On Fear, Beliefs & Action – Along with Tony Robbins & Friends

Why is it that you don’t take action when you need to?

If you’re a new entrepreneur/ coach/ student/ career changer/ learner etc, have you bought e-books, attended several workshops, subscribed to over 50 email lists, read blogs and articles every day, have pages and pages of action steps and business building ideas and other such stuff?

And are they just lying there, untouched?

You crack one open, get distracted, get overwhelmed, close it, go facebook or twitter and look for more information. So you can add it to your pile of things to do and read someday.

Are you identifying with this?

What stops you from believing in your dreams and / or taking action to get there?

When Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile – no one thought it was possible but he knew he could do it, and he did. Once done, within 2 years 37 other people had done it!

Does this mean those people couldn’t have done it sooner? Of course they could have.

But they didn’t dream that big.

They didn’t think it was possible until they saw someone else do it. When Andre Agassi was asked if he regretted having skipped Wimbledon for a few years, he said “Yes. You can’t win if you don’t play”.

It’s not just the abnormally talented athletes and celebrities who do it either.

When a local Vancouver man climbed the Grouse Grind (steep, crazy climb most people find a challenge to do even once) 13 times in one day, people were amazed. No one had done that before. Yet, within the week, a woman climber had done the same. And more have followed (or will follow soon).

Pure proof that as long as you think it can’t be done, it won’t.

And the day someone steps up to break a barrier, suddenly it becomes easier for other to do it too.

People are doing it every day. Breaking rules, self limiting beliefs and invisible barriers to blaze trails for the rest of us. What if you were one of them?

There are no limits to what we can achieve!

Don’t let this video be just another one you watch, forward and then move on to the next ‘answer to all your problems’. Use it to start believing you can do what you set your mind to do.

Stretch yourself beyond what you think it is possible!

Ps: This is a short 2 min clip. For the entire 38 minutes, click here to view.

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  1. says

    Ohhh, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, Tia! How some of us “self-help junkies” (myself included!) just keep reading book after book, learning all this great stuff, but not necessarily putting it into practice. I mean, most of us already KNOW what we need to do, we just don’t always do it:) So then we go read another book, e-zine, etc. to find the answer of why we’re not taking action… but we’re still not taking action! Note to Self: believe it is possible, and go DO IT!! 🙂

  2. says

    You and me Mary, you and me both. Thanks for chipping in.

    I now have about 200 unopened emails that I can’t bear to look at, from a zillion marketing, coaching, personal development websites; 8 books that I’ve been trying to read for the last 6 months; another 7 books waiting in my amazon account shopping cart that I promised I would buy when I finished these (and I already know I’m not going to wait!); lists and ideas and papers with half done business plans and strategies… and the list goes on.

    Eternal students like us sometimes enjoy the learning more than the application! And sometimes it’s a fear of getting into the “real world” of action and consequences.

    Jumping in is like that first leap into an ice cold lake – first the GULP and not being able to breathe and thinking OMG I’m gonna die (yes, that’s so me!), letting the body adjust to the temperature, breathing in more oxygen, starting to move around and within minutes – warm and happy, splashing, swimming, playing. Then the calling out to those on shore “Come on IN, the water’s FINE, what are you afraid of?”!!

    Ha! Just minutes ago, that was us on the shore! It’s always the first plunge ay. So what are you going to plunge into today Ms Mary? And what am I?

  3. Janette says

    Nailed it again, Ms Tia, with your made-for-me post. (Seriously, do you have my house bugged??? LOL!)

    I now have actions planned (believe me, even planning specific actions was scary at first!) and will be tweeting about Step 1 as soon as it’s ready. Oh my … do I dare hit ‘submit’ and make this public??? …. lions and tigers and bears, oh my…

  4. says

    I might just do Janette my friend from down under yonder! I might just have a direct line into your head – or maybe it’s YOU who’s tapped into mine? LoL

    I can’t wait… no scratch that, I’m looking forward to that tweet about Step 1, you’ve got me curious AS about your actions (btw, huge congrats on feeling the fear and doing it anyways!)

    With waited breath …. 3…2….1

  5. says

    Tia, All summer I have been feeling like I’ve been out on a sailboat in the middle of the lake with absolutely no wind, no motor an no oars. I am just bobbing in the boat and waiting for the wind to pick up. The wind has just started to blow gently for me, and my sails are starting to fill. Slowly I am picking up speed, half a knot at time.

    This post made me realize that this summer of bobbing has caused me to launch many rockets of desire. And one huge rocket is to apply all that I have learned in the self help books (I have volumes) and what I have garnered from your and other’s blogs as well as the great community of people who write comment on them.

    The blogs and comments provide daily support and direction. A little info each day that you can take action on. The self help books are so good that you are compelled to read them from start to finish without stopping to take action, then pick up the book and read some more, then stop and take action again.

  6. says

    Sometimes that`s exactly where we need to be – in the middle, bobbing up and down until the wind catches our sails and propels us forward. The resting, nesting, growing roots phase is as important (or even more) as the movement phase. Rest assured, the timing is always perfect.

    Thank you for providing that support and inspiration as well Berta, we get what we give out 🙂 I appreciate your comments a LOT. Have a great trip sailing (haha what an analogy!), see you when back.

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