How To Avoid A Meltdown – Let It Happen!

Avoid a meltdownIt started this morning with a wee tech issue and led to this blog post with a twist. I’m writing in the moment, talking about what’s going on right now.

Not something I went through and came out the other side, but together, with you, I’ll wade through these murky moments.

What’s going on now:

  • EXTREMEEEEE frustration with tech issues, overdue blog posts, long to-do list.
  • It starts with one thing not happening right – a blog feed goes awry.
  • As I focus on that and try to resolve it, more things start happening.
  • I ask for help, and none is forthcoming.
  • I miss the cable guy by 2 minutes.
  • He comes back, but there’s a problem and the connection won’t work.
  • My pile of papers is looming large. I swear I can see it making faces!
  • I’m freaking out about all that I have to do.
  • I haven’t written my goals down for the $200 consult I paid so I can’t book it yet.
  • Can’t bear to look at the gazillion unread emails (ok, million cos I unsubbed from heaps).
  • I’m planning a trip to New Zealand but I haven’t renewed my passport, bought a ticket or looked to see if I can even afford it.
  • Oh dear Lord, what is wrong with me!? I can’t think anymore! The voices in my head could shatter glass.

NOTHING is going right!!! Wtf!?

Except one thing – I’ve just decided I’m going to do what scares me the most about this situation. Nothing. That’s right, nothing. I’m done fixing. Let it all sink, let the worst happen. I’m way over my head anyways. I always make a mess! I should know better. Bugger.

Familiar story?

You’ve done this too, right? Focussed on something that was so important to do, only to unravel like a ball of string in kitty paws. As the string gets twisted and knotted, so do you. The only one having fun is that kitty. And how! She’s is in bliss, not caring whether the ball is a tangle that will take ages to fix. It’s not HER job!

All that matters is how much fun it is! She knows how to be present. In the moment. Create a mess. Let the sky fall on her head. As she goes about her merry way, playing and miaoing.

Suddenly, I GET it!

My mind is that kitten, laughing and playing with me. I’m the ball of string that can either resist and get more knotted up, or offer up none so that it soon gets bored and moves on.

If that doesn’t bring a smile to your face .. 🙂

And just as easily, the tide turns.

As I write, my mood lifts, I’m smiling at the Tia of a few minutes ago who was grabbing her head in despair and beating down on herself. Wow, she can get really get her knickers in a twist! And will you just LOOk at all the negative self chatter that comes up when she’s not being aware? Yikes!

See how easy it is to get unraveled?

What you focus on expands, so really choose where your energy is going. The more I thought about what wasn’t right, the worse it got. I could have stopped those thoughts in their tracks like I usually do, but got so drawn into them this time, it took some real awareness to find my way out.

This was a real life example of how I deal with overwhelm, a process that really worked for me. And as I look back, I can only be grateful for the fact that it took about 10 minutes from when I started writing to change it around. Something that would have taken me days a couple of years ago! AND I got a blog post written. Funny that..

Next time it happens to YOU, try this:

1) Feel the panic rise, the irritation mount
2) Breathe, relax yourself with kind words
3) Take a break & come back to it
4) Still there? Getting worse? Let it! Now it’s game on.
5) Imagine all the horrible things that will happen if you don’t get it all done
6) Have a minor meltdown (mine was less than 30 seconds, not kidding!)
7) Dream up a metaphor for what’s going on
8) Exaggerate metaphor till you burst out laughing (use a funny voice)
9) Come back and finish what you started OR do something else (whichever feels better)

Whatever you do, honour what’s going on in the moment. Consciously choose to feel it through. And remember, if it can’t be fixed, give up and go do something nice for yourself instead!


What are some ways that work for you when you’re feeling overwhelmed, sh***y, frustrated or when it seems like you can do nothing right? When “feeling good” just isn’t working? Would love to hear your tips and process, thanks in advance for sharing!

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  1. Janette says

    Wow – great post, how courageous and generous you are. I’m even kinda looking forward to my next meltdown so I can practise this technique (ssh, just KIDDING, don’t tell Source… LOL!)

    Here’s to kitty mind!

  2. says

    LoL Janette, your secret is safe with me 😉 It was so interesting to live-blog what was going on! A bit bizarre but hey, it’s all for a higher good. Teaches me 1) how far I’ve come and 2) how far I’ve to go 3) how perfect it is where I am. Yeah!

  3. Anna says

    And just when I was about to query you in desperation… voila! You’re blogging WTF as well. (tee hee hee)

    Money wasn’t deposited into my account, kid-care program manager says I have to pick up the lad even earlier this year, and today he’s had his full of the new older girl who’s apparently becoming a bane in his after-school care existence. …washing machine kaput, landlandy — I vowed to stop saying the rest, fleeting thoughts only (keyword: fleeting, thereby allowing and gratefully releasing) … Where was I?

    Wow – that was good… I mean, that ROCKS – I got myself off with a Tangent! A tangent – me, Queen o’ T’s, Tangent Queen, aka the one who got lost in too many projects while the boiling potatoes really were burning the pot with such oomph that it never did recover…

    I am feeling pretty darn fine right now… and pleasantly amused by the spark of inner brilliance that decided to turn the fables on me and be witness for the prosecution of defense. (hahaha)

    I love this Universe!

  4. says

    Boy do I ever have news!! Thanks to this tech crisis, I ended up finding an EVEN better way to link my blog posts to my fan page on Facebook :O

    Blows my mind over and again, just how perfect the timing is. Every single time, when I think something hasn’t worked out, turns out it was cos something far better was meant to happen 😀 LOVEEE It!!

    And reminds me not to let anything keep me down for too long hehe.

    Anna, that’s just it – change can seem wobbly and crooked and unpleasant but it always leads us to the next step in our growth / learning/ experience! When we think nothing is happening, it is. Behind the scenes, till the time is right for it to take center stage.

    Forces are conspiring to bring about opportunities that we’d have missed if it wasn’t for other stuff going down the drain 😀

  5. MissyB says

    Last weekend I came home to no hot water. Heating yes – hot water no. I started to panic – oh god – bolier broken – lots of money – no shower…the list was endless. To make matters worse I had promised my services to a friend to paint his fence. I don’t want to go help – I’ve no hot water to get clean after. Besides, my issues are far greater. BUT – it was Sunday so I’d not be able to get anyone out, so just go with it I thought and off to my friends I went. With fence painted and warmly washed hands, filled with tea and cake for my services too, I returned home. I turned on the tap and there was hot water. YAY ! Turns out the burst water main up the road had lowered the water pressure and so the boiler couldn’t work properly.
    Yeah – just a coincidence – but I worked through the usual panic and it passed.

  6. Anna says

    MissyB – no coincidence, Baby! You had hot water because you chilled out about it, relinquished the worry about what to do (even if only because you recognized there was nothing you could do AT THAT TIME) and followed through with painting your friend’s fence. And because you were happy with clean hands and satisfied palate, you arrived home feeling fine – and voila! The Universe took care of it all… because you got yourself out of the way of the Universe!

    You Go, Girl!

    Update to my laundering & landlady issue – she responded to my washing machine email in less than an hour and she said I could go ahead and call in someone for repair! Easy Peasey Lemon Squeezey! No coincidence – it was because I got the heck outta the Universe’s way!

    I Go too!

    O Happy Day!

  7. says

    I’m with Anna – no co-incidences here Missy! Two things happened here. First, you took yourself away from the situation by focusing on something else and two, you did something that felt good (helping a friend, cake and tea!)

    And Anna, I love how you distracted yourself away from what was going wrong and the smooth easy resolution that followed. Don’t you just love it 🙂

    I’m double underlining “Get the heck out of your way!” Thanks for the stories ladies xo

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