My 2010 Goals List, Inspired by Chris Brogan

Hit your target, achieve your goals!DECEMBER!!!!!!!!

It’s here and shooting by fast. I leave on a 5 week trip to Queenstown, New Zealand, my home away from home in less than 42 hours and am beyond excited!

At the same time, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Year of the Tiger and all that I want to accomplish.

This month is all about reviewing and laying foundations for the coming year.

So it was perfect timing when I saw this Business Plans and Wishlist for 2010 post by Chris Brogan. I’m upping my goal setting ante and joining the party publicly. Why wait till New Years Eve to ask for what you want?

Get started now, so that when 2010 rolls around, you’ll have a sharp vision and direction for your business and personal life.

Cos, as you know, when you get really clear about what you want and put it in writing, all sorts of synchronistic events and opportunities start happening ‘out of the woodwork’. I for one, am getting the ball rolling now!

Heck, I ain’t stopping at a Biz List, I’m going the whole hog.

(Be sure to write down a few of your goals and intentions after you finish reading this post, writing and committing have magical powers. You and I, we’re gonna get a HEAD start on attracting what we want next year, woohoo!)

2010 Business Plans & Wishlist

  • New biz: Launch new top secret social media business and be super successful with it. Kidding, it’s not top secret.
  • Re-brand existing Coach T.I.A business and focus on a very small niche market that I’m currently fine tuning
  • Products: Create 3 e-books and audio products for a wider audience
  • Writing: Write 2 articles a week for as Vancouver’s Social Media Examiner
  • Productivity: Solid systems and structures in place to sustain my business while I travel for weeks at a time
  • Connecting: Get super tight with amazingly inspired entrepreneurs / coaches and work together on JV’s and programs
  • Workshops: Host a live in-person workshop in collaboration with a kick ass entrepreneur in Vancouver (if that’s you reading, call me!)
  • Blogging: Get very focused and clear in my writing, attract thousands of very engaged and interested readers who form a solid community and love hanging out here
  • Income: 6 figure income from multiple streams of income, all of which I love being involved with (yes, I know how grammatically incorrect that is, lol)

2010 Personal Goals & Wishlist

  • Home: Move into a gorgeous apartment / house with great lake, mountain and skyline views
  • Community: Connect with my tribe, like minded cool peeps at a deeper level than ever before, in person as well as via social media / facebook
  • Fitness: Get my triceps back and be fit enough to climb the Grouse Grind in 50 minutes (current time 1.5 hours); this of course = being my best shape ever
  • Love: ♥♥ Meet and marry the love of my life ♥♥
  • Personal Growth: Face and overcome many fears and self limiting beliefs so I am living a full, alive, passionate, no holds barred, fabulous life!

Your Turn! Tell me what you want 2010 to bring you / what you plan to invite into your life. If you haven’t thought about it yet, NOW is the time so just start typing – you may discover something new and at the very least, start focusing on your goals once you write them down. Looking forward to reading yours as well 🙂

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  1. says

    ahhhh, yes. this speaks to me well, mz tia! I will let a few things roll around in my heart and connect w/ you further-soon… or by some other means of connecting.

    Meanwhile sending you love and safe travels!

  2. says

    Thanks for the kick in the butt Tia! My goals for 2010 are to be full time in my coaching practice before December 2010 thereby completing the transition from my current job.Present 4 kick butt workshops (1/quarter). Expand my web site to include e-books. I also want to take my drumming to the next level!
    Have a great time in NZ!

  3. says

    Hi Tia! 🙂

    I usually ask myself “How would you like to _feel_?” and then “In which actions these feelings will be expressed?”

    I want to feel love and harmony, in and out. Excitement, full satisfaction down to the last tiny details, known only to me and The Universe :), and eagerness for more. Desire to go and do, and knowing that it’s all here and now. Feeling my ways, feeling the world, how synchronistic it is, how connected. Feeling the well being, the richness, the promise, the now. Learning 🙂 Feeling home.

    I’ve came up with this trick, working with people: when a person does have a defined “material” goal, then I ask “and why this goal and not [something pretty close, but different still]?” Then taking more slightly different things, on other angles. Then people usually get to define the bottom of it, why exactly they want what they want, and then we try to find it in their life today. Enlightens the day. 🙂

    From a coach to a coach 🙂

  4. says

    I’m sorry, I’m a little bitter today. I actually want to say “thank you very much for making me think about it, and defining what I want, and moving me in this direction. Thank you for what you are to us, – and you are like a sun, warming, supporting, smiling. Thank you very-very-very-very much.” 🙂

  5. says

    Olga, love the path you’re taking us on – that of knowing the WHY’s of our desires. Cos when we know why we want what we want, we can get there faster by focusing on that feeling in the here and now. The feeling is what matters more than anything, I’m on board with that 100%!

    Love, harmony, feeling, satisfaction, well being, promise … ahhh, you didn’t sound bitter at all, just reflective and pointed out an important part of goal setting – knowing the reason behind our desires 🙂 Thanks for the kind words, I’m honoured (and flattered!). I appreciate your presence xox


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