Old Stories vs New Stories: How to Bridge the Gap?

Tell a new story in 2010Speaking of telling new stories in the new year, you know well that to let in a new story, you’ve got to stop holding onto the old one, right?

Let’s get clear about this:

To tell a new story, let go of the old one.

But sometimes it’s easier said than done.

You wonder if the old story really is old or just needs a fresh look at it. Maybe you’re not sure if you need a new story or just patience while the old one unfolds into the new one.

Of course, most times, you’re just ready for a new one!

Here’s the deal, kids.

You get what you really really want deep inside, not what you think or say you want.

If you say you want love, and keep holding onto an old lover in your mind,  if you say you want to be healthy and then eat unhealthy food and feel guilty about it, you’re letting the Universe know you’re not serious!

Sending out mixed, unclear signals is a waste of your time.

So what do you do?

Why, you ask with your actions, not merely your words!

When you’re really clear about what you want, you’ll start to notice what behaviours and actions are incongruent with your wants. Then you can start changing them or adopting new ones.

You know the drill by now..

  • Decide what you want
  • Get clear on it
  • State it in the present tense
  • ACT like you want it
  • Ask for it
  • Use manifesting techniques like affirming, afforming, playing make believe, scripting etc
  • Get into the energy and FEELING space of having what you want
  • Make space in your life for it
  • Be conscious of your actions making sure that they reflect your “new” reality.
  • Have patience!

Here’s a question (or two) I have for you:

Do you think it’s necessary to let go of old stories before you can REALLY embrace new ones?

Or do you find that it’s easier (or more effective) to state new stories instead of trying to let go of the old first?

Another alternative to changing stories I haven’t thought of?

Curious as to what works best for you. Thanks for sharing your perspectives!

ps: Have you picked a theme for January yet? Mine is Love and I am having SUCH a great time playing with it!

I find myself feeling SO vibrant and alive, which is what being in love with myself, someone else or the world REALLY makes me feel.

Wow, what a GREAT way to start the year!

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  1. says

    Great question. What works best for me is to use the old story for a reference to tell the new story, since the old story is what I don’t want. The quicker I recognize that I’m telling the old story the quicker I am able to turn it around to the story that I want. I guess I let go of the old story in the process of telling the new story.

  2. says

    Yes indeed! The trick is to recognise the old story asap so you can start retelling it. Awareness + persistence = new story! Thanks for sharing, Berta.

  3. says

    Great questions (as if that’s a surprise!)!

    I think I sometimes hold on to my old story because I know it and it’s safe. It’s hard to believe a new story (and the universe) can give me the big things I’m afraid to dream of…but that’s what usually happens!

    But despite experiencing this…I still struggle with letting go of old stories. I definitely think fully letting go is the way to go. When I do that, the new story takes hold faster and I seem to forget the old story pretty quickly.

    Thanks for some great food for thought on my first day back from vacation. I needed that.

    Now…off to WRITE some new stories! Vacation was a nice break…but I want to finsih this penny book! 🙂

  4. says

    I read something awesome today – recognise that the old story (or job or man) is Fools Gold! Do you want fake glitter or the real thing? That’s all it takes to make your mind up. Ha! I LIKE that!!

    ps: ok spill – how did you fully let go? I’m thinking that’s something that happens with time esp when the old story is a deep seated, deep rooted one.

    pps: SO stoked to hear about your new penny book! WOW!

  5. Tiffany says

    Telling a new story is something that I love doing! I find that it’s not about bridging the gap or even changing the story…I like to think we tell stories moment by moment…we create right…NOW. So when I decide to tell a new story, I remember that the “old story” I was telling twenty seconds ago isn’t telling itself anymore…I have the power to change my story instantly.

    And I never do quantum leaps in story telling. I find that going from “Ugh I hate my body” to “Hmm…today it’s not so bad.” to “Wow, this week it really felt better than last week.” to “OMG! It even LOOKED better than last week…” to “This past month, my body has been rockin’!” to “I love my body!!!” is WAY easier than trying to go from the very first statement to the very last.

    It’s not about getting it done all at once. I take my time, change my thoughts and let other, better thoughts flow in. Then as I change my thoughts, I dig into the feeling of it. I mean I really milk those thoughts so that by the end of a few days or a few weeks, I feel like I’m not telling a different story…I’m not even in the same novel!

    Just a few thoughts on the topic. 🙂

  6. says

    Thanks for this post. I do believe that one should let go of the old story before beginning the new store… or as soon as the new story is to begin. You’re comments on people who state that they want something, but really are still holding on to something else really struck a chord. I do that often and after reading this post am committed to coming to terms with it and finally achieving what I want to achieve.

  7. says

    @Tiffany–great reminder about how to change the story. I just realized that I have been changing some stories in quantum leaps and ughh! Although I do believe quantum leaps work if we believe they will, sometimes we need to change the story in increments. When we see & feel the results that accumulate, our manifesting builds up momentum and we get parts of it showing up faster and faster–like your example of your perfect body.

  8. Tiffany says

    @Tia, Thanks! I learned from the best.

    @Berta Bauer, I definitely agree. It’s easier depending on the topic. You’re amazing for being able to make quantum leaps on select topics! It’s always been a little hard for me. But the increments are coming closer together so it’s simply a slower-paced quantum leap. Besides, I find the incremental manifestations to be fun in a way. I build up so much positive momentum I feel invincible! I wish you success on whatever you’re desiring!

  9. says

    @Alexandra – thanks for chipping in. A good friend taught me a method to let go of the old – symbolically tie up what you want to replace and hold your finger and thumb together to make a circle. Then pretend you are holding scissors in the other hand and cut the bond so that your fingers are separated. She’s had a lot of success with this method and I did it today as well, feels great!

    @Berta – yep, it can happen at lightning speed or slowly, depending on what we are ready for in that moment. I believe that’s what controls the speed – our own state of receiving. Loved your husband’s comment on J’s blog btw, wow what a cool post that is ay!

    @Tiffany – hugs xo

  10. says

    I noticed you hyperlinked Noah St. John’s Afformations. It may interest you to know that Afformations is doing wonders for me. And I first learned about it just few months ago. Hope your readers would also take a look and see for themselves.

    Thanks Tia for this interesting post.


  11. says

    Jose, thanks for dropping by to talk about afformations! We would LOVE to hear some of your success stories if you feel like sharing 🙂 I’ve used them off and on and keep meaning to do them regularly – maybe you can inspire me!? Cheers


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