Digging the Now – Guest Post by Col

Guest Post” Digging the Now, By Col McGunnigle, Life by Muse

“I’m pissed off at my dreamboard!”

I remember saying that two years ago. I had this gorgeous creation, with the exact guy and the exact house and the exact scenario all mapped out … and it was just *not* happening.

So I would walk by and give my dreamboard a little gesture along with the squinty-eyed look of death.

Not exactly the ideal place to create from! 😉

At the time I completely misunderstood Law of Attraction and in this moment, I’ve found a better way of moving into the emotion of what you desire.


If you like, you can envision your future reality and make it big and bright and juicy and if that works for you, great! At times I can get into it and those times are powerful … but in other moments, there is this blaring knowledge that my present is something different and apart.


Remembering a past event when you did live your dream grounds you in the knowledge and understanding that it is very clearly possible. This is moving in the right direction. But still there may be that separation, that knowledge that this is not my reality NOW.

What do you do when you find yourself wading in a sea of counterproductive feelings? What about the times when where you are at feels like quicksand?

What works for *me* is getting into the now.

Look at what you want things to be like. Then ask, “Ok, where can I find a tiny little piece of that right here and now?”

Embrace it. Take it in, appreciate it, hug it and kiss it and savor its presence. Expand on it and make it big and bright and beautiful.

You want to be prosperous? Look around you. Do you have a TV? Do you have food to eat? A roof over your head? A phone? We’re ahead of the game. Many people in this world do not have these things. We are truly truly prosperous.

Or at least embrace the concept that you have a tiny little taste of prosperity and look around you in every direction to find proof that this is so. Gather as much evidence as you can, big or small. Best to start small.

You are crafting a line to pull yourself out of the quicksand. So..

  • You want to be in a loving relationship? Who loves you now? Your mother, your father, your best friend, your cat? Collect all of your proof and roll around in it. Be grateful that you are so very loved.
  • You want your brother to be more positive? He has said ten unpleasant things … has he said one decent thing? Even just one? Thank him for the one, either directly or to yourself. Focus on what you appreciate.

What you focus on expands.

Build yourself a little story, a little bridge out of the muck. The beginnings can be so-so. They can be tiny proof, little itty bitty so-so proof. Give thanks for the tiny proof. Then be on the lookout for one step bigger proof. You will find it. I know you will.

Begin crafting your story and adding and adding until you find your way out.

This is the strongest form of visualization, at least for me … one which begins with a grounded seed of truth and is built up little by little until the vision is full and rich. Then you can grab hold of it.


Laughing Col Colleen McGunnigle is a designer specializing in the art of attraction. She creates imagery which sings to the soul and radiates the spirit of your work, so your logo and web site attract people who are a perfect match to you.

Her design clients are life coaches and healers so she is in a continual state of discovery, inspired by the wealth of wonderful tools available at our fingertips to create a rich and delicious life.

At Life by Muse, she shares discoveries along her journey … insights, tips and tricks … with YOU!

Tia: Man this girl GETS it. Thanks Col, for this brilliant post! Be sure to leave a comment for her and let her know if you enjoyed this post.  I just had a lightbulb moment reading it so I’ll pop down below and write about it. WOW!

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  1. says

    COL!!!!!! I had to laugh out LOUD when I started reading this post cos I can SO relate to that vision board story!! In fact, I just dusted off my VB that I created in 2006 after a messy break up and stuck on my wall – with THAT energy (of wanting something to get over heartbreak and bypass healing!) I can’t believe I even thought it would work, lol. It has very different energy around it now 🙂

    Back to your post though – this is the part that I’ve just realised is so important to manifestations – finding evidence that it’s true right here right now!! I just read that in Harmonic Wealth too – how we actually have ALL that we want right now, it’s just not in one person or thing like we think it should be.

    When we start appreciating those things around us, it gets us into a happy place aligned with more of it. You explained this so well that it’s etched in my mind forever. Ahhhhhh thank you gorgeous!! And for the awesomeness that you are 🙂 xoxox

  2. says

    Love you Tia! So tell me, while I was slaving away writing 😉 (tee hee) didja have fun? How are all the sports peeps? Did we win? (Whoever we are and whatever we are playing, I’m a bit uninformed if you haven’t noticed 😉

    Hugs, hugs,

  3. says

    Oh I must confess, I didn’t go out but I DID follow my feel good and not bother writing 😀 I’m totally over the moon right now though and feel a blog post coming up about how this guest post happened – holy serendipity!! Right now though I have to run cos I’m going to see the Light show display here in town – will send pix! Woohoo!!

  4. says

    Oooh, I successfully replaced my G with a Col, how fabulous! Well enjoy the lightfest I can’t wait to see the pix! I am so in favor of people following their joy, it was my joy to share my writing with you and to laugh at my former dreamboard!

    What you said just now reminded me of a friend who “needed” something … of course what came to mind for her was “money to buy the xyz” … and I said, “Don’t limit yourself by envisioning money!” … She wound up receiving exactly what she needed and money had absolutely nothing to do with it. We totally do have everything we need right now and things come in ways we never would imagine! You said it so perfectly, “It’s not just in one person or thing like we would imagine” … so right on!


  5. Tiffany says

    I, too, can REALLY relate to the vision board thing. Literally just today, I’m looking at a vision board I made oh, a year or so ago? On it is an apple logo, a picture of a dSLR camera, and Photoshop CS4.

    Today I sit here typing to you from my Apple macbook computer, equipped with beautiful pictures I edited in photoshop after I captured them with my dSLR camera. I only got these things as I focused more on what I wanted versus “what is” and (to be completely honest) when they happened they didn’t even feel like manifestations. It wasn’t SHABLAM! I HAVE THIS NOW! I was SO used to the idea of having it, it felt like the next logical step.

    I also love using my PRESENT as a starting point. When I get flustered and frustrated and just plain pissed, I take a look around. “I’m broke…but I do have this beautiful computer and television and am wearing these amazing boots that make my legs look great.” “My body stinks…but my arse looks amazing in these jeans, my stomach has these super-hot contours to it, and that guy just dropped his jaw when he walked by.”

    When we look for evidence, we find it. Plain and simple. There are always bits and pieces of my future in the present when I take the time to focus my powerful focus on them.

  6. says

    Another perfect point – that of not just noticing what’s going right but adding gratitude to the mix! ESP the transition from not having to having as a natural next step as opposed to the “whoowhee OMG it happened” – I’ve had just that reaction to stuff I’ve manifested cos by the time it happened it was more than real in my mind 🙂 Girl, you are so on the money with that!

    In fact that’s SOOOO good I’m going to emphasise it “” when they happened they didn’t even feel like manifestations. It wasn’t SHABLAM! I HAVE THIS NOW! I was SO used to the idea of having it, it felt like the next logical step.”””


    And this “”When we look for evidence, we find it. Plain and simple.”” I wish I’d realised this when I was busy looking for everything that was wrong in my life a few years ago. Still, better late than never and boy would we all do well to remember this! Thanks for adding to this conversation Tiff!

  7. says

    This makes me think of the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. Diane Lane’s character lists off all of the things she wants in her new Tuscan home — a family, love, etc. etc. Toward the end of the movie, she thinks her wish hasn’t come true until her friend points out that she has, in deed, gotten everything she wanted. Sorry, I’m kind of butchering, but the point is that, so often, we get exactly what we want, but when it doesn’t look like we imagined it, we don’t recognize it.

    Thanks Coleen! And Tia, what a perfect answer to your sense it was time to post. It was time for a new post, and you (and I) just assumed that meant you would be writing it! 🙂

  8. says

    OMG Shannon! That didn’t even cross my mind – that I didn’t have to be the one to write it. Nice pointing out of that assumption, holy cow have I ever been limiting myself and shortchanging my peeps :O I could so have asked for guest posts all month! In fact, I’m going to do that now.

    I totally know that scene you’re talking about cos I got goosebumps when I read it
    – it was SUCH an A-Ha moment. As I type I’m realising a few other limiting beliefs I’ve had around writing / producing content and am ready to tell some new stories. Thanks muchly for the juju and for reading and commenting. What a fun day!

  9. says

    Yes, Shannon, exactly! What Tia did in allowing a post to be birthed and it didn’t need to be by *her* is exactly what I think of LOA as now … Not limiting the universe by telling it how to do things lol! God / the universe has lotsa tricks up His / it’s sleeve, things we never thunk of 😉

    Tiffany, you are soooo right! We can always always find what we want right here in our present and it’s funny, I’m here writing to you on my laptop that had at one time felt so far-off, it was in my God Jar ( http://www.gigablonde.com/blog/boundless-living/#godjar ) …

    Oooh, it’s funny … I just popped over to my God Jar video and realized, “If these people watch that, they’re gonna think I’m a wackadoodle!” lol

    Oh well, so be it! It’s where I was at in that moment.

    Love to everyone for the conversation!

  10. Tiffany says

    Hahah I love this conversation, this has to be one of my favorite posts on your site, Tia. And so much thanks to Col, because this really spurred some thought and happiness into my past few days. Much love <3

  11. says

    I love the GOD jar vid Col! In fact I hung around and watched a few vids – you are so much fun to watch. I’ve done that before as in made a list of what I wanted and divided it into 2 parts one labelled “Universe” and one for me. I like the idea of writing them on little slips of paper and keeping them in one place though, nice segregation and I’m gonna go do that now! You’ll have to come back and guest post here, you’re a hit! MWah!

  12. says

    I love the list you talk about … like the placemat Esther talks about! Once I designed something for myself that was similar … at the top there was not what I want to do today but what I want to *BE* today (inspired by my client Elyse Hope Killoran, she says to do this!) and then the “for me to do / for the universe to do” … It’s amazing how many things literally FALL off of my list when I do this.

    Someone shows up having taken care of something … something happens and it turns out I *don’t* need to do one of the things at all … all sorts of miracles. Thank you for reminding me about this Ti! 😉

    And Tiffany, I’m so glad you showed up to the party! It so makes me smile to know you got something positive out of what I wrote … that’s always my intention, to share what works for me so other people can have good stuff happen in their lives too. Thank you for sharing here, I love seeing your comments!

    Hey Ti, you watched my videos, that’s awesome! My faves are the “Hat Wars” ones because they started out for real and then turned into this big goof and I *LOVE* to laugh and joke around and have fun.

    Hugs, hugs!

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