The Epiphany – Or Why I Don`t Have What I Want

EpiphanyIt`s simple. VERY simple.

What would you do if you woke up one day and realised that what you wanted all this while, isn’t what you really want after all?

Having spent time, money, energy, thought and effort towards realising your goals, what if you realised you’d got it all wrong?

It started with an idea “Change One Thing Today – Do something differently” well before I turned it into my first Tuesday Tip.

I did something differently. I decided to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, ON TIME. I cleaned. I created space for paperwork I’d been ignoring.

Subconsciously clearing space in my head for something to shift.

And suddenly it came to me. The reason I hadn’t manifested some BIG things that I’d been wanting for a while. Holy epiphany baby!!

All this while my dream has been to live in a beautiful 5 BR home, with a sun room, wraparound porch, orchard in the back, mountain and lake views (I’ve got it down in exact detail – focus is GOOD), work from home, have a wonderful group of amazing, supportive friends who I see every week,  get married to an amazing man and raise 3 wonderful kids, vacation 2X a year..

And all this while I’ve been manifesting amazing things ….  on a way smaller scale.

A partner who wasn’t quite what I wanted, an apartment that was adorable but not quite the 5 BR home, good friends but with not quite the level of connection I envisioned, money flowing to me easily but not as much as was possible, vacations that weren’t AS fun as I’d been dreaming up …

Then it hit me.

I’d been trying to get aligned with the big stuff, thinking that’s what would attract that dream life to me. But I didn’t realise till recently that while I do want those things, I’m not ready.

I just THOUGHT I was!

The truth is, no, not right this minute.

I still want all that but not right now. So when I tried to manifest these biggies, it kinda skewed up the results as I was asking for one thing and vibing another. I hadn’t thought about the flip side of getting what I wanted – the subconscious opposition to my grand desires were the spokes in the wheel.

No WONDER it’s not happened yet, duh. I told you it was simple…

Silly Bridget, Silly Me.

Aligning with what it would feel like to have that house, husband, kids wasn’t making me feel good, it was making me anxious  – Fish sticks!

I forgot the most BASIC tenet of manifesting ie, It Has To Feel Good. Good, Good, Good.

Since these were my ‘big’ dreams, once I wrote them down, I assumed that’s what I wanted and didn’t even think to question them. Maybe in a year, but right now I can’t see myself living in that house cos it would mean being in the ‘burbs, driving, a mortgage .. when what I REALLY want is to be a centrally located city girl for a wee while longer.

Ooops. Ooops. Oopsies!

Basic Tip  # 1 If thinking about what you want stresses you out rather than making you happy, it might not be what you really want.

Wow. Ok. So what does this mean? When you visualise, afform, affirm, use manifesting techniques to get what you want by trying to feel now how great it would feel then, it WON’T work well if you`re not ready, able n willing.

We can only manifest what we are READY for, what we’re in alignment with in this moment. Tweaking goals is one way to get closer to surreality (the feeling of YES, this is IT!).

Let`s look at this a bit more closely:

-I’m not ready to be a house owner living in the ‘burbs, but
-I AM READY for the lovely 2 BR D/T apartment with great views and a pool

– I’m not ready to be married or meet my husband right now, but
– I AM READY to be in a great relationship with an amazing man who I adore

– I’m not ready to be a gym bunny health nut eating super healthy food, but
– I AM READY to work out 3 times a week, cook healthy meals twice a week

See what I mean? Don’t shut the door on your dreams but be SUPER clear about what you are ready to manifest right now – the rest can come in good time. So it’s not about asking for the big dream and getting into alignment with it (yes I know I just said that our work is to be in alignment but sometimes re-doing the goal IS what gets us into alignment).

Stay with me, it’s quite the A-HA moment here!

Basic Tip  # 2 When your dreams feel exciting and scary or TOO big, know that it’s probably not happening NOT cos it’s too big. Nor is it always a self limiting belief keeping you from getting it. What it is, is that they may not feel like YOU right now, or you need to do take smaller steps, getting comfortable at each level as you get closer to the penthouse.

Funny thing is, as I redefine what I want in a way that feels more like ME and what I want now (as opposed to tomorrow), a little magic happens and I find myself automatically becoming ready for more – without the pressure and expiry date we sometimes attach to our wants.

And as those happen, I get more and more aligned with my bigger desires.

Paradoxical, yet true. It’s like living in 2 Universes where I’m ready for the next step AND ready for the bigger one but not if I’m not ready for the next step before the one after.

All this while I thought it was about me not getting what I want cos I didn’t believe I deserved it. And in some cases it might have been true but mostly I realise its cos my alignment radar was off and I was trying to align myself with what I wanted but wasn’t yet ready to have.

Geez, I’ll stop before I confuse us all by overexplaining in my excitement! I know some of you will you get what I’m saying and will help explain it better so thanks in advance for that.

Basic Tip #3 If you’ve been manifesting for a while and don’t have what you asked for, try:

  • Changing or reframing your desires
  • Checking in with your goal: is it a self limiting belief or is it something you’re just not ready for?
  • Asking what would happen if you got the big dream. How would your life change? Are you ready for that? What do you need to do to be ready for that change?
  • Looking at other areas of your life, they could be telling you something

(For eg, if I can’t commit to a yearly gym membership inspite of having been a member for 6 months already, if I can’t sign an apartment lease and prefer to go month by month, it could be telling me I’m not committed to living here. Or there could be a lesson to learn as in “signing a lease does not mean I’m stuck forever, I can always get out of it”.

Er … in this case it would mean I equate owning a home or having a lease to mean loss of freedom. So you can see the work I have to do to change this relationship with homes and leases! Yikes!)

Once you’ve looked into these aspects, I have a feeling you’ll see things start happening much faster.

As my friend Cheri said the other day: “If you think of your life ‘too far’ down the road its hard to align with what you think it ‘should be’.  Trusting that you are in the right place and things will flow in the right time makes a big difference!”

Couldn’t have summed it up better than that. Thanks Cheri!


Would love to hear from you – when you’re manifesting the BIG things, would you do anything differently  than if it was something small? How do you know you are ready and what do you do if you’re NOT ready for what you want ? Thanks for sharing!

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  1. says

    Tia…this is absolutely fantastic and well worth waiting for! 🙂

    You bring up so many great points that I totally 100% relate to! I just wrote in Jeannette’s blog about how my first pray rain journal (took me 3 months since I used a big notebook!) and at times had a hard time believing what I was writing. I would go through the motions sometimes and write as if I already had it and afterwards didn’t really feel excited, but more like “yeah, right”. Not the vibe I was going for.

    First I thought that I was just running out of new ideas to write about so I would really stretch to come up with something good…but after reading your post, I kept saying “yes, that’s it”…At first I thought that it must be limiting beliefs…you really don’t think you can do that, etc.

    Then, it dawned on me…I was ahead of myself. I pray rained for a thriving coaching business…here I was unemployed (from my day job)…didn’t currently have any clients and I writing about a thriving business. WAIT! Am I really clear about who my ideal clients are (I should be by now!), am I ready to do what it will take to sustain that?

    How about asking for and manifesting my business growing at a steady rate that will allow me to eventually work part time, get accustomed to running my own business, etc. That’s it!!!

    Manifest x number of new clients, bring in x amount of incremental income and let it unfold as I am ready! Wow…makes total sense and I have a renewed excitement!

    Thank you Tia for this brilliant, inspiring post! Really, really on-target!

  2. says

    Laura, I totally relate to your PRJ experience! Did it for 3 months last year and at times I was forcing myself to do it and I had the exact feelings and thoughts you mentioned. I’ve now got a smaller, cuter journal which I’m excited to fill up sooner – haven’t started yet cos I wanted to be VERY sure about what I wanted this time around.

    I have a feeling it’s gonna work primo, cos I have SO much more clarity than when I was PRJing last year. My new fav words “CLARITY” and “FOCUS”!

    Same with coaching. We forget that even though we’re awesome and amazing coaches, one needs a trampoline to jump from the ground level to the top floor .. 😉 Seriously though, I get what you mean.

    I used to think small steps would take forever and was in a hurry BUT I forgot about the tipping point, getting to which requires time, effort, resources. All we have to do is get to that point where momentum takes over and then we’re flying.

    From Malcom Gladwell: Tipping points are “the levels at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable, the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.

    Thanks for sharing your insights Laura, you’ve helped me realise that I’m still doing that when it comes to health. Ha! It’s about making small changes till I get to the point where it’s a PART of me and my lifestyle, where I am “being” it as opposed to me “doing” it. Oooooh. Thanks for that!

  3. Carol says

    Wow, Tia . . . your comment about owning a home or signing a lease possibly meaning a “loss of freedom” really struck a chord with me! Any time I “commit” to anything long term, I invariably end up regretting it. My lease is currently month-to-month. I’ve owned land for several years that I haven’t decided what to do with (one day I’m going to sell it and the next day I’m thinking I should put a driveway access on to it so I can use it).

    I am probably not allowing a long term relationship with a man to happen because I don’t want to have to give up the time I spend with my male friends. And I like being able to do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it.

    Looking back in my life, I could never figure out where that commitment phobia came from. But when you termed it as a potential “loss of freedom,” it suddenly makes sense. I’m a free spirit . . . and I love my freedom. But I also want the intimacy of a close relationship.

    I want to have the best of both worlds . . . a happy, loving relationship AND enough freedom to feel like I haven’t lost myself and my freedom. Thank you for helping me clarify that! I’ve been telling the Universe that I wanted the relationship, but apparently have been strongly vibing that I wanted the freedom more.

    I’m not sure what the vibration of having both at the same time feels like . . . but it is time to start figuring that one out. If anyone else has been in these same shoes and has any helpful tips, I’d love to hear them.

    And it is time to stop telling that story that goes, “Any time I commit to anything long term, I invariably end up regretting it.” I’ve been telling that one waaaaayyyyyyy too long!

  4. says

    Ooooh Carol, I cldn’t get past your 2nd sentence w/o jumping in to say that story definitely needs to be looked into (long term = regret).

    I say this cos I’m the quintessential one foot out the door person, always have been ever since I can remember. Must have to do with the military background I grew up in, moving homes every 2 years till I was 17 when we set roots .. for 7 years in one home (longest ever). Left home at 24 to live and work all over the globe and have never been in one house longer than a year.

    Which could be why I used to go into relationships, new homes, countries, working environments EXPECTING it not to last and hence was never committed. Just the word scares me… OMG I think I just had another epiphany :O!

    Thanks for letting me digress, back to reading what you wrote, lol. Okkkkkkk GOOSEBUMPS!! I just HAVE to share a few points that Kim Falconer told me about, I just know it’s gonna help:

    The more you want union, the more part of you wants autonomy. The more you want merging, the more a part of you wants freedom. The divergent urges can be a source of confusion and discord in the Self. Understanding the complexity of desires can lead to integration and harmony, though. It’s important to know right away that you can find relationships that are wonderful ‘containers’ for all these needs to express.

    It can play out as an intense desire for relationship followed almost simultaneously by a distinct urge to escape, assert the will or obtain freedom through independence. It can earn you the title of “fickle” very quickly as well as create doubts about you own needs and desires. But it’s not fickle. It’s one desire playing out after another.

    Change the story!

    Step 1: Awareness of conflicting desires, NO judgement
    Step 2: Allowing new ways of seeing yrself in relationships
    Step 3: And And thinking: Freedom AND closeness, no either or
    Step 4: PRJ including aspects of yrself u reject or neglect

    Hallelujah! I highly, highly recommend asking Kim for an astro-relationship reading, she knows her stuff and is just amazing, magical and awesome at bringing together LOA and astro-mojo.

    Thanks for sharing Carol, didn’t realise we had so much in common 🙂

  5. Cindy Leech says

    Tia, WOW! What you have discovered resonates for me right now in this very moment! When I read your opening question, “What would you do if you woke up one day and realised that what you wanted all this while, isn’t what you really want after all?” I about fell out of my chair! Holy Moses, I was dumbfounded as this is exactly what I’ve discovered this past week!! It is sooo very true!

    I quit my job as a preschool special education evaluation team member to pursue my dream of creating a very successfull, fun-filled life coaching business surrounded by clients that I love and adore, specializing in helping parents become better parents!

    But you hit the nail on the nailhead, I am not ready yet and no wonder it has not been moving along as quickly as I thought it should!

    What I discovered is that this past year opportunities to teach kindergarten in my old district kept popping up, which I ignored-until now. Once I agreed to go in for an interview, things started happening at Super Speed! Not only that, but I spent a day with the kids and I came alive!

    Yes, I still want to create my coaching business, but I find it a lot more fun to do as I enjoy the energy of the 5 year olds. I am very excited to incorporate all that I’ve learned into my classroom, aligning myself and modeling for those little souls. . .loving them and teaching them!

    I KNOW, that my coaching business is going to happen as I’ve already put it out there, when I am ready.

    Thank you soooo much for putting into words what I am actually experiencing! You are amazing and awesome!!!

  6. says

    Hahahah now I’m laughing! Cos I’m thrilled to see how this post resonated with so many of us 😀 Reading all your responses has me so super charged and full of energy, I’M bouncing off my chair.

    What I love about your post is that you recognised the signs from the Universe showing you that the way forward is not what you expected but probably a way to get you there even sooner!

    Here’s what I find very intriguing – when we try and try to get our businesses off the ground or manifest a partner, often the energy we bring to it is charged with negative emotion and not clean. We get attached to when and how it will happen, which sends off conflicting desires = get but not quite as fast or close to what we wanted.

    By opening up to the possibility of this job you took away the attachment to having that dream practice in a set period of time and VOILA!! Clean energy = clean manifesting. It COULD also turn out that you were meant to coach in a school!? You never know how your desires will manifest and they usually do in the MOST amazing way you could never have foreseen. Very excited for you, Cindy!

    I also don’t think this is a co-incidence that you mentioned how you come alive working with kids. This is what’s quietly amazing to me – I’ve wanted to work with kids since I was 15 and last year I wanted to coach youth. A few days ago it got stronger (which is when I posted this on twitwall) as I became clear on what I wanted and made a 21 day commitment to make changes.

    You writing about this is another sign that it’s time to invite that part of me and my purpose into my coaching practice now. Wow. Dyu see what just happened here? I put it out there on 9/9 and I’m already getting answers 😀 Thank YOU for being a messenger!!

    Update: It’s only been a couple of hours since I responded to your comment and OMG a friend just called me to say the school that hired him as a coach wants 4 more coaches for 10 weeks and he’s putting my name forward!! How’s that for the world opening up and giving you what you want when you get clear and allow it!?

  7. says

    LOVE this!! It totally resonates with me when you talk about lining up with what feels good to you RIGHT NOW, yet still having a background focus on the bigger picture.

    Martha Beck calls this Mouse vision (focusing on the details the right in front of you stuff) and Eagle vision (the big picture), shifting between the 5 br house and then to your fab new apartment is a good example, and appreciating what your manifesting along the path to your burb house puts you firmly in the pat of what you want, clearly you are making awesome progress!

    Baby steps are the bomb, it’s how most things get done (when you break it way down, every vision, action and feeling is manageable. I have totally used your example of seeing how well my smaller daily manifestations are completely in alignment with my big picture goals and it feels freakin’ fantastic (which is what we want when we’re manifesting!!)!

    Thank you Tia for articulating this part of the manifesting process so well. Very helpful! I’m totally reposting this 🙂

  8. says

    Emiko, man that Mouse-Eagle vision analogy just rocks my socks off. I am SO using that! I like that you emphasise appreciating what I’m manifesting along the way cos the fastest way to manifest is to be grateful for what one already has (via Abraham-Hicks was it?). I wake up giggling about the wonderful life I have and how blessed I am in so many ways.

    It IS about the journey more than the destination! When I get to the 5BR home of my dreams, I’ll have new goals. As long as we live, we will have goals and wants and they’ll keep changing, thank goodness, or what would we have to look forward to when we have it all 😉

    Makes sense then that true happiness comes from being on the path, every day, in every way. It would be sad if we got to the end of our lives complaining and not making the most of what we DO have, only to look back and think “wow, my life really was great, wish I’d appreciated it more.”

    Heck no. This girl ain’t waiting till that day. And something tells me neither are you or the amazing people we know. Hooray! Love you sweetie xo

  9. says

    Good stuff Tia! I just wrote last week about freedom and commitment and am in ongoing exploration with that. I’ve owned two homes over the years and rather enjoy renting. My grandfather who did quite well financially did not believe in owning. There are many ways to look at it. But that’s off topic.

    There are a couple of ways I’ve been surprised by what I manifested. Once, like yours, was not quite what I wanted but it did have the bits and pieces. It dawned on me at that point that the Universe might just be saying to me, “You mean, like this?” and then I’d respond to what we’d co-created by getting more focus and clarity. Another time I found myself surprised by the inventiveness of the Universe. That was when my “being able to see the stars from my bed” manifested as a clear skylight directly over my bed, with the added delight of being drenched by moonlight on many occasions.

    I have a friend who gave the most enchanting off-the-cuff performance one time of the Universe as a waiter, towel over forearm, taking our orders. But we were supposedly changing our minds constantly, so halfway to the kitchen, he’d stop and reel around and come back to make the changes, eventually dropping in confusion and exhaustion. Love that image. It’s a powerful reminder for me to pay attention to what I am resonating.

    thanks Tia – lovely post as always!

  10. says

    Great to see you here again Kathy! Wow, that analogy makes it clear as day. It sounds mad and we would never do that in a restaurant, yet we do it with our thoughts all the time.

    Love that point about co-creating with awareness. That’s awesome, esp relate to the question and answer format, makes it seem so much more real 🙂 And for the great example about getting what you want in a way you didn’t expect. I blogged about that here and isn’t it just amazing how it’s always even BETTER than you thought? *Grin*

    Like the time I wanted Fridays off work and just didn’t want to wake up at 6am to go to work anymore – within 2 weeks I was laid off, for the 1st time ever, leading me to coaching. What a blessing!! As I was being let go, I was smiling and saying WOW what amazing experience is coming my way, this is cool! The managers were a bit .. surprised… to say the least. LOL.

    I’ll be following your freedom and commitment exploration, thanks for telling us about that. It’s a tricky one, it’s been a tricky one but I think I’m getting the hang of it now. Woohoo!! Thanks for sharing xo

  11. says

    Tia, what a great post! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. But, what if you have not manifested yet and you are not afraid, don’t have limiting beliefs (at least you don’t think so), what if you are ready to manifest your desire….and they still have not yet manifested?

  12. says

    Thanks for asking the question Judie, it’s a darn good one!

    I’m thinking a few things here – you could be ready but not REALLY want it as much as you think you do; there could be a fall out or payoff (different from a self limiting belief) to not getting that thing; or that you are ready but if it involves another person, they have to be ready too; or that the time isn’t right yet and a few pieces of the puzzle have to drop into place to complete it. Just a few ideas..

    I’ve found that when I’ve manifested, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect each time, whether it was a few days or a few weeks coming.

    Here’s a thought – how do you know when you are ready? And if you are really ready, then would you be asking why it isn’t here yet? I’d say look into how you feel about something that you feel ready for not having happened yet. If the feeling around it is relaxed and easy, it’s not far! If you’re feeling anxious, you know what to do.

    When I’ve been ready and not manifested, it’s mostly been cos I didn’t care whether I got something or not – as in it just wasn’t important to me..

    Wonder if anyone else has a diff point if view? Please do share!

  13. says

    Hi Tia, Great topic!

    For me, so many of my desires had gotten convoluted with cultural & family conditioning that the most difficult step to deliberate creating was allowing myself to recognize and honor the yearnings I was being pulled to that didn’t fit with what I thought I “should” want and allowing myself to let go of the “goals” that others felt I “deserved” in my life (but I had no excitement for).

    Sorting all this out has been an ongoing learning process, but so worthwhile. The following is what I’m currently believing about having what I want (a nod of appreciation to Abraham-Hicks and Bashar):

    It’s not so important to focus on the specific manifestational form of what I think I want, but instead to explore the essence of what I am wanting. Invariably,at the core of most any desire will be a belief that fulfilling that desire will make my life more happy. I can cut straight to that by choosing to feel good NOW.

    Feeling good NOW is what allows my goals and dreams to unfold effortlessly. If contemplating my goals is fun and exciting, then I will be inspired to take aligned actions which lead me in the direction of these dreams. If contemplating certain dreams is anxiety provoking or even just dull and there is no movement of energy in response to these thoughts, I would do better to recognize that and to notice what feels like more fun to imagine & think about right now and turn my thoughts to that.

    In doing so, I’m aligning with the guidance of my broader knowing. It’s a matter of trusting that my guidance is always leading me down-stream toward all that I want (no matter how it may differ from what I’ve “affirmed” or put on my “vision-board”).

    I realize that this overlaps with some of the other comments, but it was easier for me to just state it how it flowed.

    Love the post! Thank you for all that you do.


  14. says

    Thanks for chipping in Sabrina, I was looking forward to what you had to say!

    You make an important distinction between your goals and what makes YOU happy as opposed to people’s goals for you and what THEY think will make you happy.

    I grew up believing I would be happy if I went to school, got a post grad degree, a well paid job, a husband, 2 kids and a home. This plan left out the travelling, living in different countries, 15+ jobs, numerous adventures and lessons learned by NOT taking the traditional route. Not saying trad is bad but different strokes for different folks, right.

    Thanks for sharing the Abe excerpt – it’s my favorite! Get happy, NOW. Inspired Action is but a natural next step. Thanks for validating what I was thinking, that no matter how important some dreams are, if they create anxiety, we’re better off doing what feels good now and leaving them for another day. Took me a while to get that!

    Thanks for sharing it all so beautifully Sabrina, I appreciate you!

  15. says

    Sheesh, girl, way to generate conversation!

    I’m a little late to the party, but wanted to say that I think this was brilliant: “Basic Tip # 1 If thinking about what you want stresses you out, it might not be what you really want.”

    I think a lot of us can easily miss this!

    There may also be a limiting belief in play, too, that when released makes way for the party. Like, a coach who wants a full practice, but has a full time job, and can’t see how to make room for clients while she’s got a day job (and kids and husband and house, etc.). It may stress her out because she’s believing something that isn’t helping the situation.

  16. says

    *Teehee* Late but so Great Ms J! If the entire post stopped at Tip # 1, it would still work ay 😉 So true, it could be either something you don’t really want or a limiting belief – which is why clarifying exactly WHAT it is, is the first step I reckon. Can’t change what we can’t see or acknowledge. Trying hard to resist using the words clarity and focus again.. uh oh just did it. LOL!

    Seeing as a lot of us are coaches, that piece of looky-in is probably bang on for many. Thanks for stopping by, I love seeing you here. Mwah x

  17. says

    Great post Tia! I enjoyed our skype discussion the other day and loved reading your blog and all the fabulous comments! Thank you for the quote at the end – you are so kind!

    I have one thing to add to the commitment discussion. I moved a lot when I was growing up as well. I’ve always felt very connected to God and can feel energy very easily. But until lately I had a hard time connected to the earth. I never felt ‘planted’ and would always kind of wonder when we would move next.

    Anyway, I did some energy work and I got (at the heart level) that God is in the earth (as He is in everything.) And now I feel tied in – kind of like I’m connected to a bungee cord that goes to the center of the earth. Very firmly planted. Flexible and able to move, but tied in.

    From this abundant place, I chose to live fully right here, right now. So, I can put up curtains and fully decorate my house. And live here now. Maybe we will move – it doesn’t matter – abundance will flow with me and I can put up curtains there too. But my thoughts are not so much on ‘what if I don’t stay’ they are more about being here now. Fully. And allowing myself to enjoy the benefits of that feeling.

  18. says

    Cheri, now I know why I didn’t write this post the day of the epiphany 2 weeks ago! It’s cos we had to have that conversation and you had to share your fabulous words with me and THEN this post was ready to flow and write itself the way it did. Thanks, I owe ya!

    I’m taking this to heart “Very firmly planted. Flexible and able to move, but tied in” it takes away a lot of that non committal, I don’t-know-what’s-going-to-happen next-so-I-can’t-set-down-roots-just-yet feeling.

    What a relief to know that we CAN live fully here, in the now and be okay with change when it happens rather than anticipating it all the time. Sure makes a big diff to my level of commitment when I see it that way 🙂

    Thank you for this gift! Love you!

  19. says

    Hi Tia –
    What an on target posting. Loved it because it makes such perfect sense.
    I shared the link on Twitter and on my fan page on fb too. Seems as though a lot of people have. I think the universe was ready to be heard and you had the words to make it real for everyone.
    Thank you. I’m off to rethink steps 1 – 3 for myself.
    Much joy to you!

  20. says

    Thank you Anne! It’s a pleasure to have you drop by. You’re my kinda sunflowery girl, love your pretty website 😀

    I am SO glad for the subtle mindshift that happened once I realised what was sabotaging some of my wants. Since that day, and since 9/9/09 when I made a few small, important changes in my life, it feels like magic is happening. Doors are opening, offers are being made and I’m basking in the midst of it all, even though there’s hard work ahead as I follow my purpose.

    The GREAT thing is that being clear about what I want AND am ready for, stops the struggle and questioning which bogs manifestations down! Which is what I’m intending for everyone who reads this post as well. Double yay!

    I’m really grateful that so many people have shared the link around, and for the feedback I’m getting about epiphanies some have had as a result. Wow. It really is true, when one shines passion and truth, wonderful things happen.

    Blessed to have been able to express it in a way that resonated with so many. Thank you Universe!

  21. says

    Thank you for addressing my question Tia! I appreciate your perspective. I definitely do really want this goal to manifest and I feel confident it will 🙂 Happy Manifesting everyone!!

  22. says

    Super powerful post & epiphanies! Way to go.

    Another angle to take is to consider what those BIG dreams will bring you (i.e. marriage brings intimacy, fun, adventure, companionship) and set an intention to manifest the goodies as opposed to the specifics (i.e. I must be married)

    Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my VLOG! I felt so supported and happy by your kind comments.

    Much love your way!

  23. says

    Hey Judie, let me know if you find any kinks around that goal ok, would love to hear about the process! I KNOW it will happen if you want it enough and have clean energy around it. Looking fwd to the manifestation 😀

    Cassandra, girl, how did I not check out your blog sooner? Maybe it has to do with my wanting to work with kids and youth – I’m being drawn to coaches and people who are in that field. You are doing phenomenal work and I’m glad to be in touch again. Love you!

    Thanks for the contribution, that’s a refreshing take on “feel now as you would feel then” by including not just feelings but activities and things in your life NOW that you would have then. Simple and SUPER effective. Nice one, thanks!

  24. MissyB says

    I loved this when it dropped in my in box – and I’ve taken time to reflect. Both you and our Good Vibe Coach have thrown out some thoughtful stuff recently.
    I’ve thought for a while that I’m not ready for the relationship I want. I got busy doing it all like it says – list qualities etc. But these are things I want in a long term partner … but I know deep down that the commitment of a long term partner is just a no go at the mo.
    ALL I WANT IS THIS : for the best suited man for me to find me, who fancies the pants off me as much as I fancy the pants off him, to be compaitible in physical and emotional ways…but above all, to hit it off and just enjoy the journey. If it leads the whole hog then good, but if it doesn’t, then NEXT !
    Jumping headlong in to the commitment thing feels bad – time to refine my wants.

  25. says

    Ta Missy! NEXT is what I’ve got written on a flash card stuck to my wall. Bring on the next experience, as each new experience reveals to me even more of what I truly want.

    There’s your clue right there, listening to your intuition and knowing that it WILL happen, just not today and only cos that’s what you want. YAY for clarity and relief. Takes the pressure right off doesn’t it? No more wondering why what you asked for isn’t here yet, yipppeee ki yayy!!

    Ps: I love “fancy the pants off me as much as I fancy the pants off him” SO much that I’m totally borrowing it for my PRJ. Hehe thanks lady xo


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