
    I’ve been wanting another motorbike for ages. I wanted a blue one – not silver. I kept on saying I don’t want silver, I don’t want silver. My bike has arrived – and guess what its silver ! BUT – what I did do was throw it open to the Universe in the end. I asked for the right bike, at the right price, in tip top condition, in the easiest part of the UK to be collected and for the right man to go and look at it and bring it home to me. And boy did I get all that. Silver – so what ! I truly believe the right bike for me is sat in my garage waiting for me to be well enough again to ride it.
    A similart thing has happened recently when I threw a dog toy in a hedge and couldn’t find it. I asked for me to be able to find it or receive a suitable replacement. I did receive a replacement, but felt gutted that it wasn’t the same as the toy I’d lost. But it turns out that this toy is even better ! Thank you the BIG U !
    Where I do come a cropper is when I read Abraham stuff. I recall reading that the Universe doesn’t always give us stuff that is in our best interest – the Universe doesn’t decide what’s best for us. If we ask for something – we get it – regardless of what that something brings.

  12. MissyB says

    Oh my ! I’ve just walked the dog and I’ve found the toy I’d lost because I threw the replacement toy in roughly the same area by mistake. SO I did get what I wanted. YAY ! How spooky to write about it only a few hours before, especially when it has been missing many weeks.

  13. says

    Awrighhhtttt Missy! Not only did you get a toy even better than the last one, but you also got the old toy back – how’s that for having your cake and eating it too? Isn’t that what a cake is for anyways, never got the “you can’t have your cake and eat it too theory” lol. Er what?

    But I digress. Yay on the motorbike who’s(?) silverness I have a feeling you may just fall in love with 😉 or paint over .. or trade in for the blue that the guy down the street has been wanting to exchange for HIS perfect silver one. Oh now this is reminding me of that guy who exchanged a red paper clip for a house – and I’m digressing again .. LOL what’s with me today?

    “””Where I do come a cropper is when I read Abraham stuff. I recall reading that the Universe doesn’t always give us stuff that is in our best interest – the Universe doesn’t decide what’s best for us. If we ask for something – we get it – regardless of what that something brings.”””

    Bang on sister. WE decide what’s best for us. The Universe is not an entity outside of us, it’s part of who we are. So when we are asking for something we’re really asking our spirit/soul/source energy/whatchamacallit for what we want.

    In exploring the concept of non-duality, this makes the most sense. Esp when we get what we think isn’t good for us – in the long run though, the “good” and the “bad” have all served a purpose to make us experience life. Maybe that’s what the idea is? That what we classify as good or bad isn’t quite that? Could it be our interpretation of the results and manifestations of our desires?

    Hmmm does anyone else have an opinion / insight you could shed on this topic? Food for thought indeed! Thanks for making me think about this Missy – you have a way of bringing things up that we don’t always think about, here and on the GVB!! Love it and love you!

  14. sonia says

    hi Missy! The Universe always gives us what we are exactely “vibrating” and not always what we are wanting, that’s why your motorbike was silver. You kept vibrating “not silver, not silver” and all the Universe hears is SILVER.
    That’s why so many people want to be rich and never are, they keep vibrating right where they are. I hope I was of help.
    Love everyone and Leslie…you rock!!!

  15. sonia says

    Janice, you are really an amazing person, so strong and with a great sense of humor. And you did it put some things back to where they belonged. I’m really happy I had a chance to read your post (I always complain that I look like a monkey :D). You definitely are my hero.
    Much love sister and wish you the best!

  16. says

    Thank you Sonia! You just answered this brilliantly. Maybe it IS that simple after all and we just get caught up in the rest 😀 Always, when life starts getting complicated it would be wise to remember – KISS (keep it simple, silly) Teehee >: )

    I’m in awe of the amazing creators that responded to this post (and all others), what a vast wealth of experience and knowledge here. Thank you with all my heart. I love you all!

  17. sonia says

    Tia, I’m just crazy about “KISS”. This is a brilliant reminder ans it is so true.
    I love you too sweetie and I want you to know that reading your posts made a difference for me when I felt less than good. You always go straight to the point and I like that. You make it really clear and simple.
    KISS 😀 really great!!!

  18. Anna says

    Hmmm … now I see why I started to post in regard to this blog, but didn’t seem to get past the first sentence — I clearly wasn’t ready, because MissyB hadn’t posted, in order for Tia to respond… in order to give me an “in” to the discussion. Specifically pertaining to our interpretation of what is “good” or “not good” when it comes to manifestation.

    I’ve got a good example of getting exactly what I wanted – even more – though the “how” … couldn’t have been more perfectly orchestrated by the Universe. Here goes:

    I was Editor of a community newspaper (a weekly publication) and I was good. Real good. Dang it – I was the best Editor they’d had since the founder and original owner. I was GOOD – excellent, excelling on a path I DID NOT want… but couldn’t find an “acceptable” (to my father) way to leave. Plus, I had awakened to how I had been affected in life by earlier sexual abuse (no, not by my father), had attempted getting counseling for it, but could not get assistance with funding unless I reported, which I was not going to do.

    So …more than 2 years and several awards later, I was sexually assaulted (Canada’s terms) by the town’s volunteer fire chief and another “upstanding” citizen of the community.

    I reported it to the RCMP. And then, everything changed —

    I couldn’t work anymore, I was in counseling (which previously I couldn’t pay for, but was not covered by some government program) so I was afforded, by the Universe, the opportunity to have therapy that ultimately included resolution to earlier sexual abuses. AND I didn’t have to be the Editor of a newspaper anymore!

    It’s been more than 10 years and feels like a lifetime ago (truly, almost as if it didn’t happen to me). I’ve had therapy and therapy and counseling and therapy and I’ve been in a good space for a long time… I’m great! I am living the life I wanted to live — free to make my own choices, pursue my desires, try everything I want … and yes, I am accepting all the consequences of my chosen actions… with a pride far greater than any award for General Excellence! I mean, I may not have the support of family, but I – for the first real time in my life – have the support of ME! And nothing – NOTHING – is better than that!

    Just heard from my Sister-Friend who’s found the joy – JOY BLESSING – of recently having been fired… Let me say now that if you’re on the receiving end of her advocacy (her true life’s desire), Give it up now, Baby – because this woman is good!

    Loving this Life!

  19. says

    I love it! How how timing is everything 😀

    How our higher selves know exactly what’s going on and why we sometimes don’t get what we want – cos the orchestrations behind the scene are beyond our imagination! This is a small example yet it excites me to the brim cos nothing is too small or too big for the U – it’s all the same, it’s just US who place limits on what we can achieve.

    WOW, simply WOW. With each post you write, Anna, I am more and more astounded by the openness, trust and awareness with which you share your insights and experiences. Girl, you blow my mind and inspire me endlessly.

    This made my heart swell “I may not have the support of family, but I – for the first real time in my life – have the support of ME! And nothing – NOTHING – is better than that!” ——- You have it so bang on that all I can do is shake my head a 100 times yes, yes, yes in agreement. And you have the support of me, the GVB and the U!

    I’m loving having YOU in MY life. THANK you for consistently showing up here in all authenticity and regularity and for your brilliant comments. MWah


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