Unmanifesting The Manifested – How To KEEP What You Attract?

Attracting what you wantThis was my status message on FB yesterday:

So. What does it mean when one attracts situations/things/people easily & then unmanifests them within weeks, just as easily? Was the 1st manifestation an illusion or is it fickle mindedness?

It has happened with me enough times to get really curious about the process of asking, receiving and unmanifesting our  manifestations.

Is it that we think we want something and then change our minds when we get it – kinda like how girls tend to fall for emotionally unavailable men and how men lose interest after the chase? Yes, it’s a big generalisation and also partly true.

Have you ever found yourself asking for something, intending it, seeing it come true and soon after, lost interest in it? What do you make of that? Was it that:

  • your initial intention wasn’t clear enough
  • you sent out mixed messages
  • fear came in the way
  • it was an opportunity to test the waters with small manifestations
  • you needed validation that you were on the right track
  • you resist the changes your dream coming true brings
  • you resist the BIG stuff you want, hence manifest smaller stuff
  • you manifest dreams that are great to have but not THAT important to you and not what you REALLY want
  • you manifest things in order to know whether you really want that cos until then you may just think you do and this shows you how you really feel about it?

There could be so many underlying reasons you attract what you want (or think you want) and then not want it anymore. Lets see if we can simplify this a little further. So you:

  • wanted something, got it and then decided it was too much / got bored / didn’t want it anymore and that change in energy and vibe made it go away
  • got it, were afraid of losing it and so, sabotaged it
  • didn’t want it
  • are addicted to the struggle and drama of getting and losing
  • something else I’m missing here

When I put these thoughts out there, I got some great responses which I want to share with you:

If the “sending” intention is strong, you will attract what you want. However, as time passes, several reasons can interfere and weaken the original impulse especially if things develop in an unwanted way, development is out of alignment with the sending intention or your conditioned negative, self-limiting, fearful perception, thoughts, communication, and behaviour overrides and dilutes the power of the intention. Then, poof! Yet another disappointment. – MW

If David Hawkins (Transcending Levels of Consciousness) knows his stuff, then each higher level of awareness brings with it a greater ease of manifestation. And then the very human “Goldilocks” behaviour can kick in. “I thought this was it, but now I know it’s not.” You don’t notice this too much when it is played out over decades. But with higher awareness the cycle gets much shorter. – Steve

I think you’re totally on the right track with the idea of the test runs. You manifest something you want (“baby” sized to test it out) and then you realize that in the having of it, your wanting changed. So you unmanifest it because it no longer suits your needs (it did, but now it doesn’t). – Leslie

You’re just really in tune with what you want & don’t want…and as what you want changes, your vibration “unmanifests” the old (or actually I think just manifests the new vibration). – Leslie

The word ‘fear’ just came to my mind. Is there something that you are afraid of in having what you’ve manifested? – Marcus M

If the unmanifesting was unwanted, I think it’s a matter of learning to ground the new, expanded energy. Try getting familiar with really being with your new reality. It may be that being in the presence of what you have attracted still raises some issues (worthiness, expectations, pressure, fear of loss…) that make you back off. Get acquainted with your new reality by breathing easily & slowly in the presence of it, and allowing it to really fill & permeate your space. – MV

The Art of Letting GoSounds like there is some resistance there. You manifest because the desire is strong yet there is some resistance around beliefs, comfort zone etc. As your vibration simultaneously changes while the manifestation is still unfolding, so does the evidence of the physical manifestation.

Vibe change = you lose what you manifested.

Think back to how you felt once you got what it was you wanted…do you notice any change? – LG

WOW!! I couldn’t have summed it up any better than this.

So it ranges from not really wanting it in the first place, to letting saboteurs creep in and stop you from moving to the next level.

So what are some ways you can manifest and KEEP your manifestations?

  • Sit with your intentions for a wee bit longer
  • Check in with them regularly
  • Keep correcting and refining the direction of your dreams if they’ve changed
  • Enjoy these manifestations as signs of land (via DB) or indicators that you’re going in the right direction.
  • ——————– What else?

Because life isn’t just about what happens when you get to your dream, but more about the little tweaks and changes and new experiences that happen along the way. Just like a plane flying across the world doesn’t fly in a straight line and adjusts to the conditions, minor course corrections are what keep us going along the path to our dreams….

Huge thanks to those who responded on facebook, for letting me share your insights! I am looking forward to hearing YOUR thoughts on this now. What have you noticed about manifesting, dreams, intentions, fears? Thanks in advance xo

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  1. says

    Such fun!! I think you manifest the most interesting conversations, which is how you always have such great blog posts! Thanks for letting me be part of it and learning from everyone involved.

    Now…what am I going to manifest for dinner? 🙂


  2. says

    Hehe 🙂 I manifest the best guest bloggers and post commentors. You guys are just awesome. I learned heaps too, everyone had such great points of view. Thanks chica! What DID you manifest for dinner?

  3. Carol says

    Your post is so timely, Tia. I experienced this about a month ago, and have been pondering it ever since. The insights offered by you and the others are definitely food for thought! After reading your post (many times already), I can say that in my case, the culprit was “got it, were afraid of losing it and so, sabotaged it.”

    That I manifested it is at least a sign that I’m headed in the right direction. Definitely have to tweak the vibe though . . . 🙂

    I love how you ended the post . . . “Because life isn’t just about what happens when you get to your dream, but more about the little tweaks and changes and new experiences that happen along the way. Just like a plane flying across the world doesn’t fly in a straight line and adjusts to the conditions, minor course corrections are what keep us going along the path to our dreams….”

  4. says

    Something else happened yesterday Carol – as I was going through some flux, I decided to sit with this trip that I’ve been manifesting, feeling the desire to go and the attachment around it. And I worked myself into such a state that I just KNEW I was going to mess it up if I didn’t take immediate action.

    So I asked myself “what do I really want”? I did want to go, yes, but if I didn’t get to go – how torn up was I choosing to be? I realised whether I went or not, what I REALLY wanted in this moment was PEACE. And so, I chose peace.

    I did Byron Katie’s Work, I worked through fear and I asked for peace. Within minutes I had 4 sources offering it to me! Amazing! Then I took Inspired Action, went for a walk, came back – and the thing I had been wanting, was done!

    The point of this story is that at the crux of it all, I wanted to feel good about whatever happened and when I focused on bringing that into my life, the other thing just fell into place. A great reminder to create the feeling place of the desire.

    So when it comes to sabotage – ask yourself, what do I want to feel, whether I lose this thing or not. That worked like magic for me and it will for you too! I tell you Carol, I am still marveling at the simplicity of it all. If you haven’t done the work yet, I highly suggest it http://thework.com/index.asp

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. says

    Hi Tia,

    I like your Energy. Sorry I did not read all your content, but the CONTEXT is great. Your words inspire me to take action! (isn’t that your slogan?).

    Congratulations. I feel we are much of the same Family.


  6. says

    Thanks Sergi, appreciate you stopping by. Sometimes, one doesn’t even need to read to get the vibe ay, glad you’re so clued into the energy field that surrounds us 🙂 That’s my ultimate goal – to convey it all without having to say a word.

    Love connecting with like minded souls, thank you and do drop by again!

  7. says

    I have been manifesting to continually improve my relationship with a few very important people in my life. Around the holidays it is easy for me to go down the tube when things aren’t perfect. By going down the tube I am unmanifesting. But I have learned that by allowing myself to be in that place where things are not yet what I want, I actually rebounded faster.

    My manifesting really is working. I know by comparing it to the relationships I had before I started manifesting one year ago. Interestingly, I am not changing anyone but myself (through my manifesting–feeling the relationships as I want them); nor am I trying to change anyone. But instead of it being work, it is fun to imagine the feelings and then experience it.

    In some cases, maybe a little unmanifesting is a good thing; for clarification, for re-commitment and new appreciation. And good for stronger manifesting.

  8. says

    Good point! Although, I’m tempted to wonder if unmanifesting isn’t necessarily a result of going down the tube but that going down the tube could be a result of unmanifesting at a deeper level? Maybe I’m getting caught up in semantics here!

    Either ways, it’s a sign desires are changing and need tweaking or changing. The higher the level of consciousness and awareness, the quicker the flip around from manifesting to letting it to and re-manifesting stronger and better. We’re keeping good company, Berta!

  9. sonia says

    Hi Tia!
    Gosh, I can relate to this so much, it’s mind blowing! I manifested the perfect guy and the perfect relationship and then out of all my insecurities and fears, I just blew it away. My desire was very strong so bum! manifestation but I wasn’t perfectly aligned so boom! lost il all. It was scary and heart breaking but I know I still need to work some things out. I’m not ready for my ideal mate because I lack faith and confidence but I’m learning, may be the hard way, but I’m learning anyway and I know I’m getting closer. thanks for making things even clearer. Wish it could be easier but as Jeannette said, we like the drama :)))))

  10. says

    Is this the one we’ve been hearing about in J’s posts? I hear you sister. On that note, just started reading Lynn Grabhorn’s Excuse me your life is waiting and of all the LOA books I’ve read, this one is turning out to be my favourite.

    It’s all about feeling good and even though we know that’s how everything we want happens, I found that sometimes it just doesn’t help to try feeling now as we would then. So the trick (as I learned 2 days ago), is to get to the core feeling of PEACE. Not joy, happiness, love, excitement etc, but peace.

    Cos when peace exists, happiness follows. The other way around has been harder for me and I suspect, for many of us. It was quite the revelation and manifestation that followed after I realised this. Off to blog about it now.

    Hooray for recognising your ready steady go-stay-go-stay-ness Sonia! 😀

  11. Carol says

    Thanks for recommending Byron Katie’s work, Tia. I’ve heard of her work, but haven’t read any of her material yet. Just went out on our library’s website and reserved several of her books (and also Lynn Grabhorn’s book you just recommended).

  12. sonia says

    yes that is exactly the one 🙁 but I’m ok now. I did manifest him out of the blue as I’ve described him in my pray rain journal, so I can do it again, may be not him, but someone as special as he was, (or may be him again, who knows? Universe, I’m open to any possibility :)) but I’ll manage my vibe first. I found out I had problems of worthiness and “goodenoughiness”. I’ll take care of that first and then, we’ll see. A friend gave me “excuse me your life is waiting” a few days ago but I haven’t read it yet.
    You think we should look for peace? I know what happy feels like but peaceful? Well, I’ll try to find out. 😀
    a warm hug girlfriend.

  13. says

    Awesome Carol! I’ll be taking Lynn’s book along with me on the trip (and Katie’s Loving What Is). You are going to love them 🙂

    Sonia, honey, PEACE is where it’s at I’m telling you (and everyone)! I find that often, happiness becomes dependent on something out there – which is why it can be hard to get to that place when we’re vibing low.

    Peace on the other hand, leads to quiet joy, which leads to more joy and the joyous-er you get, the happier you get and that’s what makes things happen. I’m all for peace and the absence of suffering. It is SO easy to get to peace in the moment – simply shut everything off and do nothing. Nothing. Spend 2 minutes just being.

    Or you could put on some soothing music, and feel it in every part of your body, focus on your breathing and just imagine yourself bathed in light and love. Let your instincts guide you. Ahhh peace!

    Btw, did you just say “we’ll see”!? 😉


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