It’s Now Or Never, Don’t Waste Another Minute!

Find Happiness and Fun everyday

♫♫ It’s now or never,
come hold me tight
Kiss me my darling,
be mine tonight ♫♫

♫♫ Tomorrow will be too late,
it’s now or never
My love won’t wait ♫♫

Are you one of those people who believe that beauty, abundance, opportunities and luck are all around us and would so know them if you were eyeball to eyeball with them?

Or have you been trained to expect it at certain times, hence losing out on opportunities to see them, even when in your face?

I reckon I’m a bit of both. Or at the very least, I used to be the 2nd, not noticing or appreciating the incredible amount of love, abundance and blessings in my life. And there were plenty!

But that was before I learned to look for and focus on what was right (huge shift from looking for what was wrong!). And before I learned about the Law of Attraction, conscious creation and how we create our own reality.

Before coach training taught me that curiosity and openness were assets, not liabilities (I know, right?! I can’t imagine telling someone to be closed up and uninterested in others, yet I’ve been told to do that to “protect” myself from hurt and disappointment. Ha! ha! Sweet, well meaning people :).

In the past, I was always looking for the big, obvious scenarios. Defining success by those standards. You know, the ones I talked about here.

And now, I know better.

I know what we can’t really schedule fun, recreation and play for a limited period of time. Linear demarcations between a time to work hard and a time to play? Yes, that’s what they all say but me, I say balderdash! Let’s not compartmentalise our lives anymore, k’.

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? That’s what cakes are FOR dontcha think? I swear, if I ever come across the person who made THAT one up… ooooh!

You and I, we’re part of the growing breed of people living consciously, realising that we’d rather not wait till we’re retired at 60 to start having fun. Breaking out of that old way of thinking, and creatively bringing in ways to enjoy our NOWS. The whole dance like no one’s watching, love like…

(ps: have I ever mentioned how glad I am that you’re with me in this? Consider it said and thank you!)

Reminds me of the Joshua Bell experiment. People pay bunches of $$ to watch him in concert and rave about him because they expect to be blown away by his talent.

Yet when he played at a subway station for 45 minutes, no one appreciated it or recognised him (except for a smart 3 year old who kept wanting to run to him. Sensing a theme here from my last post… 3 year olds are the epitome of BEING! Time to let your inner 3 year old call the shots maybe?)

Apparently he was “in the wrong place at the wrong time” (from one of bystanders) cos the subway station is about people running through like drones with one and one intent only – to make it to their destination without any distractions on the way.

People, people! HOW many times have you heard “it’s about the journey, not the destination”?!

Well of course you’re journeying to GET there but when you enjoy the steps it takes you to reach that happy place, you get there faster.

Because you don’t focus on the time it took to get there but the time of your life you had GETTING there – and time sure flies when you have fun!

I couldn’t finish without sharing the option I LOVE (and shared on my facebook fan page which, btw, you can join here!) The message?

Make it FUN!!

Every minute of every day is an opportunity to enjoy life. Create as many of those moments as you can daily, rather than waiting for the weekend or your annual holiday to let loose.


What’s something you can do to bring more of this essence into your life? How did you change the way you look at life and what does that life look like now? What advice would you give someone who is scared they may seem irresponsible if they started having more fun? I know you’ve got the words, so share them people. Much love xo

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  1. Richard says

    Hi Tia,
    Just to let you know your website isn’t showing up properly for me (i’m on a Mac using latest Safari)

    Its cutting of the wording under your headline “to take inspired action”
    Rich (from PM)

  2. says

    Thanks Rich, appreciate the heads up and thanks for checking out my blog! I’m not sure how to fix that, will ask a friend to check it out for me (she does some website work and has a mac) hopefully she can fix it for me. See you on the forum mate 🙂

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