Reality Bites – So Create An Alternate Reality Already..

Focus♬♬ I’m livin’ in a parallel Universe. I’m creating a fresh modality… My new fantasy-reality… ♬♬

If I was a songwriter, I’d be hittin’ pay dirt right about nnnnow! All too often (read: everyday) we get caught up in the reality of our lives. How much of this sounds familiar to you?

  • I’m so frustrated with my life right now, nothing seems to be as I want!
  • I’m doing everything right, so why isn’t it happening yet?
  • This economy sucks, my work sucks, that’s why my life sucks
  • I’m sick of watching my investments dwindle and worried I’ll go broke
  • How come everyone else is getting engaged and married and not me?
  • I love what I do, I’m passionate about it so why aren’t I successful yet?
  • If only a, b, c thing would happen, I’d be happy..
  • I’m really happy, life is great, everything’s awesome, now if only ….

Get OFF the pity party merry-go-round, folks (said with firm love). You heard me. Tell me these thoughts aren’t what you think about day after day after day? Bears wondering then – if 95% of your thoughts are the SAME every day, how much of that is negative back-chattin’ glop (hint: 95% of 95%?)..

And how much of your time do you spend thinking about how GREAT you have it? Not that much ay? Thought so. Uh, I’m not letting myself off either, just as guilty of it as you, I can assure you. I’ll think “Hey, I’m doing a great job of staying focused on what I want, woohoo” and a few minutes later woops, I slip back. And so it goes,  all day long.

Sigh… even for super conscious LOA creators like you and me, it can get fuzzy to remember this...

The thing is, your happy successful version is already a reality. You don’t have to create amazing new manifestations before you count yourself as blessed. You already are.  And if you don’t think so, you just haven’t been practicing that version – Jeannette Maw, Supreme Conscious Creator and Adored Coach

It’s a known factoid that a new habit or thought needs to be practiced for 30 days in a ROW (some say 40) for it to stick and for changes to happen.

With this gem in hand I invite you to embark on a 30 day journey with me – pick one area of our life you would like to see changes in and start living an alternate reality today.

Choose which parts of your life (and reality) you want to shine the spotlight on. The part that is broke or that part that always makes it work no matter what? The part of you that thinks nothing is going right vs the part that KNOWS so much is happening perfectly? Same reality, different perspective.

Let’s start by stating the obvious. I’ll lead the way.. jump in at anytime ok?

Step 1: Old Reality/ Belief Statement: I can’t meditate for more than 5 minutes at a time cos it’s boring and difficult and I lose concentration. (Choose anything you want to see a change in – relationships, money, career etc)

Step 2: New Reality/ Belief Statement: Meditating is like second nature to me. So relaxing, rejuvenating and totally sets the tone for my day – it’s the best way to wake up to the World and I look forward to the peace it brings me!

Step 3: Pick your ritual: Me, I like looking into the mirror for a few minutes a day and doing my Worthies (a list of I am worthy statements, thanks Kim!). I also tell me what I like about myself, spend a few minutes feeling how I would feel then etc. I’d say Self-Love is the FIRST step to manifesting anything, ie, believing you deserve what you want. ps: for more ideas check out Jeannette’s Self Love Rocks Workbook and Audios.

Step 4: Do what feels good: Every day, make it a point to do what feels GOOD to you. If you’re worrying about something, ask yourself what would feel good right now and go do it. I’ve done this countless times to great results – peace of mind, a situation resolving itself, magical happenstances etc. Oooooooh FUN! Check out some fun ways to manage your vibe here.

Step 5: Journal: Write down your new reality on a piece of paper. Now write down all the reasons it would suck to have that come true. Surprised? Don’t be! Through this writing process, a few limiting beliefs may pop up that you may not have known existed! Once out there, you can do Byron Katie’s work on it or Psych-K or EFT (or anything else) it.

Step 6: Trust the Process: Your ONLY job is to feel good and TRUST the process. Know that it takes 30-40 days of practicing a few minutes a day to make your new belief a reality. If it doesn’t work for you, feel free to say this stinks and never do it again. But for 30 days, be fully committed to the process. Whatya got to lose?

Step 7: Allow, Allow, Allow an Attitude of Gratitude: If something’s been blocking this manifestation, step 5 should have helped uncover it. Keep repeating that step if needed. Then, go about your merry way and appreciate everything in your life with the eyes of a child – fresh, exciting and new.

Ps: Check out this article by Steve Pavlina on 30 days to success for more ideas and to read about his experience!


Ready to state your old belief and the new one you’re taking on for the next 30 days? Fire away in the comments section and share your best technique if so inspired. Thanks for your contribution, I’m excited to read what you’re cookin’ up!

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  1. says

    I love it, Tia….and you know I love parallel universes!!!!

    I’m joining you on that 30 day journey! Here we go!!! A blitz of appreciation for everything that is!!!


  2. says

    Thanks Iyabo. Just realised I didn’t mention the belief I’m changing over this 30 day period..

    Here it is (new belief):

    I am worthy of great, lasting, nurturing and exciting love that’s everything I ever wanted and I love how magically it all happened and with PERFECT timing :D!

  3. says

    Yay Bella! Got a specific belief / habit you’re looking at changing? Would love to hear it. Thanks for the stellar energy, you ROCK young lady! 😀

  4. amona blackwell says

    Today is the first day of my NEW ME!!!! Yesterday was my birthday and I decided I would go full force into manifesting and creating my new life. I will stop worrying and start loving me and living my most wonderful life.

  5. amona blackwell says

    Today is the first day of my new life. Yesterday was my birthday and my NEW YEAR will mean I stop worrying about things I can not change and start loving me and living my most wonderful life and change and create abundance and happiness for AMONA

  6. says

    Yay Janette! I want YOUR energy around, that’s fer sure girlfriend 😀

    Amona, you give me goosebumps my friend! I’m hearing the determination and intent behind “full force into manifesting and creating my new life”. When we know what we want without a doubt, all the energies unite to bring it to us – our own, those of others and a Universal force we all know well by now.

    By committing to loving yourself first, you’re opening the door to a life of joyous wonder 🙂 I’m SO with you in that! Thanks for your contribution you two, you rock.

    ps: Happy Birthday!

  7. says

    Ha! Finally figured out what I want to change over the 30 days – want to go from “ugh, hate my job, wanna win the lottery, get me outta here” to “I love my job”.

    PS – I actually love parts of my job and really really hate other parts … and the bits I loath have TAKEN OVER MY BRAIN…. like The Blob in the old sci-fi movie, erk.

    PPS – I’m doing this so I can manifest an even better circumstance, whether it’s a job or the lottery win (JUST KIDDING) or my novel getting published or all three AND MORE

  8. says

    So Janette, find that happy place by focusing what you do love about your job and add in the missing parts.

    For eg: if you love meeting amazing people in your job but hate the low pay, you could say “I LOVE the awesome people I meet in my job AND the great pay that goes along with it!” to get into that new perspective. Opening the way for more pay or a new job you love even more 😉

    G’wan, get started!

  9. says

    Ooh, that’s perfect! Though I have realised I’ve given myself a cheat on this – I’m off work for at least 3.5 weeks so maybe it doesn’t count!! Makes it way easier to get the positives deeply embedded; and so I feel like a fraud.

    What a story I’m telling – doh!

    So that’s the plan and I start tonight. Been doing Worthies for 10 days and love it – I do 10 “I appreciate”s on one side of the page, then 10 “I am worthy” on the other. Lovely 🙂

  10. says

    Pulled that one out of the rabbit’s hat but it looks like I was tapped into SOMETHING there! Oh gosh, this is perfect timing to do it, you’ve got extra (time off) support to help ingrain the new belief into you – by the time you go back to work it should be even easier 😀

    How about that new perspective (one that feels better, UNLESS this one feels better – then it’s serving you in some way – and in that case, what’s the payoff for not changing the belief now?)

    Faith be told, I’ve dropped a day or two myself. Seeds – roots – saplings – trees – we’re doing just fine!

  11. says

    Tia!! This is such a fantastic post… My inner voice was telling me I needed to come check out your blog, and now I know why! I particularly loved step #5… I’ve heard that said in different ways before, but the way you phrased it really hit home for me! I’m going to try that for some of my dreams that haven’t *quite* manifested just yet…

    I’ll join you all on the 30-day journey! Let me think about what I want to focus on here… Hmmm, I think I’d like to focus on making my new ebook a best-seller!! I’m going to step into that new reality, right about NOW! From now on, I am the author of a HUGELY successful ebook, and it is selling like hotcakes! People are lining up for me to coach them as well, and the money is just rolling into my PayPal account! Life is seriously good… 🙂

  12. says

    Don’t you just LOVE listening to that little voice and taking Inspired Action, Mary? I’m sure glad you did, cos now that you’ve joined the party, we’re rockin’ at a whole new level 😀

    Yeah I’ve never put it quite that way before, maybe it was my subconscious telling me to do it so it would speak to you? I like that thought, ooooh!

    Pleasure to hear from you, o-best-selling-author-of-selling-like-hot-cakes-ebooks and super-successful-and-fabulously-rich-coach!


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