Tuesday Tip – Change One Thing Today!

Tip: Do One Thing DifferentlyJust for today, do one thing differently.

If you wake up in the morning and check your email or facebook right away, how about you eat breakfast first? Or go for a 5 minute walk? Or meditate?

If you come home after work and hit the couch, with one hand snuggled around the remote control, how about you read a chapter of a book instead? Or listen to some music .. stretch .. play with your kids?

Freshen up your life and get unstuck by making one small change a day.

Whether it`s taking a new route to work, stopping by a store you normally would not, buying flowers or calling a friend, doing something different everyday ups the creativity factor and can lead to new opportunities, ideas, experiences and insights.

I recently joined a 29 gifts in 29 days initiative and have been focusing on giving a gift everyday (monetary as well as gifts of time, love, appreciation etc). We all give in some way or the other and to be so mindful of it and look for opportunities to give every day has been expanding the scope of my giving and that of others involved.

Even as I`m focused on giving and getting nothing in return, thinking about what to give each day, sharing it with friends on twitter and carrying out the act of giving is bringing me much more joy and really opening my mind to the possibilities of how I can create my daily life experiences!

And of course, somehow, strangely (wink wink), I`m getting more than I`m giving. If I give $50, I get back 10 times the amount. If I give my time and love, I get it back tenfold.

Unasked for, yet not unexpected if you think about how a particular energy attracts more of the same. Sweet little bonus!

Even if it`s something as `small` as starting the day with a smile and an intention rather than complaining, making a decision to think twice before reacting, affirming to yourself that you`re awesome, doing something differently is a GREAT way to create new patterns and opportunities in your life.

And doing it consciously for ONE day might just be the catalyst you need for change to happen in an area of your life where you could be struggling or could do with some mojo-ing.

It`s the little things that create big changes.

So, what are you doing differently today?

ps: Here`s a video I want to share with you (Cami, founder of 29gifts.org on how it changed her life)

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  1. says

    Well I’ll start by saying I woke up this morning and went for a walk in the beautiful sunshine, cooked and ate breakfast (ok eating now) and meditated for 5 minutes. And I already feel SO energised and raring to go with my day! As opposed to turning on my computer and hopping online 1st thing in the morning and forgetting to eat till mid afternoon (yeah I know .. ;).

    Wow, doing one thing differently sure feels good! I might just do that tomorrow as well.. woohoo!

  2. Janette says

    LOL!! Thanks Tia – I usually mooch about for a bit before I wake up properly. Today, here I am reading wonderful information online with a coffee, and it’s not even 7 am!

  3. says

    Haha Janette! Yours is reading wonderful info online and mine was the opposite, staying AWAY from the wonderful internet. That just gives me the giggles, we’re same-same but different. LOL!

  4. Anna says

    Kid went back to school today, and before he even got home he was asking if he could go for a play-date to Margaret’s – “My mom says it’s OK!” she screamed as they ran toward our house.

    So my kid is doing something different – going for a play-date. And it’s only the first day of school! YAY!

    Me? I left not long after the kid did for school, to give healing massage to a woman down the road… it’s a new venture for me in the “professional” sense, and she’s clearly a regular client when she’s here.

    So what’s different today? I went out to give a massage (aka work) rather than stay at home piddling with work based out of the home. ahem. make sense?

    Much feels different – and now I have company! Different!

    gotta go – love you Tia!

  5. says

    Yep, taking action that feels meaningful vs action that feels like less action and more fluffing about. Different is IT today! Lucky client to have you 🙂 Hey did you know I was a massage therapist in a previous life? There you go, more same same and different! LoL .. love you too girlfriend, have a fabulous day xo

  6. says


    Wow…another fantastic blog entry! Of course, I’ve come to expect nothing less from you! 🙂

    After reading this last night, I was inspired to get up this morning and NOT go straight to the computer. Althought I didn’t change my very first act of the day (giving treats to my cats…if you saw them crying when my feet hit the floor as I rolled out of bed, you wouldn’t have been able to ignore them either!), I spent 2 hours cleaning and then made breakfast with fresh ingredients from my garden. The result was getting the started on a healthy & happy note. I enjoyed a very clean bathroom, cat-hair free living space, and one of the best omlettes I think I’ve ever made!

    Thank you for the teriffic reminder that we can always choose to do things differently. Not that the old way was bad…but the shift can bring unexpected surprises (in today’s case, I got a potential job booked for next summer!!).

    Now I want to start the 29 gifts in 29 days project. If one small shift can give me a day like today…think what 29 shifts could do! 🙂


  7. says

    Thanks Leslie! I’m swooning at your wonderful morning, heck I would do the same if I had cats (WHEN I have cats).

    LOVE the unexpected surprise!! And I’m SO curious to know more – how did that shift bring this about? Do tell, please!

    Very right of course, it’s not about labelling good or bad, it’s about creating new habits, patterns and neural pathways should we so choose. I love how Steve Pavlina says it – do it and if you don’t like it, you can always go back to the old ways (this is in relation to changing a habit over 30 days).

    I find that mixing it up keeps it fun and gets me out of a rut. Being open to new ways keeps us young (looking) too, hehe 😉

    Ps: I’m looking forward to meeting you IRL in Vancouver, hopefully the rain will stop for a while while you’re visiting. LOVE meeting twitter peeps offline.


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